iMessage: iOS 5 Brings New Messaging Service For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch Users


iMessage was one of new features introduced in iOS 5 at today’s WorldWide Developer Conference 2011 Keynote.

iMessage is Apple’s new messaging service for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, which will allow iOS 5 users to send text, photos, videos, contacts, locations and group messages to their family and friends who have an iOS device.

Here are some of the features of iMessage:

  • iMessage essentially brings the Message app for iPhone to iPad and iPod Touch users.
  • iMessage service is built into the Message app so iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can send unlimited text, photos, videos, contacts, locations and group messages for free to their family and friends who have an iOS device.
  • Allows you to track your messages with delivery receipt and read receipt (which is optional).
  • You can also find out if someone is typing to respond to your message like on an instant messenger.
  • Messages are pushed to all your devices, so if you start a conversion on your iPhone, you will continue it on your iPad or iPod Touch.
  • You can send messages over Wi-Fi as well as over 3G.
  • Messages are encrypted over the air.

iMessage will be available only to all iOS 5 users.

You can checkout the screenshots of the iMessage app below:

We think iMessage is one of the killer features of iOS 5, especially for iPad and iPod Touch users. What’s your take?

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  • wolverine2281

    hell yeah. If I can get my wife to get an iPhone we really wouldn’t need (that many) texts for the plans we have

  • ip

    oh no blackberry is in trouble

  • Yeah, sounds great! It’ll save SO many texts between my wife and I.

  • abc

    Whatsapp is still better, essentially the same thing but cross-platform for andriod, ios, blackberry, and nokia symbian, cough cough…

    • WTF

      The difference is that WhatsApp can’t be used on an iPod Touch or iPad

  • Cookie Monster

    BB users don’t download whatsapp because they already have BBM. This is going to be the same thing with iPhone users…I like it 🙂

  • who the hell wants to text their wife?

  • midkidd

    HaHa @ Hing kong

    who the hell wants to be married?

  • wolverinemarky

    i used whatsapp a few times, i can see myself using this a bit as my list of friends with iphones is growing

  • fas

    whatsapp does not work on ipod touch and needs your phone number.

  • Stefano

    End of all peer to peer messaging apps (maybe some more but all powered by the iMessage API) until mobile operators will do something about it.

  • Zolk

    This is utterly rubbish for anyone whose friends/family/business contacts don’t also have an apple device. Why does apple keep re-inventing the wheel (cf. facetime) instead of interacting with the greater diaspora?

    • Afalc

      because everyone i know has a i something or another. If you don’t then you’ll have to message me on fb or get with the program. lol, because i am def getting rid of my costly at&t texting plan the same day iOS5 is released!!!


    i like the fact that apple has improved their message app, but if i can only use it with iphones only and now have to use another app/service to communicate with my non-apple friends it kinda defeats the purpose………

    once again apple has overlooked the simple necessary stuff

    • Ur Daddy

      LMAO you cannot be serious breh… This is just an app you can still text other phones numb nuts !!!!

    • Kibbles

      It’s for all apple devices using IOS 5 but you can also get whatsapp from the app store so if you have friends that don’t have an iPhone running ios5 but have an android, nokia a blackberry or even an iPhone running a lower software,you can still text them for free with whatsapp once they got it. However imessage doesn’t stop you from sending SMS, if you gonna text someone, it will say whether the text you about to send will be with imessage or regular sms text, it depends on the persons iPhone software, the type of phone they have and if they have an iPhone but software lower that ios5 it will be a regular SMS and not an imessage

  • XeM

    Apple just wants everyone to own an iDevice.

  • artifex223

    @YOUNGSUMMA You will not need to use a different app to communicate with non-apple people. The phone will recognize when you are texting another iOS device and simply not charge you a text message for it. All other texts will function as per usual.

  • Mark

    Everybody heres talking about whatsapp. I have an ipod touch so that doesnt work, i just use textplus, more people on ios devices are gonna have that than imessage, amd you can text other phones free of charge

  • Will there be an API for 3rd party app support?

  • Banx25

    Well who doesn’t want their product to sell? Of course they want people to buy product, gas isn’t cheap these days.

  • What I like is the fact that messaging can be converged and be used for conversation for various iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch users. This is a cool app.