How The iPad 2 Jailbreak Got Leaked [BackStory]

JailbreakMe 3.0

As you know, JailbreakMe – the iPad 2 jailbreak for iOS 4.3 developed by Comex was leaked by someone yesterday. It was widely speculated that it was leaked by one of the beta testers.

However, Ryan Robbins has published a blog post providing details of how it got leaked. He claims that he is indirectly responsible for the leak even though he didn’t have any intentions of leaking it and has apologised to Comex for it.

He writes that he had no intention of leaking it, but the curiosity got the better of him. He has provided the details of how it all happened:

This all started late one night on the 27th of  June. I was playing Star Craft with some friends reading Comex’s twitter updates like every other person waiting for the jailbreak. That is when I had a crazy idea just to search a site he posted in a previous tweet. That site was , during my initial search, the main thing that came up was comex’s bannerbomb exploit for the wii. This lead me to believe even more that the site was his. The next thing I did was just do a search for directories on his site and that is when I stumbled upon it. I saw a folder called saffron that grabbed my attention, mainly because jbme 2.0 was star.

So what would you do if you stumbled on a website that had all the data for the jailbreak people have been waiting months for? At first I wasn’t sure what to do, let alone believe I found the files. The only true indication that I found them was all the pdf files, deb files named after different iOS devices, and a php file. The last thing I wanted was to just send out all the files saying here they are. As someone who has worked on a project for years in the past I would hate for my work to leak out before my self or the team was ready. Comex had been working on this for almost a year.

The first thing I did was the obvious, test the files. From comex’s tweets at the time I figured they were close to completion and wouldn’t completely brick my iPad. The next was I made a copy of the files for my own purpose of trying on other devices, not to leak them. I didn’t know if comex would have the files moved before I woke up the next day. Then as proof to my friends who had no reason to even want the jailbreak, but wanted to see it I uploaded them to this site. Worst mistake ever.

Now comes the next day, what would you do with the information you gained from decompiling and decompressing the files. You don’t want to leak them, but there has been no information on any updates. People are starting to doubt the jailbreak is even real. What I did was just spread information about the jailbreak, no pictures, no files, just me posting on forums what I know. Of course there were people calling me names saying I am a troll and other names. Next I sent off private messages to two people on the forums I was posting on. At that point after a few messages the only thing I sent was a picture. That was the first and only thing I sent. The picture was of the new jailbreakme website, with the url removed so the site didn’t get out. That was the end of it on June 28th.

I went on vacation on the 30th and won’t be home until July 15th, but my curiosity started to get the better of me last night. I have these files that didn’t work on my iPad, but I wondered if they would work at all. I contacted another person on the forums who was multimediawill aka appreviewer will aka Will Sayer. He tried one of the pdf files and it jailbroke his iPad. I was surprised, he was surprised. He swore up and down he wouldn’t leak it, and I went to bed. That is when I woke up and saw my list of emails streaming in. Immediately the files were deleted, I felt stupid and horrible that my curiosity got the best of me and caused this. I never intended for it to get leaked out this big. In all I apologize to comex for my actions.  I don’t want attention, and never wanted to spread his work like Will did. I was just curious, and this curiosity caused this. So in the grand scheme of things the leak was probably 10% my fault, I found the files, made a copy and re-hosted them, but Will was the exact opposite. He wanted attention and spread the news to tech blogs made videos and even spread the links to the files on my site.

Meanwhile, MultiMediaWill, the guy who leaked the files has also apologized to Comex late last night before deleting his Twitter account. He has also removed the files and the YouTube video.

It remains to be seen when Comex will release the official version of JailbreakMe, which will support iOS 4.2.1 to iOS 4.3.3 and should be compatible with all iOS devices (including iPad 2).

[Ryan Libbons via Redmond Pie]

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  • Patient Saffron

    I will admit I tried the jailbreak but it was too late, it was already block when trying to download Cydia.

