JailbreakMe 3.0 Launch Imminent [Updated]

JailbreakMe 3.0

As we wait for Comex to release the official version of JailbreakMe, Ryan Vanniekerk – co-founder of a web-based SERP tracker called SEscout has figured out a way to successfully jailbreak his iPad 2 using the files that were leaked out couple of days back.

In case you want to find out how the iPad 2 jailbreak got leaked out, you can read the story here.


Comex has released JailbreakMe 3.0.

Ryan has written a detailed blog post, which provides detailed step by step instructions on how to jailbreak iPad 2 on iOS 4.3.3. He writes:

After a bit of digging I happened across a relatively inconspicuous comment that lead me to believe that the “unable to download jailbreak files” was attempting to connect directly to Comex’s server (located at in order to download the existing jailbreak files. However, the files attempting to be downloaded were the exact same files that had already been leaked earlier in the day, they simply existed in a separate location.

My first thought was to spoof a local webserver with the same IP that the jailbreak is connecting to in order to make it look for the files there instead.  After a bit of tinkering around I finally managed to bypass the 403 error and successfully jailbreak my iPad 2!

We would recommend you to wait for Comex to release the official version, especially since Comex has commented that the iPad 2 jailbreak that was leaked was a buggy version.

Though there were reports yesterday that the JailbreakMe.com domain is on sale, we’re hearing rumors that Comex will release it today and the “We’ll be back soon” banner on the JailbreakMe website suggests that preparations have already started.

If you don’t want to wait and don’t mind the hassle of reconfiguring your router and manipulating your DNS settings then you can follow this link to checkout Ryan’s step by step guide.


Comex has just tweeted that JailbreakMe 3.0 will only support iOS 4.3.3, the latest iOS software update:

4.3.1 and 4.3.2 will not be supported since I’m in a hurry; upgrade to 4.3.3

(if you’re patient, I’ll add support for those versions, and 4.2.1, and maybe armv6, in the future)

Comex is in a hurry to release the jailbreak as Apple is expected to patch the exploit used in iPad 2 jailbreak that was leaked over the weekend by releasing a new iOS software update (iOS 4.3.4). However, we would advice you to wait for Comex to release it, before upgrading to iOS 4.3.3.


Comex has released JailbreakMe 3.0.

As always, we’ll let you know as soon as there are any further updates, so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or join our Facebook Fan page or follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.

Thanks everyone for the tip!

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  • Talibaner

    Awesome!!! Go Comex!!! 🙂

  • Kimk69

    If it doesn’t come out today I would try this

    • ComexRules

      yes, you were dissed! second, fool! Thanks Comex!!! You’re always FIRST in my book.

    • Someone

      Blah blah! JB 3.0 is released…piece of shit…I ve been waiting this for so long and now “Device is not supported”.
      Wasting my time …
      iPod touch 2G

  • Kimk69

    Damn, I guess second. 🙁

  • Bravo_007

    Comex FTW!!! Can’t wait to name my iPad 2 after u… Mini-mex :p lol

    Looking forward to it, can’t wait… Been checking every 10 mins 😀 wohoooo

    • Train

      Running iPad 2 4.3.0 on Jailbreak now from the beta that was leaked a few days ago… works like a charm!!!!!! Can’t wait for the official so i can update to 4.3.3

  • I for one will be waiting on comes to release the official version.

  • moodi

    Great work from Comex . I love it because he Fu…..d apple

  • Jayydoggy

    Ok I have iPad 2, 4.3.3 and I already have tiny umbrella on my windows, I have my iPhone 4 blobs saved, for some reason tiny won’t let me save my iPad 2 blobs. It says ” your to late”. Any advice? Thanks

    • hax

      Uncheck request blobs from Cydia dumbass

      • moe

        talk like a person dumbass

  • joe shmoe

    I’ll believe it when i see it. It’s been imminent for 3 months.

  • Pendle Europa 2000 – Black Jaguar –

    Well I tried the pdf and everything works just fine on my Ipad 2 4.3.0, and any case why would i want to upgrade when everything works anyway to 4.33 or beyond. Havnt found any bugs in it as yet and the initial delay on bootup is only on first boot after install. I think really what comex was wanting was his fancy front end to the pdf link thats all. I have stored the file on my hotmail account and can re-jailbreak fro that at anytime. So doesnt really matter if he releases it or not as I cant see what improvements he can really make apart from it supporting ios 5. Just proves apple were wrong again about it being impossible to jailbreak…. Good luck Comex !!!

