JailbreakMe 3.0 To Jailbreak All iOS Devices From iPhone 3GS To iPad 2 On iOS 4.2.1 To iOS 4.3.3

JailbreakMe 3.0

Comex – developer of JailbreakMe – popular browser-based jailbreak tool who is expected to release a new version of the tool to jailbreak iPad 2 has revealed that he has reduced the time it will take to jailbreak an iOS device by using a unionfs approach instead of using the stashing approach that has been used by jailbreak tools.

He has also revealed that he plans to use this approach for the iPad 2, thus indicating that iPad 2 users will have to wait for some more time for the eagerly awaited JailbreakMe for iPad 2.

Comex has provided the following information about the performance improvements:

If you don’t know, the stashing approach jailbreaks have been using for years– Cydia’s “Reorganizing Filesystem”– involves moving some large directories from the small / partition into the large /var partition, then creating symlinks from the original to the new location. This both ensures that any additional stuff put in those directories by packages will end up in the /var partition, and frees up space on the / partition for files created outside of those directories. However, the process has some issues, like taking forever to do when you jailbreak (I am a bit fanatical about speed), pretty much requiring the jailbreak to reboot the system to ensure there aren’t any running applications pointing to the old files (ditto about speed, I want a jailbreak to not even require a respring, as in star, but since star used stashing, some obscure things could cause issues before a reboot), and seriously confusing the sandbox code in the kernel (because each application has a sandbox with a list of allowed filenames, but after the symlink has moved files, the filenames no longer match), requiring that code to be patched (it needs to be patched anyway these days because tweaks have to run under the sandboxes of the applications they’re hooking, but depend on accessing various directories; but it still feels good to get rid of a kludge).

With unionfs (which was saurik’s idea originally), new files are created in the /var partition, and merged with files in the corresponding directories in the / partition, so no files need to be moved, no descriptors are invalidated, and I think the sandbox code won’t notice what happened. It also opens the door for upgrading the base operating system without destroying the jailbreak files (although maybe iOS 5 delta updates will already allow this? I haven’t looked at them yet).

I’ve wanted to do this since literally a year ago (that’s the date of the nullfs checkin, since I was dumb and thought I wanted that instead of unionfs), but I never got around to making it work properly.

So, I just hope that I can get rid of the crashes my meddling with unionfs’s code have introduced, and fix it for the iPad 2 (my dumped copies of iPad 2 kernels do not include symbols; I wrote a small BinDiff-like tool to copy over symbols from a kernel for another device, but it’s not perfect) and that there aren’t any performance issues.

Comex has also revealed that the new version of JailbreakMe will support iOS 4.2.1 to iOS 4.3.3 to one of his followers on Twitter and MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev team has indicated it will support all iOS devices with the following tweet:

@itaiyz97 see @comex’s feed tonight for his huge spoilers 🙂 All devices from iPhone3GS through iPad2, iOS 4.2.1 to 4.3.3

That’s good news as JailbreakMe 2.0 for iOS 4.0.x was the mother of all jailbreaking solutions as it allowed users to jailbreak their iOS device using mobile Safari. Based on MuscleNerd’s tweet, we’re assuming that JailbreakMe 3.0 will support iPod touch 3G, iPod touch 4G, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 (GSM) and iPhone 4 (CDMA).

Comex hasn’t given any release date, but based on the update above it looks like it will take some more time.

As always, we’ll let you know as soon as there are any further updates, so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or join our Facebook Fan page or follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.

[via Comex, MuscleNerd]

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  • r0ni

    Wow!!! Can’t wait to jb my ipad2

  • Sonic280

    Good job comex! Don’t make us wait too long 🙂 Im very eager to jailbreak my ipad 2.

  • Bruce Lee

    MuscleTurd Rocks!!!

  • deano

    here we go again, there sayin what the jb will do but no release date

    so nothing really new

    but the noobs on here will be kissing musclenerd ass even thou he as done nothing himself

    comex you have good skills…kid lol

    • Jimmy John Popp

      I cant wait..
      excited to finally jb my ipad 2
      Thanks MuscleNerd!!

    • -X-

      Really?? And your point is? Oh thats right…NONE…so Who cares, have yourself a nice warm cup of STFU. All this is just an article stating that someones working on it. So shut it you brainless teen bopping Justin Beaber loving monkey.

  • simon

    i have iphone4 and on 4.3.3 and its not working

    • deano

      so go buy another one

  • deano

    Jimmy John Popp, its nothing to do with musclenerd
    you fool

    its comex give credit to the right person you halfwit

    musclenerd as done nothing since v2.0…..fact
    musclenerd uses other hackers expoilts….fact
    musclenerd tweets bollocks……fact

    please know your stuff before posting stuff on here look at the post above fuckin moron

    • -X-

      Fact….you’re a low life loser
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  • r0ni

    Hopefully it’ll be released soonnnnnnnnn….

  • Zolk

    I know a lot of mainly ipad2 users are eagerly waiting for this, but as someone on a jailbroken, unlockable iphone3gs running ios4.3.3 already, I’m eagerly awaiting a successful untethered, unlockable (via preserved old baseband or whatever) ios5 (and the ios5 release itself, obviously!)

  • Matthew s

    Muscle turd and cockmex y dont yall clowns give a realese date? Y cause u like the attention u guys get from this.. Because yall are nerdy as shit and now u feel accepted u losers!

    • kiddowiddo

      You think they’re nerds do you? Well, listen dickhead, if it weren’t for what you call “nerds” there wouldn’t be all the technology and computers and super duper phones would there? And same goes for this, if it weren’t for these guys we couldn’t enjoy the privileges of a jailbroken phone, so before you post a fucking dumb comment, think about the stupid fool you are, what these guys do for us, and what you can’t fucking do for the world. Stupid mofo

      • fas

        Relax there. People will crib. Because no one likes waiting. What ever we say, does not change the release date.

