SBSettings Toggle Allows You To Quickly Enable Or Disable Personal Hotspot Feature

SBSettings Toggle

Personal Hotspot was one of the most useful features introduced in iOS 4.3, which lets you connect other devices to the Internet using the iPhone 4’s data connection. But it’s a pain to disable the feature when you don’t need it.

A jailbreak tweak aptly named Personal Hotspot SBSettings Toggle has recently been released that allows iPhone 4 users to quickly enable or disable the Personal Hotspot feature.

SBSettings is one of our favorite jailbreak apps as it offers a faster way to disable or enable settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G etc instead of the usual process of using the Settings App. Developers can also create custom toggles for SBSettings that can be installed from Cydia so that users can access them quickly from SBSettings menu.

Elias Limneos has developed the custom Personal Hotspot SBSettings Toggle, which allows you to enable or disable the Personal Hotspot feature. You can install the custom toggle for free from Cydia using these instructions:

  • Install SBSettings on your jailbroken iPhone 4 if you haven’t installed it already. You checkout this post for more details.
  • Launch Cydia from iPhone’s homescreen.
  • Tap on the Search tab and search for Personal Hotspot SBSettings Toggle.
  • Tap on Personal Hotspot SBSettings Toggle from the search results to install it on your iPhone.

You should now see the Personal Hotspot SBSettings toggle in the SBSettings menu when you swipe your finger on iPhone’s status bar.

Tap on the toggle to disable (turns red) or enable (turns green) the Personal Hotspot feature.

As always, let us know if you found this toggle useful in the comments below.

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  • randywhe

    does this work with mywi?

    • jdb

      Seriously? No. Miwi is, in itself, a hotspot. Think about it.

      • randywhe

        i know mywi is its own hotspot but you still have to manually open the app every time you want to use it to turn on wifi hotspot. It would be nice to be able to simply turn on and off using sbsettings instead of opening app. sorry for asking such a stupid question!

        • jdb

          Didn’t mean to sound like a dick. Just so many stupid people on here always saying dumb things. Didn’t know you were a person with a serious thought. lol

  • DAKPluto

    There is a SBSettings toggle for MiWi already in Cydia.

    • randywhe

      thank you. i will look into that

    • randywhe

      could not find any mywi toggle for sbsettings in cydia

  • PowerBaked420

    sbsettings is terrible on battery life…

    • DiabloZoe

      Then don’t use it!

  • fas

    Battery life is so crucial, why devs see that.?

  • Jason

    i’m still wondering if they’ve found a work around at&t and their tethering bullying

  • tonywongfish

    i have been looking for this exactly SBSettings toggle from day 1 of using hotspot !!! nice work !

  • k20dc2r

    this is news??? Ive had a MyWi toggle on my sbsettings for quite some time now.