xBackup Allows You To Take Backup Of Jailbreak Apps


PkgBackup is a popular jailbreak app to take a backup of jailbreak apps and tweaks.

Solutions like PkgBackup are useful when you update your jailbroken iPhone with the latest iOS software update and don’t want to go through the hassle of reinstalling the jailbreak apps individually from Cydia.

However, it costs $7.99, which makes it one of the most expensive apps on Cydia. If you’re looking for a cheaper option then you can checkout xBackup.

xBackup is a jailbreak app that has been recently released on Cydia that also allows you to take a backup of the jailbreak apps and tweaks that you’ve installed on your iPhone just like PkgBackup.

You have an option to sync the backed up Cydia packages to iTunes or to upload it to their server, which is useful when you do not want to restore from a backup in iTunes. Saied Nawaz who is the developer of the jailbreak app explains that xBackup only stores the list of apps installed and their sources, which is then used to reinstall the apps automatically from Cydia. Nawaz is also planning to add a feature in the future that will take backups automatically.

xBackup also works on a jailbroken iPad or iPod Touch.

If you plan to check it out then let us know how it goes.


You can also checkout AptBackup, which is available for free. We didn’t mention it earlier as some of our readers had reported issues with it. But YngJoe and Symph have commented that it works fine. Thanks guys for your feedback!

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  • wolvie

    Got it but haven’t had to use it yet

    • pal

      same here. going to check it out on my next update.

      • pal

        i tried this over the weekend with great results… like another commenter said… i had manually copy over the back up files… but after doing that… it reinstalled ALL my cydia packages! never tried the other apps… but for a $1.50… i will not complain.

  • Migo

    PkgBackup far surpasses the capabilities of xBackup. Take a look for yourself.

  • YngJoe

    So, this basically does the exact same thing so far as aptbackup, just saving a file of apps on your phone for restoring them after upgrading. Aptbackup, however, is free.

  • Symph

    APTbackup works great and is free…,

  • doughnet

    It works manually. I tried to setup the automatic update weekly, issue is that it always hangs on the load screen once it passes the weekly automatic update.

    i deleted it (waste of money) and use aptbackup which works just as good.

  • fas

    Yeah, its too expensive…

  • kiddowiddo

    This is taking the piss, its like having to pay for 5 icon dock, its already available but FREE

  • Roi

    it costs $1.5

  • anony

    How about they add more extensive features.. Something like message backup, contacts backup, memo…

  • hey! i have installed PKGbackup but the program will not start..its just loading and then go to my homescreen… should i try again or somthing ? i don´t know please help :)

  • hey is this xbackup supports symbian s60 phones?

  • hey is this xbackup supports symbian s60 phones?with some extra features

  • Chriss6996

    Xbacoup won’t load open on ios5 is there any other way to download through ifile or iPhone browser? The program for some reason doesn’t create the cyback up folder. I tried to put it there put I’m not Positive of the permissions?? Any help would be awesome. Rite now I’m just pissed for upgrading ;(

  • Del

    I bought this yesterday and every time I go to open it, it closes right away.

    I even removed the package ans rein stalled a few times.

    And yes, it’s a legit copy, not a pirated version.