Google Sync For iPhone & iPad Gets New Features

iOS 5

Google has just added three new features to Google Sync for iPhone and iPad.

Google Sync for iOS allows users to sync Gmail, Contacts and Calendar to iPhone and iPad over-the-air using push technology.

Google has added the following new features that will allow users to:

  • Search all your emails in Gmail, not just the emails stored locally by the iOS mail app.
  • Accept, decline or edit calendar events from the iOS calendar app.
  • Send email from the address you want. We recognize that some of you manage multiple email addresses from a single Gmail account. Gmail’s “Send Mail as” feature lets you send messages with another email address listed as the sender instead of your Gmail address, e.g. instead of Now the iOS mail app will respect these settings.

These new features are available for both Gmail and Google Apps email accounts.

You can take advantage of Google Sync by setting up your Gmail account using Microsoft Exchange (ActiveSync) instead of using the Google Mail option. You can checkout this link for step-by-step instructions to setup Google Sync with your iOS device.

The new Google Sync features will improve the user experience for Gmail and Google Apps email users using iOS Mail and Calendar app.

Do you still want Google to release a native iOS app for Gmail? Let us know in the comments.

[via Google Mobile Blog]

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  • Ken

    That is a nice feature from Google!

  • Brains530

    I thought they already searched for emails from their server. I’ve never really tried it so I could be wrong. No I don’t think it’s necessary for them to create their own app

  • aphone

    hey google and or apple, how about fixing the itunes contact sync? you can only sync the first time. but after adding a new contact online or on the iphone. it does not update, when trying to sync through itunes again. whats up!?

    • John

      Sounds like a user error there. You need to decide how you want to sync your contacts then set your phone to match that. Google sync is done wirelessly. iTunes can currently sync to windows contacts, outlook, etc. You can’t enter contacts online and expect itunes to sync it for you. iCloud is their new service that will come out this fall that takes care of contacts through iCloud.

      • aphone

        worked for me before itunes 10 and ios 4.0. if i changed something in my gmail/google contacts. it would sync it to my phone via itunes and vice versa. yes i know you can sync via exchange, however it is limited to how many numbers per contact it has and info as well.

  • Kiwiholden

    Gr8 I use goolge sync for everything!

    Hey @aphone I really don’t think anyone from apple or google reads this websites posts! Maybe the anti jailbreak ppl but that would be about it

    • John

      I’m also using google for cal/email/contacts. I have no reason to switch those services over to iCloud so it’d have to be extremely impressive for me to make the switch. The other iCloud services are a plus though, like photo stream and wireless backup.

  • fas

    Google is doing awesome for apple stuff.

  • ALeX

    + (i would like to have an native google app)

  • Avster

    Biggest problem with setting up Gmail as Exchange is that it archives deleted messages instead of deleting them. The result is the mailbox filling up quickly and no easy way to identify archived email to delete later. I use Exchange for the contacts and calendars, but regular setup for email.

    • Archiving of emails is actually a feature, you can disable it via the Settings app (Settings app -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> Select the appropriate account -> Archive Messages toggle.

  • Joe

    Just tried the search on server and it returned nothing. I am guessing it only searches the inbox which doesn’t have a lot of messages in my case and those are usually already on the phone. It want to be able to search all archived messages and it’s not doing that. Also I see nowhere to do the “send email as” option. I have always wanted that as I juggle many email address and have always accepted that when I sent messages from my phone they have to go out from my main address whether I use the iphone built-in mail or the google web app.