Mail Enhancer – Jailbreak Tweak Adds New Features To Mail App

Mail Enhancer

Apple improved the Mail app in iOS 4 by including features such as Universal Inbox, ability to organize emails by thread etc. But there are quite a few features still missing from it, which we hope will be added in iOS 5.

If you’ve jailbroken your iOS device then checkout Mail Enhancer – a jailbreak tweak as the name suggests add lots of new features to enhance the Mail app.

Mail Enhancer adds the following features to the Mail app:

  • Ability to add a signature to every email address – including HTML format, which will then be added automatically to every new email, reply or forward. You no longer need to use a workaround to add HTML email signatures.
  • Send email in HTML format.
  • Quickly swap sending email addresses and signature.
  • Custom notifications for incoming mail (vibrate, popup, custom sound, speech announcement).
  • Choose Ringtones as the sound for incoming email.
  • It can also tell you the name of the sender and number of incoming mails using the Speech feature.

You can checkout the impressive demo of Mail Enhancer below:

Mail Enhancer is available on Cydia for $2.99.

As always, let us know know what you think about Mail Enhancer in the comments.

[via Mail Enhancer blog]

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  • Woodlandstar

    The most basic thing the default mail app needs is a password! I hate using a master password for the device, (apart from setting it for every 4 hours), but don’t like the idea my mail is open all the time.
    A simple 4 digit passcode to get in the mail is the most needed thing!

  • Tan

    Now I still wish there is a way to attach a picture from the mail app instead of going into the photo app to attach the pic.

    • Mike

      Tan FYI there is a pretty new app on Cydia called PhotoMail. It only costs $1. And it lets you do exactly that. It works like a charm.

      • is there an app that allows u to add any attachment in a reply email itself of
        ifile allows u to do this but only for new emails.
        i was wondering if u can just simply do this in reply emails too, just like u wud do with any desktop email client.
        just a thought 😉

    • alex

      . . . why don’t you use copy / paste? thanks to multitasking you can leave your composed mail message anytime, pick a photo, copy it, go back and paste. voila.

  • Aaronieru

    Wow, those features are useless and definitely not worth the $2.99 price. No thanks.

  • Holden

    The problem with Mail Enhancer is that the mail tone’s volume is permanently associated with the iPod volume rather than the volume of the other system sounds. So, if you have the iPod or YouTube app muted, then you won’t here the mail tone for new emails even if other system sounds are not muted. This is true even if you keep the default mail tone rather than opt for a custom tone. It’s a badly designed feature.

  • fas

    I like the this, but i will wait till WWDC to see whats new in iOS 5 for mail.

  • iOS 5 will come with complete Mail Enhancer feature so have to wait for ios 5 to enjoy the features of Mail Enhancer.

  • mkimid

    In fact, there are so many missing functions in iOS 4 or older. I hope that Apple find a way to provide more Function without loosing usability.
    Some of smart user want a high and multi functions, but most of general user need a general and easy functions only. I believe Apple target on the general user and simplify the usage.
    Maybe it is a big homework for the developer.

  • neoz_online

    available for free on sinful iphone repo

  • time to jail break mine…

  • Justin

    Does anyone know if you can copy colored or bold text, paste in an email and send while preserving the original HTML with this tweak? I noticed how copy and pasting colored text and sending does not preserve original HTML with the default mail app.

    Please advise. Thanks!