JailbreakMe 3.0: Browser-Based Jailbreak Tool May Be Released Soon

JailbreakMe 3.0

Comex – developer of JailbreakMe – the popular web-based method to jailbreak iOS 4.0.x has just updated the JailbreakMe website, indicating that he may release an updated version of JailbreakMe (probably JailbreakMe 3.0) – the popular browser-based jailbreak tool.

When iPad 2 was launched, Comex has revealed that he successfully jailbroken it, however Apple was quick to fix the iPad 2 jailbreak vulnerability in iOS 4.3.1.

Since then iPad 2 users are still waiting for a jailbreak as tools like Redsn0w, PwnageTool and Sn0wbreeze that have been released to jailbreak iOS 4.3.x don’t support iPad 2.

Comex tweeted the following:

(the teaser is at jailbreakme.com)

The updated website currently has a photograph (as seen above) of a ski slope with a sign that says “PDF”, which suggests that he has discovered a new PDF exploit – similar to the one used for JailbreakMe 2.0. JailbreakMe 2.0 was the mother of all jailbreaking solutions as it allowed users to jailbreak their iOS device using mobile Safari.

Comex hasn’t provided any more information, so it needs to be seen if the new version of JailbreakMe will support iPad 2 or all iOS devices and if it’s for iOS 4.3.x or iOS 5 beta 1. We can’t wait to find out. Any guesses?

As always, we’ll let you know as soon as there are any further updates, so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or join our Facebook Fan page or follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.

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  • JT

    Cannot wait for that. Awesome!!!

  • Yo Mama

    My guess is hell no for ios5. If it was for that, he wouldn’t be dumb enough to hint at Apple that there was a PDF exploit in the EARLY BETA

  • wait4fall

    wait for the ios 5 comes out this Fall to release is the best choice. we already have to many jbs

    • iRSX

      +1. Definitely wait for iOS5 to come out first, or maybe even iPhone 5/4S!! If it’s only for 4.3.x then just release it now, no point saving it.

  • Kimk69

    Maybe Sunday is Fun Day for the iPad 2.
    I hope.

  • Tom

    it would be stupid to release an ios5 jailbreak before it’s available to the public because apple would just patch it so i’m guessing a 4.xx version… or if they do’t release it for months hopefully a ios5

  • deano

    like i said comex or geohot are the best

    the dev team are finished

  • EJ

    my prayers have been answered

  • Hombre

    Great news

  • hacker

    To deano comex is still part of the development team still and respect the Dev-team for everything they have done so far and im pretty sure u have use there programs before PwnageTool and redsn0w and im tired of hearing criticism when they don’t charge for there programs its FREE!! for ios5 try it and if u don’t like u can always downgrade and i don’t know why u wouldn’t like it cuz u can always disable something you don’t like on ios5 and its FREE but wait for the official release first and make sure u get the okay from any known iphone hacker like Dev-team,geohot,planetbeing,pod2g and why wouldn’t u want ios5 it has more features?and who ever finds this exploit for ios5 deserves the gold iPhone hacker trophy or ipad 2 gets another iPhone trophy i also know that geohot was challenge by p0sixninja to find an exploit first for ipad 2 but i think that comex exploit is for ios5 cuz i don’t think he would intervene between this fight between geo and posixninja unless he did challenge them but may the best iPhone hacker win good luck

  • Trollup

    The sight has been reverted back to the 2.0 version would be nice to know though lol

  • fas

    Nothing is coming guys. Don’t believe these idiots, who just keep giving us hope doing nothing.

    Where is Geohot?

  • everybody

    … stop feeding crap, ipad2 won’t be supported again, for a 100th time… so lame.

    • rampage

      looks like stevie holds devs with pliers by the balls.

  • abody

    the thing is do you bay the IPad2 before the or after the jailbreakme 3.0
    because I got 7 IPhone in 4 days but only 2 of them supported jailbreakme 2.0 but the rest were updated and I have until now problem unlocking them.

  • Kenny

    This will be awesome if it works.

    Last year it was hilarious seeing all the jailbroken iPhones on display in the phone stores.

  • deano

    to hacker, if you read all my posts about the dev team im not sayin they have not given us some top tools to use

    but since ver 3.0 they have done nothing new, comex did not join dev team untill after he released sprint

    since v3.0 the only guys releasing expoilts have being comex, geohot, chronic dev
    and the dev team used these expoilts in there own tools rensn0w, pwnage

    but im sick of muslenerd tweeting about jail breaking because he does nothing it a fact even i can take somebodys software and make it my own

    microsoft office, or microsoft office deano…lol
    but i cant release it untill somebody helps me lol but the ipad is not surported but my cat ran off with the charger and a mouse as shit on the screen but it will be released soon or maybe not could be someday, or funday, or its ra1ning…lol

  • deano

    but you guys should realize its not that hard to jailbreak apples ios but its very hard to do it in a legal way like the dev team trys to do

    i was a bigtime software hacker back in the day with SND SEEK & DESTROY, AND BIRD, And the crackers union, but we did not care if it was legal

    this scene needs to go under ground things would be done alot quicker but the dev team are scared about getting sued like geo with sony

    but there will become a time when jb will be impossible in a legal way

    • val

      Did you use punctuation in any of your comments? How about a complete sentence? It’s so hard to read people’s rants when they can’t write correctly. Sometimes I wish that was a requirement to use the internet.

  • and of that I said i was over one

  • chill guys.. just wait.. if dont have jailbreak for ipad2.. just burn it lol

  • Hay here’s a thought

    Or sell it and buy an IPad 1 that is supported.

  • Now child I gonin be the first to download not you sonny

  • The teaser is not funny by comex but it at least tells us that it is coming out soon

  • This will be the best jailbreak of all time so stop following it