iPhone Hacker Geohot Now Working at Facebook


iPhone and PS3 hacker George Hotz aka Geohot who has been off the limelight since the infamous Sony lawsuit is now working at Facebook according to p0sixninja of the Chronic dev team. The news was first uncovered by Tech Unwrapped and later verified by Gabe Rivera of Techmeme.  He apparently joined Facebook in May and announced it on his Facebook profile on June 17th.

Geohot is famous in the iPhone hacking world for releasing popular jailbreaking and unlocking tools such as blacksn0wblackra1n and limera1n.

It is not yet clear what is he working on at Facebook, but considering Geohot’s expertise in discovering security holes, we assume that he may be working on the rumored Facebook Phone whose existence the company currently denies.

This is obviously bad news for the jailbreaking and unlocking scene. Geohot has a history of discovering exploits in iOS firmwares and there were some rumors that he was working on jailbreaking iPad 2.

Checkout the embedded video below of Joshua Hill (p0sixninja) mentioning Geohot’s move to Facebook:

[via Techunwrapped, Twitter (gaberivera)]