BBSettings: iOS 5 Notification Center Custom Widget Like SBSettings & Lots More


We’ve already seen a number of useful custom widgets for iOS 5 Notification Center such as Music CenterSpringPrefs, UISettings etc.

Manuel Gebele – developer of the unofficial Facebook widget – WeeFacebook sent us an email to tell us that he has developed a custom widget called BBSettings, which he says is like SBSettings but more powerful.

BBSettings custom widgets includes the following features:

  • Featured Apps You can easiely configure which are your most used apps.
  • Running Apps Shows you all current running apps.
  • System Info Shows you various device informations (Disk/Memory usage; Hardware). Allows you to kill all running apps.
  • Toggles Flashlight, Wi-Fi, Airplane, Bluetooth, Orientation Lock and Mute.
  • Preferences Configure your most used Apps.

You can checkout the screenshots of some of these features below:

If you’ve jailbroken your iOS device on iOS 5 using Redsn0w or Sn0wbreeze, then you can check it out by installing the .deb package (from this link) on your iOS device via dpkg.

We haven’t tried it out yet, but the ability to access these feature from any application by just swipping the status bar (via the Notification Center) in iOS 5 will be quite useful.

As always, please let us know what you think about this iOS 5 Notification Center custom widget in the comments.

Thanks Manuel for the heads up and keep up the good work.

[via Github (BBSettings)]

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  • fas

    Looks so awesome, I want!

  • spux

    BBSettings and more widgets are now available through Cydia.

    Just add this url to your sources:

  • Markus

    How can i Install this app. I download it, but now??
    Please Help 🙂


  • spux

    You just need to respring. After that you can activate it through Settings (Notifications)

  • Simple

    I wonder if I should remove SBsettings just in case…

  • is this app for iOS4 or iOS5?

  • ok I got it, its for iOS5
    from readme file:


    * Jailbroken iDevice (iOS 5)

  • kiddowiddo

    I don’t like how the notifications and widgets are bundled together, hopefully when ios 5 is out someone will mod the notification center to be like android and have two tabs showing settings on one and notifications on the other

  • Paradox

    Sigh .. wish they could make something that looks this good for iOS 4 … I don’t want to be tethered. Speaking of which .. wouldn’t a usb stick connected to camera connectivity kit/hack make a nice way to reboot tethered. wish I had the expertise to do it.

  • Robin

    I love this, but when I put it on my iPhone 4 it does not show any of the buttons, all I get is the weather and notifications

  • Amsterpelli

    Is this still available on github? Link appears to be broken .. couldn’t find on Cydia either .. maybe I need to add a repo?

  • doajhfvga

    When I try and launch it, it takes a long time and then says something about preferences.