UISettings: Jailbreak Tweak Gives Faster Access To Settings Toggles Via iOS 5 Notification Center

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One of the features from our iOS 5 wish list that did not make it to the official iOS 5 feature list, was a faster way to enable or disable settings without the need to leave an app like SBSettings.

No problem, the jailbreak community have come to the rescue. It has hardly been just over a day since iPhone Dev Team released Redsn0w 0.9.8b1 to jailbreak iOS 5 and jailbreak community has released their first jailbreak tweak for iOS 5.

The jailbreak tweak is called UI Setttings, which gives users an easy and fast way to access Settings toggles via iOS 5’s new Notification center.

After installing the jailbreak tweak, when you swipe down on the status bar in iOS 5 to access the Notification Center, you also get access to various settings toggles along with the Stock and Weather widget and notifications as you can see in the screenshot below:

You can tap on the relevant settings button to enable or disable it. UISettings for iOS 4.x.x brings Settings toggles to task switcher.

You can install UISettings for iOS 5 by adding the following source: http://qwertyoruiop.com/beta to Cydia.

The jailbreak community seems to continue to amaze us with such nifty tweaks and jailbreak apps. This should put to rest any doubts people had about the future of jailbreaking after Apple unveiled iOS 5 with more than 200 new features.

Let us know what you think of UISettings in the comments section below.

[via iSpazio]

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  • Christian

    So they created SBSettings in the Notification Center and renamed it UI Settings? Also if I’m not mistaken I thought you can access SBS from apps.

  • That looks great! Really well integrated into the design. Now I only need a way to get iOS 5…

  • jmon

    fully functional, airplane mode icon is missing
    the color scheme doesnt really fit the back board (taste the rainbow)
    but overall great add on (f.e.i appsync 4 works on ios5 along with installous

    • Lol, how do you get the apps on your iDevice onto iTunes? I tried but idk how. And I can’t wait for more tweaks and iOS5….. I have beta1 and can try to find you a link.

  • fas

    So quick was this!

  • dsg

    I love it, but I’d like a 3G toggle

  • mrmomoman

    I have a fully activated IOS 5.0 Beta installed on my IPHONE 4. It is jailbroken but I have tried to install this UIsettings multiple times and with no luck to get the Notification ICONs in my Notification Center. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. I went into Notification Settings just to see if I was missing something to turn it on. I have read that you just install the package and it does the rest.

    Do I need to install SBSettings as well? Thanks for any help.

  • jmon

    to momo it should work with out sbs he even added a twitter widget just make u hard reset after u uninstall tether boot again and to z8137 u have to right click your phone in itunes and select transfer all purchases

  • I dont know why but when I add the source it tells me :” did not find the repository” I don’t know what to do