iOS 5 Beta 3 Brings Performance Improvements, Additional Location Controls, Voice Roaming Toggle & More

iOS 5

Apple has just seeded iOS 5 beta 3 to developers of iOS Developer program for iPhoneiPadiPod Touch and Apple TV 2G.

It hasn’t taken much time for folks at It’s All Tech and Cult of Mac to discover the new changes and improvements in iOS 5 beta 3.

Here is a list of the changes and improvements discovered in iOS 5 beta 3 so far:

Performance improvements:

Developers are reporting that iOS 5 beta 3 is a lot snappier than iOS 5 beta 1 and beta 2. For example: Camera app loads a lot faster in iOS beta 3.

Additional Location Controls:

iOS 5 beta 3 brings number of additional location controls for iOS device users such as:

  • Users get an option to enable or disable location services during the setup process as seen in the screenshot below:
  • Users will be able to allow or disallow functions such as cell network searching, diagnostics, iAds, time zone setting, and traffic to make use of iOS device’s location information. Users currently can enable or disable location services at an app level.

Voice Roaming:

As of now, users can only disable data roaming to avoid high roaming data charges. iOS 5 will also allow users to disable voice roaming as well.

Some minor changes:

  • Safari gets a new Advanced page in the Settings app with options to remove a website’s data and ability to enable Debug console to debug website errors.
  • Toggles to clear cookies and data that were missing in the first two beta versions have been restored.
  • You can now create a mailbox directly in the Mail app.
  • Two new ringtones added for iPhone users: Tweet and Sherwood Forrest.
  • In iOS 5 beta 1, we noticed that Apple has split the iPod app into a Music app and Video app for iPhone users, just like iPod Touch. iOS 5 beta 3 now prompts users to inform them about this change.
  • Music app gets a new Store button, which will take you to the iTunes store.
  • Reminders app gets a new icon.
  • Wi-Fi Sync has been renamed as iTunes Wi-Fi sync.
  • Software update screen in Settings app (Settings –> General –> Software update) now displays the current iOS version number installed on the iOS device.

Apple hasn’t tweaked the user interface of the Lock Screen notifications that were introduced in iOS 5 beta 2, in case you were hoping that Apple will revert the changes.

Let us know what you think of these new changes and improvements. If you’ve discovered something new then don’t forget to let us know in the comments.

[via Its All Tech, Cult Of Mac]

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  • Utente-a-caso

    “Music app gets a new Store button, which will take you to the iTunes store.”
    This was in beta 2 too (at least on the iPad)

    • Jeremy


      • nuff already

        Decaf dude!

  • Gabe

    Sherwood ringtone was in the iphone text tone, is this a ringtone for phone calls as well???

  • Wtf

    Is that it?
    Apple needs to step up there game.
    For once they will be behind in technology.

    Android advantages that make me jealous.
    Voice text entry
    Larger screens
    Real Widgets
    Real animated wallpaper
    Drag and drop music syncing
    USB port
    Hdmi port

    • Foogayzi

      Ummm this OS related.. Not hardware related. Things like 4G and 3D and bigger screens aren’t just going to magically appear when it’s a software update. So when you say “that’s it?” and “step up their game” it’s sort of ignorant. If you want an android go get one.

      • Steven M


  • Wtf



    before the spelling Nazis crucify me

    • Apple fan boy

      I agree with WTF. He is just stating his opinion on what should be available on the iPhone overall. It has always been the best phone on the market until now. If Steve knows what’s best, he would go ahead and step up the design now. I WANT THAT 4 INCH RETINA SCREEN. 3.5 INCHES JUST DOESN’T CUT IT. Competition from HTC and Droids have caught up. After all, this is the first time in history an iPhone didn’t release in the summer.

      • Jason

        I’m on the same page as these dudes. iPhone has always been ahead of the pack but its seams to be an even if not a loosing playing field these days when it comes to technology. No andriods will start to boast unlocked biOS that will make it even easier to root/jailbreak their devices. Lets see apple match that. Just so you know, i’ve been an iPhone ONLY user since day 0, currently on 4th gen and counting.

      • Tbv

        I would like to see a 4 inch display on the new iPhone 5 and more RAM (1GB?) besides the A5 dual core processor. Love the speed of my wife’s iPad 2 with the A5 processor compare to my iPad and both of our iPhone 4’s.
        I am not interested in IOS 5 until there is an untethered jailbreak for it in the final release. Otherwise, I am sticking with IOS 4.3.3.
        Android have many new great hardware offerings, but their battery life still sucks. I tried Android(Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S, but went back to Apple, due to Android’s poor battery life and operating system crashes.

  • It’s definitely faster. I like it so far. I’m glad they didn’t revert to the old beta 1 style Notifications.

  • fas

    These are some awesome features, hope it comes to iPod 3

    • wierdo

      all of the awesome features come to the iPod 3