FaceForward – Hack Enables Hidden Facebook For iPad App

Facebook for iPhone

Facebook quickly blocked the hack that enabled the hidden yet-to-be-launched Facebook for iPad app hidden in the iPhone app.

But chpwn, developer of jailbreak apps such as Infiniboard, Infinidock, Infinifolder, ProSwitcher, VoiceActivator has released a jailbreak tweak called FaceForward to re-enable the iPad app on a jailbroken iPad.

Here’s a quick description of the jailbreak tweak from Cydia:

Re-enable Facebook’s iPad app. Facebook recently accidentally released their iPad app, but after TechCrunch posted about it, they quickly moved to disable access to Facebook from it. FaceForward removes that restriction, allowing you to use Facebook for iPad right now.

To use FaceForward, download the official Facebook for iPhone application from the App Store and install FaceForward. You will now be able to access Facebook for iPad.

You might need to delete and re-install your Facebook app if it crashes on startup.

You can follow these simple instructions to enable the hidden iPad app on your jailbroken iPad:

  • Install Facebook for iPhone on your iPad (iTunes link) from the App Store
  • Then launch Cydia from your iPad’s home screen
  • Tap on the Search tab and search for FaceForward
  • Tap and select FaceForward from the search results
  • Tap on the Install button in the top right corner
  • Then tap Confirm to install FaceForward on your jailbroken iPad
  • You will be prompted to reboot your iPad

That’s it. After rebooting the iPad, you should be able to access the hidden Facebook for iPad app.

Thanks to reader Helicopter for the tip!

As always, let us know how it goes in the comments.

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  • Dan


    Thanks for the info 🙂

  • creole

    chpwn your a genius!

  • Scott

    Great stuff! Well done – works like a treat.

  • Squid

    “Reboot” should read “respring”

    A small point, except for those with a tethered JB who might not want to re-JB 🙂

    As Scott said “works like a treat”

    • We got the Reboot device option on a jailbroken iPad 2, but good point for users on a tethered jailbreak.

  • fas

    Well you can run you can hide but u cant escape the power of jb!

  • I installed it on my iPad 2 (was prompted to respring, not reboot) and the Facebook app starts out in iPhone mode, then switches to iPad mode. However, none of the icons is functional. I can look at them, swipe between my two pages of icons, but nothing works.

    Tried rebooting iPad 2, but still now joy. Now uninstalling patch..


  • Maxilus

    It works like charm! Thanks! 😀

  • -X-

    Awesome….but can anyone care to explain why Facebook just doesn’t release a FaceBook App for iPad already?

  • Djlooni

    Fb+ipad+apple=money, there the reason

  • Neil

    How to have the “…via iphone” to “…via ipad”.
    Any ideas anyone?

  • Pendle Europa 2000 -Black Jaguar-

    Mine works but no chat feature, only the messages lol how do you get the live chat ?

    • Nebie

      Turn iPad to side orientation for chat column to appear

  • Paul

    I can’t seem to find faceforward in the bigboss repository. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Addicted

      wait till cydia download packages then search for faceforward 😀

      • Paul

        I got it now.I didnt I have open ssh installed which is why it wasn’t showing

        Anyone with the same problem, make sure open ssh is installed via cydia before searching for faceforward

  • Chris

    Well this is pretty USEFUL.. You THINK that Facebook would make a Universal App for the iPad.

  • Chris

    ok..Just did rebooted & ALL i gotta say is..WOW!!!!!!!!!! THIS **** IS AWESOME!!!!!!.

  • Lg1

    All I have to say is wow!!!! Good job!!! This was needed bad… Makes a big difference!!! Thank you guys works great

  • Googz187

    Great job! I’m Facebooking more often.

  • Jayydoggy

    Works great. Lettering a little grainy though.. Not high quality…but good enough for me. Thanks……..

  • Zeb

    Installed fine but when I push say “news feed” … nothing!

  • Zeb

    Fixed it!….. remove patch…delete facebook app..reinstall FB app (dont log in).. reinstall patch… log in…presto!

  • lordapes at gmail

    works like a charm! THANKS.

    just my 2 cents. maybe fb didn’t officially launch this app due to some bugs/performance issues. for one, i’d like to point out that the commenting column has a fixed width. if the comment is longer than the column width, i have to scroll to the side. not a good thing if i were to read a lot of comments.
    also no chat feature.

    other than that, it works great!

  • Nebie

    Thanks for the tip works great!! Was bummed about no chat then quite by accident realized if you turn iPad to side view there is a chat column on the side with all online friends.

  • Doriann

    Thank you for the info! Thanks to everyone who make jailbreaking user friendly for someone like me!

  • Christian

    Also remember to turn off your RetinaPad display if you have on.

  • Dick

    I’ve the the app and patch installed…no problem there. Then I hit the news feeds I can see info, but am not able to scroll down. Anyone else have this problem?

  • sannexus

    I just thought I’d ask.
    This morning, FaceBook with Faceforword installed stopped working.
    The window displays the enlarged version of FaceBook app.
    But it doesn’t work anymore.
    Any thought?