      • Matthew s

        Are u stupid!! Jailbreaking is easy once you get the concept u dummy! Jus like everything else! Could i do it? Probably not! But they already jailbroke it like 3 or 4 monthes ago, they jus love the attention! I will take back my disrespectful comments on comex but musclenerd is a joke that loves the attention, if i could make a tweet and affect 300000 people i wouldnt leave off the attention like mn!

  • deano

    kiddowiddo, your a mouthy ball bag licker matthew is right these guys piss us all around

    how mant times does that freak musclenerd tweet telling us what he as done but it never turns out he talks bollocks, i would love meet him i would stick my iphone dopwn is throat

    comex your skills are very good
    muslenerd fuck off using other hackers expoilts and tweeting you have done something for yourself your full of shit dude

    • deano

      Actually on second thoughts I will kiss musclenerd’s ass…fact

  • Knight

    Steady Good jod ! i will donate !

  • deano posted before that he has jailbroken ipad2 lol whens the release date deano? you mentioned your Russians friends are going to release the ipad 2 jailbreak free here on iPhone hacks lol.deano always talks about muscle nerd in every post i think hes in love with muscle nerd cuz deano a fagot.deano also thinks that comex isnt on the dev-team what a fucking retard.he also thinks sheriff hasim a iphone hacker hes freaking baseband hacker stupid.he also thinks Chronic Dev Team aka green poison was never near an ipad 2 cuz he a fucking retard.deano said on a other post neither comex or Joshua Hill wont ever come out with a jailbreak and now he saying comex has skills make up your dam mind retard.so the 2 iphone teams cant do it so its up to deano to release his program called dumbass.

  • Dean

    Joshua hill knows fuck all to he just used limera1n in greenpoison another fact

    Because shatter never worked i know I was a tester

    So hacker go and take your bullshit elsewhere

    Comex you have skills….. Kid unlike these fuckers who use your and geohot expoilts and claim them as there own musclenerd, Joshua hill, and the rest of the devs

  • Doctor

    yeah fuk musclenerd hes done nothing ALL HAIL COMEX

  • Finally!¡!¡

  • deano

    finally what???????

    no release date

    and how many times in 3 years have we heard jail broken all devices or jail broken 4 life it never happens really because apple comes out with a new ios and it starts again

    but it wont stop people on here giving credit to the wrong guys or just talking bollocks like hacker musclenerds bitch i call him nowadays

    • Zang

      The devices are Jailbroken for life, what are you smoking this time Deano?

      There always seems to be a problem with you. All big talk and no action.

      You were a tester for shatter? Then why don’t you develop a new Jailbreak? As testers in the software world also know the code and report any bugs etc in the actual code.

      Or is that just a lie your saying? If not. Release the shatter code then, as if your telling the truth as an actual tester you would have had access to the code.

  • EJ

    We may not have a release date but we do have a solid deal that he comix is making a took and that it’s not a hoax that’s all I need

  • Ramiz khudafi

    Same shit I been hearing ipad3 isn’t Comin out till march 2012 hurry the fuck upguys cmon ill pay for it if you want just get it done!!!!!

  • deano

    shatter did not work you moron its no good and its not for me to release a teams expoilt working or not i know it does not stop musclenerd from doing it but hes a knob

    and the shatter code is on the net, took me 10 mins on goole to find it

    like ive said before do your research before you posting your crap

    quote by zang The devices are Jailbroken for life, what are you smoking this time Deano?

    ipad 2???????? enough said moron

  • hacker

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  • insane

    well i dont give a dam who release the ipad 2 jailbreak this is dragging and taking forever and for deano he is just upset that he has to wait just like everybody else does so crying helps him deal with it.

  • Jack Black

    Nice news ehem thx for all the comments here about it. Hihi

  • AnonymousDeveloper

    Hey hacker, I have a jailbroken iPad 2.

    • Deano


  • Deano

    hacker stranfe name really because you cant hack shit can you????

    are you that fucking stupid you think only the jb noobs you creep to, are the only guys in the world who can jb

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  • putra

    Plsss…release date?..

  • Deano

    Fuck this,
    These jailbreakers suck,
    I’m throwing my ipad 2 in the bin tomorrow morning

  • mick

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    Butt deano gott the brain of a 2 years old baby
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  • chris

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  • AnonymousDeveloper

    Guys, believe me or not, it’s coming out by the end of July.

  • kelly

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  • itavolio

    I do not want to sound like a real assman, but the JB is getting more and more far away….

  • Jared619

    Can someone please help me?

    I have an iPhone 3GS and I used the previous jailbreakme to get to 4.0, I am on 05.13.04 baseband. This is all I have done to the iPhone, no unlocks, just the jailbreak.

    I understand that I have to get it to 4.3.3 to use jailbreakme 3.0, but how should I go about doing this?

    Should I just plug it into iTunes and update to latest? I don’t know if I should be concerned about iTunes updating the baseband or something.

    Thanks for your reply! I’m sure more people are in the same boat with me

  • sandman1318

    What’s with all you guys? You no doubt are a bunch of nine year olds. Good grief!

  • iphoneguy

    Hey guys i bought iphone as used and i want to JB it i have JB my touch (2G) easy whit some 4.2 or something update but my problem is i dont know that iphone update (it is 2G iphone) and i dont want to buy sim card to it so i need ot JB it so is there enyway to look that firmware on my iphone i know how to JB but dont know that update so can i look it some how like borowing my friends sim????

  • Person

    WTF I got an iPhone 3G and I won’t be able to jailbreak it!!!!!!!!!!