Comex: Running Out Of Bugs To Fix; JailbreakMe 3.0 Release Imminent?

JailbreakMe 3.0

Comex – developer of JailbreakMe – popular browser-based jailbreak tool, who is expected to release a new version of the tool to jailbreak iPad 2 has tweeted few hours back that he is “running out of bugs to fix”, indicating that the release of Jailbreakme 3.0 is imminent.

The countdown to the release of JailbreakMe 3.0 started when Comex teased us by updating the website with a photograph of a ski slope with a sign that says “PDF”, which suggested that he has discovered a new PDF exploit – similar to the one used for JailbreakMe 2.0

He has continued to provide us information since then. Last week, he revealed that he has reduced the time it will take to jailbreak an iOS device by using unionfs approach instead of using the stashing approach that has been used by jailbreak tools, which he hopes to use the approach for iPad 2.

Few days back, he updated the site with what looks like the commit history of the JailbreakMe source code on Github – a source code hosting web service since August 2010 with a note that read: “It’s been far too long”

We still don’t know when the new version of JailbreakMe will be released, but based on his tweet it looks like it could be anytime soon. The new version of JailbreakMe, which will support iOS 4.2.1 to iOS 4.3.3 and should be compatible with all iOS devices (including iPad 2).

As always, we’ll let you know as soon as there are any further updates, so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or join our Facebook Fan page or follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.

[via Twitter (Comex)]

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  • Geekinit

    *fingers crossed*

  • Ja

    July 1st???

  • James

    Nearly time to upgrade to the iPad 2

  • iRSX

    w00T!!!! Wait, I don’t have an iPad 2… Doesn’t matter. YEA!!!! Comex FTW!

  • cryogenx

    YAY for Comex!!!

    @iphonehacks – I get the need for advertising to generate revenue to cover the costs of this site but the pop up adds covering the site when you first come here are a bit much and as such i will be searching for a new place to get my iDevice news…

    i mean the site is already riddled with ads as it was, this is just too much…


    • hhhh

      i think its time to install popup blocker. the best is ad-blocker plus on Firefox.

  • T-mobile 1.59.00

    Yay comex!

    FU dev-team

  • J_a_me_s

    no support for iOS 5 b2?!?!?

  • Iappreciate = gay

    Fuck you Muscle Nerd. Fuck you with the biggest blackest dirtiest dick in the world. I hope you contract leprosy and your fake tits fall off.

  • Richard

    Remember all the hard work Comex and others do for us to keep supplying jailbreaks. I always donate to Comex when he releases a new jailbreak. I give $20. $20 from everyone would be a significant amount and he’s earned it. Something to consider all.

  • Mickey

    Wow, finally. Can’t wait for the release of the jailbreak! My iPad 2 and I will thank you very much Comex :]

  • Maxilus

    Yay for Comex! I can’t wait to access Cydia on my iPad 2. 😀

  • itavolio

    I want to make calls from my ipad… but, until I see it I will believe it… it just has been too long until a solution is out

  • Musclefagg0t

    Yes COMEX <3 thank you so much for being real to your words unlike MUSCLENERD who "finds" exploits and do nothing cept tweet BS atttention whore i hope you die soon like right now would be nice

  • Bravo_007

    Wohooo… Can’t waitttt 😀 such great news hope it becomes reality soon so I can love my iPad 2 again lol.
    Could this sunday be the funday??! Fingers crossed 😀

  • hacker

    great job i have an idea let us know a release date an estimated time or if your doing it after the official release for ios5 or before?i am happy where i am now but just wondering when but a jailbreak for official iso5 sounds quite interesting and for ipad 2 owners i feel your pain but i dont have one so not that much

  • rebby

    he wants to celebrate Independence Day with this hack 🙂

  • derbo

    I hope the comex release Jailbreak 3.0 in this sunday.

  • iCanDigThat

    Release it on July 4th, nothing says Independence day like an iPad 2 that is free from the clutches of King Jobs III of Apple.

  • Thomas

    It’s all fake. Don’t trust.

  • Brian Franco

    Blah blah blah blah. Get a life and stop trying to infer information these cryptic messages. If the jailbreakers get it done we’ll know. If they can’t you guys will continue your fantasy life

  • Isaac

    Why would comex support iOS 5 beta2 in his jailbreak it’s stupid plus half of Cydia is broken on iOS 5 beta 1,2

  • fas

    Tired waiting, when will they release it. So much delay!

  • Comex

    07.07.11 at 07:07:07 PM UP2Theworld

  • Sai Soe Aung

    nevermind becoz i have not ipad2.

  • itavolio

    again… I am not sure why… But I think he is just having fun…

  • Tommy

    Hi that oos news for all

  • Amir

    Dear Mr COMEX.
    Please hurry up a little …
    thank you.

  • yawn

    Comex is prolly laughing his a.. off 😀

  • GeO

    Why waste time with comex. A jailbreak for every device except ipad2 is already available. By the time comex gets to this jailbreak, iOS 5 would be either available or soon to be. Comex is cool tho anyone who helps the jailbreak process and community is cool by me but just its getting late for a jailbreakMe 3.0 if it didnt support iOS 5.0