iOS 5: iPhone 4 Vs iPhone 3GS [Video]

iOS 5

Couple of days back, we reported that iOS 5 beta works flawlessly on iPhone 3GS. Folks at AppleRumors Italia have published a side-by-side comparison of iOS 5 running on iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

As you can see from the video, iOS 5 works quite well on iPhone 3GS except for a small lag observed on iPhone 3GS for certain tasks compared to iPhone 4, which is understandable due to its slower processor and lower RAM โ€“ 256 MB Vs 512 MB.

It also looks like iPhone 3GS wonโ€™t get the photo editing features such as crop, rotate, enhance, red-eye removal etc that are supported on iPhone 4.

Check out the side-by-side comparison video below and let us know what you think in the comments section below:

[Apple Rumors via TUAW]

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  • Too bad almost all the videos y’all post are unviewable on my iDevices.

    • pal

      HAHAHA right? you would think that an iphone news site would be safari friendly! but i guess thats too much to ask! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • @Abel – The video works fine on various iOS devices we tried. So not sure why you’re facing the issue.

        @pal – we’re assuming you commented without checking ๐Ÿ™‚

        • pal

          oh i guess my iphone is broken then!

        • Using my iPad 1 and iPhone 4, it’s the same as pal’s pic. My wife’s 3GS shows it, though. Hmm.

        • Josh

          Tried on 2 different 3GS , same as that pic. no videos on your site work on idevices

    • Digitaltouch

      iPhone 4 here and watched the video flawlessly.

    • phinix

      I know the reason. I faced this issue recently. That’s because the Safari on iPhone 3GS only support mp4 video which resolution below 480×320. Higher resolution will be rejected on Safari, even though it’s playable on GoodReader…

  • Aaron

    iPhone 5??? It’s iPhone 4 not iPhone 5

    • Dave Hughes

      Um… did you read the post? It is iphone 4 and iphone 3GS comparison running iOS 5

  • Nicky Chen

    … a small lag observed on iPhone 3GS for certain tasks compared to “iPhone 5” ?

    I’ve just recently been introduced to this cool website. I did learn many things here. I’d like to thank you guys for that. As I am pretty curious about the release of iphone5, I wish that you guys would bring us updates on iphone5 news & rumors. Cheers!

    • Thanks Nicky for pointing it out, we’ve corrected it. We’ll definitely keep you updated on any iPhone 5 related news and rumors.

  • pj

    it should say compared to iphoe 4 not 5

  • Tergib

    3GS performance acceptable w/iOS5.

  • fas

    Imagine the iPhone 3G on this.

  • Mike

    You’re doing a great job iphoneHacks. Don’t listen to the jerks that come on complaining about everything.

  • Ameer

    what a stupid comparison! :S

  • Wite Boy

    thats nice i guess, 3gs unjailbroken seems like it can still have some life in it. next year free with an upgrade like some smartphones probably

    • Tali

      My guess is that after the next iPhone comes out the iPhone 3gs will be discontinued.

  • yeah buddy

    where can i download that song!?!?

  • Apel

    that was a horrible comparison

  • Sukki

    I think you should make this site mobile the site though!

  • as hole

    Horrible Comparison ??? It’s way better then nothing For those who have a dirt brain ..why dont u do it and post up here… so Fuck off “cat” faces.

  • H08x

    Video works flawless รณn iPad2 A’s well, great work

  • D Money

    Video works on my 3GS running 4.0 (5.13.04). ( I wish the audio didn’t work though.What a treacherous sound to hear this early.. Sounds like a snake charming class gone terribly wrong. This song should replace waterboarding in any and all interrogations from now on. Aww, too soon?
    I inadvertently upgraded to 4.0 about a year ago (long story) and that really put the brakes on my 3GS. I understand why, but it has really crippled my iPhone experience. I honestly think my 2G running on 3.0 runs better than 4.0 on my 3GS. I think my biggest concern with another iOS upgrade on is with the battery life. I think I’m just going to upgrade to the IPhone 5 and save myself some headaches. Thanks for listening to my vent. I blame Canada.

  • Maaseja

    I can’t wait for iOS 5 to come out!!! I think apple is stil ahead in the game. Nice!!

  • Well, what i observed is that cydia’s Cycorder video in iphone 3G has far more crispier quality that iphone 3GS native video quality. In my little sister’s performance award ceremony at her school, I couldn’t see anything from my 3GS video. I asked my girlfriend for her 3G iphone so that i could use the cycorder. Then I was satisfied. I don’t get why Apple brags alot in this things. Dev team is way ahead of this bunch of self-praise apple dev team.

    *help eradicate poverty and suppression.

  • anonymous

    No thank you!! After ios 4 turned my iphone 3g into a paperweight I don’t trust Apple or any video. My 3gs will stay on ios 4, I’ll just get the new iphone whenever that comes out and have ios 5 on that.

  • sjromeo

    Pretty crappy video. Look closely, the phones are not even running ios5 after the reboot!

    • hacker

      sjromeo you have to remember its a beta so its real and ios5 works fine on 3gs i try the beta and its working good but i wait for the official release if i were you

  • Kwopau

    Wow iphone 4 took longer to shut off than the 3G S did. Fail

  • Well, none of the iOS 5’s features is exactly CPU, GPU or RAM intensive, so if iOS 5 ran poorly in 3GS, it would have been another of those Apple’s moves to force people to upgrade.

  • why cant i leave a reply? have a try

  • Try clicking the YouTube video anyways, sometimes it says it wont play (ipt 3) but if i click, it plays anyway…