JailbreakMe 3.0: Browser-Based Jailbreak Tool For iPad 2 May Be Released Today [Updated]

JailbreakMe 3.0

Earlier in the week, Comex – developer of JailbreakMe – the popular browser-based tool to jailbreak iOS 4.0.x had updated the JailbreakMe website, indicating that he may release an updated version of JailbreakMe (probably JailbreakMe 3.0).

The image on the updated website suggests that he has discovered a new PDF exploit – similar to the one used for JailbreakMe 2.0.


Unfortunately, it looks like it was a hoax, the JailbreakMe website still sports the photograph (as seen below) of a ski slope with a sign that says “PDF”.

Folks at nexus404 report that one of Comex’ followers on Twitter came across a tweet (now deleted), which had a link to an image, which suggests that Comex is planning to release a new version of JailbreakMe to jailbreak iPad 2.

The iFans user posted the following:

I was on comex’s Twitter about an hour ago when he posted a single image link. I was surprised to see it was what appears to be a flyer for his new jailbreak? When I reloaded the Twitter page it was gone completely. I still had the image in another tab, though, so I saved it to my computer. Perhaps this wasn’t intended to get out yet or maybe there was a delay? I don’t know, I’m just looking at the image unsure if he’s really intending to release it tomorrow or not. This is certainly weird.

If you look closely, the line below the date reads “iPd2jailbrokenforlife”.

The QR code in the image also points to Comex’ twitter account. If this is indeed true then it is not clear why Comex deleted the tweet.  We will soon find out if this was a hoax or users will finally be able to jailbreak their iPad 2.


It looks like it was a hoax, the JailbreakMe website still sports the photograph (as seen below) of a ski slope with a sign that says “PDF”.

iPhoneDownloadBlog reports that iFans moderator gave them the following information about the forum member who had posted the image:

“I’m a moderator over at iFans, where this was originally posted, and I just wanted to confirm that this is not a true story. This user joined the site purely to post this image in the hopes of spreading misleading information. MuscleNerd actually came onto our site and more-than-less confirmed that this wasn’t something Comex posted. If anyone follows Comex via SMS, they’d have received a link to this Tweet even if it was “deleted.” It’s fake.”

We should have paid attention to MuscleNerd’s tweet, which seemed to suggest that it was a hoax, though he didn’t say it explicitly:

comex’s quote from yesterday about the iPad2 jailbreak readiness is as precise as you’ll get 🙂

So unfortunately, we’re back to square one as it means that there is no ETA on when the new version of JailbreakMe will be released, all Comex has said couple of days back was “It’s almost ready”. We’re really sorry to get you all excited about the possible release.

As always, we’ll let you know as soon as there are any further updates, so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or join our Facebook Fan page or follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.

[nexus404 via App Advice, iDB]

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  • jarrad

    Hmm can’t wait seems weird that they do another jailbrake me tool for iPad2 tho seeing as its only been jail broken which couldn’t be released..

  • Tareef

    OOOh Yeah .. I hope this is true story

  • fake

    os lo creeis todo

    • Apple

      For all of you fucker who are calling it fake. Don’t fucking use it when it’s release and just happen to work for the iPad 2.

  • Gañanuzos,
    en el twitter no dice nada.

  • Pegger

    let’s see 🙂
    My iPad is still on iOS 4.3 🙂

    If it says for life, who knows i can safe update to iOS 4.3.3 🙂

  • It’s not true if it was than why comex has deleted his tweet…

    Fake alll fake

  • Thomas

    Wake up Comex, Wake up. A lot of iPad2 users are waiting you.

  • No jailbreak impossible so soon. If it is releasing it will be released at 10:00 pm UAE time. Let’s see…

  • psp

    think he is going to surprise ppl, tt y he deleted.

  • Critter

    Whether it’s fake or not, I have to be honest.. your blog post doesn’t actually have a link to the jailbreakme website.. While I know the address.. some users might not.. and if it’s in the article, it is difficult to find with all the links that link back to categories.. *shrug* $0.02

  • icycrash

    On jailbreakme.com the image is called pdf.jpg. so it is probably a pdf exploit

  • grabejud

    check guys, theres some updates on the jailbreakme website

  • longjunk


    No there aren’t

  • Nick

    thou shall remain hopeful

  • fas

    Well lets wait and watch. *excited*

  • Bordeianu Andrei

    Is it here? Where is thecjailbreak ahhhhhhh i.m looking all over. It.s 6.28
    I need that jailbreak or imcgoing to kill somebody :p ahhhhh is stiil have the goose bumps 🙂 come on comex feed us with that jailbreak my ipad 2 is begging you

  • Bordeianu Andrei

    Ohhhhhh wait 6:30 US time ahhhhhhhhhh rahat
    Ohhh no i have to wait 7 more hours nooooooooooooooooooo

  • Aaronieru

    Yeah, this sounds like a fake.