  • you know

    we have being pissed around for weeks now

  • you know

    infact its being months

  • Iappreciate = gay

    is no one going to pass on that musclenerd is a fag?? COME ON PEEPS!!!

    • MusclesRules

      No, man, MuscleNerd is the shitzee! Hot, hot, hot man!

  • you know

    it goes without sayin really

    im sure when comex releases musclenerd will be tweeting try to get some of the glory like normal

    but we all know hes become a joke

    • Tbv

      Musclenerd is a glory hound, if he can take credit for Comex’s exploit, he would.
      Great job Comex, can’t wait for the official release.

  • Levelfamily

    Dont update to 4.3.3 is a trap. Im 100% sure about it. Do not update

    • hax

      You could update and go back with saved blobs, what’s it matter??

  • you know

    im waiting for musclenerd to tweet now comex as said what his release supports

    its coming this fag never dissapoints

    • hax


  • Pendle Europa 2000 – Black Jaguar –

    I really dont understand why he`s still holding it back !!!

  • Sai Soe Aung


  • you know

    i think hes holding it back so musclenerd as time to get up take is kid to school and then tweet and take all the credit

    come on musclenerd we are all waiting for your bullshit tweets dont dissapoint us you halfwit

    spend less time pumping your guns and tweeting crap and try to hack something yourself for once

  • J_a_me_s

    Why no support for the betas of iOS 5 it’s already been jail broken how much extra work can it be to put it in last minute?

  • Matheus

    I’m waiting for this in Brazil, here is 8:25pm. LETS GO COMEX, I’M HORNY!

  • mason guy

    did anyone else just notice the jailbreakme.com website just get updated to the 2.0 star before reverting back to “we’ll be back soon” just a few minutes ago?
    are these guys toying around with us or what?!


  • Red

    If I were @comex, I will not release anything. Tired of all these whining impish nincompoops talking smack about hackers like him and @MuscleNerd that have done a lot for this community for years for FREE. They don’t owe you little boys anything. Buy an android device next time. Shit for brains!!!

    • Musclefagg0t

      stfu and get off musclefags dick you c0ck sucking shyt face
      Also, if you own an android device you wouldn’t be on this site fking retard

  • Casey Anthony

    You probably got redirected to jailbreakme.com/star if your are on an iPhone/iPod. I’ve had that happen to me once or twice.

    P. S. I am guilty but you’ll never see me in jail!

  • Maxilus

    Hmm.. Tht Ryan step by step guide look awful. It seem people over there keep saying the jailbreak doesn’t work for them. Well I rather wait for the official. 😀

  • Comex has twitted “4.3.1 and 4.3.2 will not be supported since I’m in a hurry; upgrade to 4.3.3”



  • Bravo_007

    I’m getting horny waiting lol… Go comex, go comex, go comex 😀 I’m on 4.3.3 and waiting!!!

  • Zoxxx

    Will this gona work with Gevey ?Is there some ideas ?


    IT’S FINALLY HERE !!!!!!!!!!!


    As I was installing “cydia”, safari crashed!……..
    comex just tweeted “nothing’s wrong with JBM 3.0 but
    rather with the site cahing……it’ll be back up soon…..

  • Apple

    I just tried jailbreakme.com and got to the mainn site instead on the “we’ll be back soon”.

    Tried to download the jailbreak for my iPad 2 Verizon 3G 4.3.3 and I got a error message with code 503.

    Just got done emailing comex, then we back to try again and got the “we’ll be back soon”.


    the JBM 3.0 is back up again but comex just tweeted to try tomorrow if the website still gives you problems. So be a bit patient……

  • Nab

    Shit check the site… I just logged on and downloaded the Cydia file and it works, hurry up people!!! Jailbreakme.com

  • Ltc

    Well it’s out baby iPad 2 verzion model jail broken in 10 seconds, now that’s fastest jb ever

  • Nab

    What’s everyone waiting for, just jb already lol… Warning, not for the horny pple in this discussion

  • fas

    Now hoping for another good news, the 2.10 – 4.10 unlock.

  • Brokenbone

    IPad 16gb wifi jailbreak was easy as 123 but Curia is not working properly every thing is either ” time out” or ” can’t fetch “.
    Anyone else having a problem???

  • Brokenbone

    Btw it’s suppose to be “cydia”in the last post.

  • Patrick

    Hello People
    works fine, only import of pictures via the connection kit doesn’t work…
    Thanks to Comex for the good work!!!!