PhoneIt-iPad: Hack That Turns iPad 3G Into An iPhone Released

iPad 2

Folks at iPhoneIslam have just released the jailbreak tweakPhoneIt-iPad that turns the iPad into a fully functional phone, thus allowing iPad users to make calls and send SMS just like the iPhone.

iPhoneIslam has previously released jailbreak tweaks like FaceIt-3GS that brought FaceTime – Apple’s video calling feature to iPhone 3GS.

To recap, iPhoneIslam had provided the following details about PhoneIt-iPad, which will turn the iPad 3G into an iPhone:

A hack that will change the game. Can you imagine trun your iPad to a fully functional phone.

WIth No Speical Hardware all what you need is Jailbroken iPad 3G and your iPad 3G will do anything you expect from iPhone… Phone Calls, SMS, FaceTime by Phone Number… ETC

Folks at iPadevice have tested the new jailbreak tweak and have posted the video of a hacked iPad 3G working like an iPhone:

The jailbreak tweak requires iPad 1 and iOS 4.3.3. It is available on Cydia (via the repository) for $19.99.

Please let us know how it goes if you plan to check it out.

[iPhoneIslam via iPadevice]

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  • Geekinit

    Would be cool to swap sims in my iPad and iPhone and use this. The iPad has a much better battery. Unfortunately for me the iPad 2 can’t be jailbroke. :/

  • Maxilus

    Now that a BIG iPhone. Hahah!!

  • Redbeard46

    Well, I took the plunge and paid for this. only to find that AT&T will not allow calls, on the data lines/plans used for Ipads in the states. Every time I tried to make a call, I was directed to a Prerecorded message, stating calls on this line were not allowed. Now I’m screwed out of $20.

    • titanss

      Redbeard46 did you swap your sim out of your iphone into the ipad before you tried to make a call?
      Swapping the sim you will be using your Iphone account not your Ipad account.

      • kakaka

        i dont think his sim card is the problem, as US has AT&T as the only service provider, that might be the cause of the problem…i look up the video in iphoneIslam channel, and they states that they might come to USA to ensure that this apps would be available to US users soon 🙂

  • price too high

  • Redbeard46

    No I dont have an Iphone, only an Ipad. ;-(

  • fas

    AT&T is the biggest arse i have seen.

  • Sal

    Done, works as expected. Really great

  • Fero

    Very nice!

  • Dave

    Works great in UK. Tested with an 02 PAYG sim. and my contract iPhone sim. No problems to report. $20 well spent.

  • Jack Black

    Working in the Netherlands on T-Mobile Network and KPN (no others tested yet but should work just fine) (“It Just Works”)

  • sandman1318

    Now if they could make an iPad small enough to put in your pocket we would be able to have a phone on us at all times!

  • living4angel

    Works Great in India, tested on 3 networks Airtel, Vodafone and Aircel! All works Damm fine!!! Well done Guyz,,, for this 20$ is fine for me to us iPad as Sim!!! Thnx alot for this hack! And hey can I run any CDMA aim to like Virgin or any other! That will be gr8,, I know hardware is different but that will be too cool! Thnx again!

  • rozh

    it is work well in Iraq….thanks to iphoneislam for that

  • parham

    it worked in iran with ios 4.3.5 great