iOS 5 On iPhone 3GS – How Well Does It Run? Which Features Are Not Supported?

iOS 5

When Apple released iOS 4 last year, iPhone 3G users complained that iOS 4 slowed down their iPhone forcing some of them to take the drastic step of downgrading to iPhone OS 3.1.3.

So even though iPhone 3GS users got the good news yesterday that iOS 5 will be compatible with their iOS device, despite rumors last week that they will be left out, there were still some apprehensions about couple of things.

  • Will iOS 5 slow down iPhone 3GS? (due to its lower processor compared to iPhone 4 and lower RAM – 256MB Vs 512MB)
  • Will all the features be available for iPhone 3GS users?

You can checkout the video of iOS 5 beta running on iPhone 3GS published by a Polish developer to get an idea:

Based on the video, folks at 9to5Mac have compiled the list of features that are supported and the ones that are not supported on iPhone 3GS:

The developer concludes:

In my opinion, iOS 5 beta works flawlessly on iPhone 3GS”

Though it’s still early days and we still need to find out, which other features are not supported on iPhone 3GS, things are looking quite positive.

Please share your views in the comments section and if you’re a developer who has got iOS 5 beta running on your iPhone 3GS then please tell us your experience below.

[via 9to5Mac]

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