iOS 5 Features: Newsstand, Reminders, Twitter Integration

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Apple showcased the following new features in iOS 5 that was unveiled at yesterday’s WWDC 2011 Keynote: Newstand app to organize magazine and newspaper subscriptions, Reminders app to manage your to-do lists with due dates and locations and deep Twitter integration.

We’ve compiled all the details about these new features below.


  • The Newsstand app essentially organizes your magazine and newspaper app subscriptions in one place to access them easily and quickly.
  • There will be a new section in the App Store for newspapers and magazine, where you will also be able to buy magazines such as National Geographic, Popular Mechanics, Spin, Vanity Fair etc. and newspaper subscriptions such as The Daily, The New York Time, SF Chronicle, Daily Telegraph etc., which will be automatically downloaded to the Newsstand app.
  • When new issues are available, they are automatically downloaded in the background for offline reading, which is very useful.
  • Though its an app, it behaves more like a folder, tap on the app and you’re immediately presented with thumbnail view of latest magazine or newspaper covers.

Here are some screenshots of the app:


  • The Reminder app allows you to store list of things to do.
  • You can store date associated with these reminders, so you’re reminded about the to-do list on that date.
  • You can also assign a location to the reminder, which is probably one of the cool features of the app. You can say if you want to be reminded about the to-do list when you arrive or leave a location.
  • Reminder notifications are also displayed on the Lock screen.
  • You can also search through all your reminders.
  • Reminders also sync with iCal for Mac using iCloud and Outlook on Windows using Exchange, so changes you make are automatically synced to all your devices and calendars.

Here are some screenshots of the app:

Twitter Integration:

  • As rumored, Twitter is deeply integrated in iOS 5 and several apps including Camera, Photos, Maps, and Safari.
  • The single sign-on feature will allow you to tweet directly to Twitter from Twitter-enabled apps once you have added the Twitter username and password in the Settings app, eliminating the need to enter the username and password for each app.
  • In case, you’ve not installed the Twitter app then you can install it directly from the Settings app, without the need to go to the App Store.
  • When you want to tweet an article, photo etc from an app, you get a screen, which Apple calls Tweet sheet, that gives you a thumbnail of the photo, video etc., countdown of number of characters you’ve left to type and also allows you to add location.
  • Contacts integration will automatically update the Twitter handle and photos in your contact list.
  • It needs to be see if Apple will provide a new API in iOS 5 SDK, which also allows developers to add native Twitter integration to their apps.

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter had this to say about the Twitter integrating in iOS 5 in a blog post:

Building Twitter into iOS 5 truly creates the easiest way to share everything that’s happening in your world. Take a picture, tap “Tweet”. Tweeting has never been simpler.

Here are some screenshots of the deep Twitter integration in iOS 5:

You can also checkout other new features introduced in iOS 5:

Let us know what you think of these new features in the comments below.

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  • fas

    iOS 6 will have facebook integration.

    • THE DUDE

      Rofl. This ^^

  • Martin

    Thank you Apple for saving my money with releasing shity OS….Really who care for Twiter and that bullsiht, if i buy tablet i want to have widgets on it, i want to be able to use few apps in paralel on it, for example i want to have MSN on the right of the screen and email client on the left part and use it paralel…In other words i want PC like desktop, tablets are amazing thing but software for them is really shitty for now..Until Samsung Galaxy and Honeycomb come out there will be no decent tablet on ther marker :(, but even galaxy 10 is just the beging of what tablet should be and how should it behave

  • Jai

    So far so good..but nothing too exciting to jump up for. Apple likes to release minor updates at a time. Thats their strategy for marketing the product.

  • mimi

    i have to agree with the other commenters; this update is pretty lackluster. 1) how many ppl actually pay for zine and paper subscriptions 2) Reminders app looks like a crappier version of existing todo apps, like Todo or Toodledo or RTM. 3) i guess twitter integration is cool for people who actually USE twitter. I use twitter and I still don’t think this addition is a big deal.

    • mimi

      follow up: didn’t realize this article was just about these cherry picked features of iOS5. After reading the coverage of WWDC, there’s actually other cool features, such as accessing the camera from the lock screen, big mail and photos features added, etc..

      so it’s better than I thought.

  • Gator5000e

    Since I don’t see any iOS5 integrated apps like CallTell and BiteSMS (at least the part with picture ID for those in your contact list), I am not be impressed.

  • stranger

    i wonder if the battery drainage problem from 4.3X is fixed?

  • nadine

    iOS 5 Reminders is a simple todo list with missing basic features, no search field to narrow down the list, no filters, …. Anyway, this is a good news and will clean a crowded marketplace. But for todo list with advanced and powerful features we will have to wait for Apple some major updates. Take a look at an app like todogenius (on iphone) and you will see the creativity of developers is far ahead apple.

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