  • João

    Nothing at all

  • Bravo_007

    Come on guys… Where’s the support and hope for these guys!!! They do us a favor by jailbreaking it for us otherwise it would never have existed.

    Whether fake or not, I’m excited to hear this great news and would jump for joy once released cos my iPad has collected alot of dust thus far lol. Wohoooo

  • deano

    do you really think they do it for free are you stupid jailbreaking means cydia shop can sell you apps so dont u think the app makes pay

    or are you just fucking stupid

  • Paul


  • The website just reverted back to 2.0.

  • Frank

    Well cydia isn’t the apple app store so if they getting paid it ain’t much. But a lot of the time it the challenge to do it that drives the developer cause apple says no u can’t they say FU we gonna anyway. Apple should be happy we all willing to take a chace to mess our phones up to test stuff they gonna steal and use in next iOS project. ( I like auto correct but sometimes @$&@&$)

  • fas

    The dev team is useless, how much time they taking!

  • plzUnlockb02.10

    awesome, many many thank to Comex

  • deano

    whats awesome, comex as not released anything yet

    these noobs kissing ass to the dev team on here when the dev team aint done shit

    fuck me people are stupid

    • iAppricate

      thanks for checking back “deano”

  • deano

    thanks for being another fuckin moron ” iappicate”

  • deano

    comex is playing star graft hes releasing nothing

    more bullshit

    same shit different day

    dev team just fuck off

    • Hater

      This just in the deano jail break is out. … Wate a min you don’t jail break anything. Tell u what lil bitch when u start making jail breaks then you can talk…we all want it and now but bitching worse then your girl ( if he has one… Or maby worse then his man) does not make these things happen any faster. Keep fucking with them and we may never get a jb again. Or mabe they will brick our i toys. I say Comex play star Craft with your boys have a beer and dev team you rock. I will jail break when it comes out. But deano fuck off.

  • deano

    another moron above read his post, hes kissing dev team ass but hes that fucking stupid to realize the dev team aint done nothing in the jb scene since ver 1.1.4 themselves

    so take the cock out your mouth and talk sence you halfwit

    im damn sure some of these stupid fuckers shpuld be banned from using a comnputer like the morom above, keep kissing that ass. you creep

  • deano

    and my ipad 2 is jail broken by me, using apples own copyrighted code to do it

    and if you really know the iphone scene you will know a russian group did it weeks ago its not legal but neither are keygens, cracks, patches but there out there to

    the dev team just uses other crackers expoilts in there own tools to make there tools legal

    and there trying to make a jail break that you cant install installous then lets see if you still like them and thats a fact read ionic twitter account

  • hacker

    to deano people like you made hackers like geo hot leave the jailbreak community and for the record every program so far has been DEV-TEAM so far programs like i said before REDSNOW and pawnagetool which currently jailbreaks all smartphones to the latest firmware 4.3.3 Untethered and even comex HELP geo hot release a Untethered instead of a tethered which if it wasnt for comex NOBODY would have use geo hot limerain cuz everybody knows that a tethered jailbreak is useless and we dont have that many iphone hackers like you think so pissing them off would leave only 1 team left which is green posion and dev-team has never charge for there stuff its always been FREE so show respect for dev-team who has done more then enough already and has more jailbreak programs more then anyone the only thing that i agree is nobody should be thanking anyone for ipad 2 jailbreak cuz we still dont know for sure which iphone hacker is realeasing it first!! but in my opinion i think it might be comex remember funday is sunday 🙂

  • Hacker

    Oh and u said something about russians there isn’t any free program on the web cuz if there was it be all over the web and I only speak English so I dont think a Russian program would help anyone here

  • caiweilian

    The website has changed… No more showing the snow slope picture, it is show the old jailbreakme.com/star version… Does it mean it is updating?

  • Hacker

    Oh let me help iphonehacks with information the chronic dev aka green poison team just posted news that there still working on ipad 2 jailbreak and that there diligently working on ipad2 as fast as possible this sounds like there close too who will it be?who do you think will do it first geo hot,comex,or Joshua hill.hmmm my vote comex this time I think comex cuz of his teasing website

  • Hacker

    My advise comex if your reading this which I know your going too if I were u I wouldn’t wait till Sunday cuz the other guys might burn u like last time remember geo came out of nowhere and release it before your team and then it was funny geo needed your help and you guys were pissed dont let it happen again Sunday might be to late others people want fame too so release before they do just saying