    Either way, I’m sure comex will release it soon. It’s still his great work even though an egotistical retard leaked it.

    • Train

      I jailbroke my wifi iPad 2 yesterday using it on 4.3.0. Works great so far but am still waiting for official release so I can upgrade to 4.3.3. Comex is the man and I really hope this whole thing doesn’t discourage his future work

  • Truth

    I don’t want attention, but I immediately went and start telling people I had it. What a fag

  • AfG

    I hope comex will bring out the real realest becaut I am waiting for it

  • CruzinGTO

    I got my iPad 2 @ 4.3.1 so I’ve been anticipating this jailbreak since I ordered it. Right now would be pivotal for an official release. Don’t let the hard work scarred by one spoil the many.

  • Sesai

    One word. DICKHEAD.


    Don’t fret over the little people keep up the great work!


  • @COMEX WE ALL KNOW YOUR THE TRUE GENIUS AND WE ALL KNOW THIS IPAD2 JAILBREAK IS Yours so pls. Don’t let the actions of a few douchbags stop you from releasing the official jailbreak.

  • LP

    hey all you punks out there..i hope comex makes a virus for those individuals and real one for those that appreciate jailbreak world..

  • dpasto


  • Flinstone

    Grab some mercury and let “your curiosity get the better of you” and see how much you can consume.

  • LP

    @dpasto or should i say “dipshit” you probably got GED
    @flinstone – why dont you consume lead so you can be a retard, with a name like that

  • fas

    Common comex, release it already.

    • eddie-a

      I say he discontinues his work on the iPad and lets you eat it for being so fucking impatient.

  • hij

    Bull$h!t. This kid’s story doesn’t make sense. He knows he $crewed up and the JB world will hate him when the find out, so he’s trying to make it sound like it was unintentional. You don’t “stumble onto” files like that on a site unless you’re up to no good trying to hack it. And when you decide to send them to ANYONE, you’ve deliberately leaked them. We’re not stupid, and this kid’s the biggest A-hole around.

    • larryw


  • hij

    He keeps asking “What would you do if you got these files?”, trying to justify his actions. I have one for you….”What would you do if you had just leaked someone else’s hard work that thousands of people were waiting for, and ruined the whole situation?” I’d friggin kill myself, so have at it d0uch3bag.
    Oh, and by the way, the leak wasn’t 10% your fault… was 100% your fault.

  • xero14

    F him geohots not even that bad. Hope shit rains down on him for trying to steal Comex thunder. At least everyone know who deserves all the credit.

  • GeO

    This guys story is pure b.s. he leaked it intentionally just admit it and save the long winded pure bull stories for someone else

  • apple hater

    LEAK MY ASS … I dont give a Fk about LEAK THIS AND LEAK THAT … if you have it and want to share, GO AHEAD…dont fking play a HERO or GENIUS GAME…and Fck y’all who kiss his ass so bad for a hero game

  • Brains530

    At least he admitted to do wrong. I give him props for that. He may have done a stupid thing but it takes a real man to let everyone know it was you. All you haters callin him a douchebag and everything, if roles were reversed I bet none of you would have the balls to admit it. He did a stupid thing but he realizes it was stupid and he’s sorry. The only person who has the right to any say is comex so just stfu.

  • Yeaok

    It’s because he’s gay.

  • Mr.garnica

    Wow, people like comex shouldn’t work with idiots like this fagget!

  • Frosti7

    Sorry mate, after reading your post, its 100% your fault, and grow up.

  • Chris

    What’s the big deal? Ya, I feel sorry for Comex, but the end result is still going to be the same, why does everyone not realize that? We will still get the exact same jailbreak that will work on the exact same firmwares. Of course Apple will patch it, that’s why you don’t update to the latest firmware, duh. Maybe I’m missing something because I don’t see how this affects the final version of the software at all.

