biteSMS 5.5 Released To Fix JailbreakMe 3.0 Compatibility Issues

iPhone 5

biteSMS is one of the popular alternatives for Messages app as it includes number of features like smileys, Quick Reply, Quick Compose, scheduled SMS, delivery reports, signatures etc. that are not available in the native iOS app.

But it had some compatibility issues with JailbreakMe 3.0 that was released by Comex last week to jailbreak iPhoneiPad and iPod Touch.

Users complained that their jailbroken iPhone would go into an infinite boot loop when they used the Quick Reply feature.

Folks at biteSMS have released a new version of biteSMS – v5.5, which is now compatible with JailbreakMe 3.0.

BiteSMS 5.5 public release works with JailbreakMe 3.0

You can install biteSMS 5.5 from the Changes tab in Cydia.

Folks at biteSMS have also announced that they are working hard on iOS 5 compatibility, plus new look and iMessage support as well.

As always, let us know if biteSMS 5.5 has fixed the crashing issue in the comments section below.

[via Twitter(biteSMS)]

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  • Levelfamily

    I dont think to many people is using bite anymore..

    • Rip

      i thought everybody was using it. why the hell wouldn’t u?

      • dairyboi

        lol yea i’d like to know too level
        bitesms is one of the most useful jb apps =P

  • Beccs

    what are they using then

  • Remy

    biteSMS is the first app I install after JB.

    • OnieL

      Mee Tooo = D

  • rosstipher

    im on 4.3.3 w/ jailbreakme 3.0 and i have no issues with bitesms on 5.4? am i the lucky one or something? haha

  • Ch7

    I had endless issues with the previous version. Love the app tho 🙂 so very disappointed when it kept looping and rebooting and having to fresh installs of the iOS to fix it. I will test this new version when I have time off just in case I need to do a re install (too tired and don’t have the patience to do so ATM)

  • TC

    I had an issue with it at first. But the cydia update fixed it few days ago.

  • Rip

    bitesms needs to fix their issue with not being able to play videos on 4.3.3

    • Rip

      it’s very annoying having to open up the default sms app to every time i get a video mms

  • fas

    That was quick, I must say the Cydia devs are very fast.

    • Siggi

      Understand that when someone posts an update to the App Store, it can take weeks to months for Apple to approve the update. When someone posts to the Cydia store though, the update shows up on the store immediately. Maybe that might explain why Cydia devs are pretty fast, the App Store is bullshit.

  • Dan

    I have issues with Bite SMS. I reinstalled yesterday to see if that would fix it, but it didnt. I cant use the quick reply option. I press ‘Reply’ after reading, and it closes the window and takes me into the regular full messaging app, rather than allowing me to send a quick reply, Very annoying as this is one of the major reasons i downloaded it. if this isnt fixed it will be deleted I am afraid.