  • deano

    hacker are you fucking stupid the dev teams tools redsnow and pwnage dont use any expoilts fount by the dev team its a fact you halfwit

    no your history before posting your shit and looking like a dick the dev team themselves have not fount any expoilts since v2.0

    and with requards to ultlasn0w sherif hassim made that possible and hes not a dev team member also

    all the dev team does is use other hackers expoilts and buts them in redsnow and pwnage its the facts

    so please stop talking bollocks you moron

    p.s comex did not join dev team untill after he released jailbreakme.com 2

    so if your understand things the dev team aint done shit for themselves

    musclenerd is becoming a joke in the jb scene anyone can repack other hackers expoilts and tell everyone hes jailbroken ios5.xx

    so know ive put your right go wipe your mouth because the shit you talk is all round your mouth

  • deano

    and hacker could you kiss ass anymore than you do reading your posts are you a fag dude

    chronic dev are nowhere in the ipad 2 jb
    geohot cant be arsed
    dev team well these noobs need to wait for somebody else to find the expoilt so they can repack it in redsnow and pwnage then musclenerd can tweet hes jb evereything
    comex is to busy playing star craft

    so you see you can kiss ass alll you like but nothing will happen

    when comex is done with star craft he is the only one ready to release a ipad 2 jb but hes only 16 so he might have to be in bed early

  • deano

    musclenerd spend less time pumping your guns and more time finding expoilts for yourself

    and please stop posting tweets sayin you have jb beta ios 5 buts its tethered no one cares
    and who waits tethered jb nobody

    give us something new or piss off

  • Sup suckas!?!?

    I don’t understand why so many people choose to dispute with deano. Aside from his profane language and improper literacy skills, ha! What he says is primarily truth, the dev-team has not implemented a new exploit for the more recent jailbreaks and even Greenpois0n used the limera1n exploit so leave em alone. Poor guy is just trying to vent his frustrations. Go jerk it buddy you’ll feel a lot better.

  • hacker

    and who gives a dam that comex plays video games who doesnt?and everybody knows hes the star from the dev-team and geo hot need comex to make his jailbreak unthered so that leaves only 1 team left the chronic dev team which you actually thinks is not working on ipad 2 so that leaves your teams left the russians and you deano so cant wait for your jailbreak deano ill be waiiting 🙂

  • hacker

    deano frustated that nobody has release a jailbreak as of yet but he saids he jailbreak his ipad 2 lol i know your lying deano your just a shit talker that just complains and doesnt know shit and keeps talking about mulsenerd musles you must be a fagot

  • deano

    hacker, you suck up to musclenerd that much you must be a faggot

    you like his muscles the way he pumps i bet you would love him pump you

    i dont use dev team tools you moron i really dont need to but because you dont have any skills yourself thats why you creep

    musclenerd is a joke he could not find a expoilt even if geo told him where to find it, to busy pumping his guns or pumping hackers mouth

    hacker your a faggot dude, your funny but still a faggot

  • Lg1

    Can we all just get along????? Let’s all roll up a fatty and smoke it up… If u can’t develop a jb then don’t sit there and talk all that smack who’s better or what not.

  • deano

    funny over 35 people have tryed the above link

    bunch of noobs

    im laughing my ass off

  • Deano-
    Simply speaking, shut it. You have absolutely no sense of grammar, nor do you have any sense of decency. These developers put their time and effort into finding the exploits to jailbreak iDevices, so you could at least be somewhat of a person and thank them for what their doing. To be honest, your raging isn’t going to make the exploitation process any faster, so if I were you, I’d drop the shit stirring right now before you lose all decency in yourself. Sure, you can continue rafting on about ‘the development team being dick eaters’, sure you can spam the comments box with your useless talk, but if you think anyone here is even slightly concerned about what you’re saying, then you’ve got it all wrong. If the development team aren’t working fast enough for you, why don’t YOU go out and make the jailbreak? Save the shit stirring for the after party.
    And before you reply with more shit, wash out your mouth, otherwise I’m not listening.

  • hacker

    and again the fagot deano is talking about muscle nerd this guy should suck his balls already just suck it deano and im still waiting for your jailbreak whats taking so long hurry the fuck up call your Russians friends to help you release your program called i dont have one.deano even goes on muscle nerd twitter cuz deano like muscle guys you freaking homo

  • CraigCrack

    You are so funny hackers, fucking each other up like that)))) stop talking bullshit!!! And go Jailbreak this fucking piece of touch screen!!!!!!!! Do it some how, smoke some crack, or sniff some dope, maybe this would help?

  • itavolio

    nope, dev team, just copy the work from others…. the pussy ninja (jason) IS MORE WORRIED to sell tickets for the great JB festival bullshit, comex is just teasing people, and GeoHot has a real job…. soooooo we are soooo screw

  • I almost ripped off my ipad 2 when i tried t jailbreak it…… F##%#%#%#%k….