    • Chris

      If Comex was smart (which he obviously is), I’m sure he’d realize the positives that actually come out of this:

      1. His jailbreak can now be tested by a larger group of people before the official release, which may uncover bugs that can be fixed.
      2. The publicity this is getting is huge, his jailbreak is the thing to talk about, which means more downloads, more donations, etc once the final version is actually released. Plus, people feel sorry for him so they’re more likely to give him donations, etc.

      Personally I can’t see how Comex, the jailbreaking community, or anyone for that matter is negatively affected by this. Everyone realizes it’s Comex’s work, there’s no way Apple can force us to download the new firmware that patches it.

      • Chris

        I’m curious to see someone provide actual evidence on how this negatively affects anyone instead of just this emotional outrage at the leakers (what does that solve?)

  • MultiMediaWill

    Sharing is caring.

    • Casey

      You’re an idiot, Will. Comex has been working on JailbreakMe 3.0 for 10 months and he was saving it for iOS 5. Now, thanks to your pathetic leak, this hole will be fixed by Apple before the final release of iOS 5.

      Way to go, douche-bag.

  • swatdep1

    I was just curious about what the CIA was working so I started looking around their site. Ya know, just out of curiosity. When I tweeted that I found secret missile files, the guys from North Korea didn’t believe me and were calling me names. So I sent them the files. I mean what would you do? What a fag! I’m curious what would happen if this doorknob climbed into a bathtub, added Epsom salt followed by a plugged in toaster. Why don’t you find out.

  • badboykilla35

    @ Ryan Robbins – Go f#&k yourself, you piece of sh1t.

  • Remember this: two people can keep a secret if 1 of them is dead.

  • T

    Just buy an android device and quit whining about jb this, jb that for gods sake, At least an Android is fully featured and not tied to apple. Yeah Yeah, you can jb, but your still tied to itunes.
    3 iphones (3, 3Gs & 4) with “nice tune*, bluetooth over….oh yeah, i have an iphone” 🙁

    *picture or ringtone works here too lol

    • Jap


  • Meh

    I love reading all the “buy an android device” comments from Android lovers on this site. Ever wondered what the hell they’re doing here in the first place? LOL.

  • Digitalus

    It was nice of the guy to try to spread the blame around but it’s pretty plain and clear that the fault is completely and unequivocally his.
    It’s pretty clear that it was a stupid and childish thing to do but if his regret was genuine, his apology was mishandled and just come across as blame-shifting.
    Lesson: if you make a mistake, own up to it and face the consequences. Simple.

  • Jason

    I’m sorry for the fact that comex’s work will be blocked before the next release. I’m guessing thats y its been held up. But its still going to work regardless of what apple does after the fact. The damage has been done, we can all hiss and spit all we want but thats the end game for us. For those that criticize the leaker: YOU wouldn’t do the SAME in his shoes? At least he had the gonads to fess up instead of just changing his nick.

  • Jason

    Even if the iPhone becomes un-jailbreak/rootable it still kicks any androids ass while pubies to spare. The app store alone is worth getting a $299 iPhone and/or going to bed with AT&T.

  • Azzer

    apologies??????… people like that must be put on jail with sexual Maniacs…
    The next time probably they will put their curiosity in their ass..

  • Grime

    Lame ass apology, if you didn’t want it to get out you never should have posted it. 10% my ass, People are just no good. Thanks for ruining it for everyone, what a jerk!

  • Un-Biased View

    There goes all the hard work

    • Chris

      You guys do realize the final version will still be released, and it will be no different… right?

      Stop crying over spilt milk.

      • Casey

        You know that the betas of iOS 5 were not immune to Comex’s exploit right?

        He was saving the jailbreak for iOS 5, until a douche-bag decided to leak it.

  • hxclos

    He thinks he’s manning up by taking the blame only that he’s NOT taking the blame. Instead he’s throwing this Will guy under the bus for doing what he himself did first. You found the files and you shared them; you’re 100% at fault.

  • Peter

    I have been using my VoIP service ( Axvoice ) on iPad. will that service get affected if my iPad has been jail breaked. Any ideas on that.