JailbreakMe: iPad 2 Jailbreak For iOS 4.3 Leaked [Updated]

JailbreakMe 3.0

As you know, Comex has been working for a very long time to release JailbreakMe to jailbreak iPad 2 and the release seemed imminent based on this tweets couple of days back.

The countdown to the release of JailbreakMe started when Comex teased us by updating the website with a photograph of a ski slope with a sign that says “PDF”, which suggested that he has discovered a new PDF exploit – similar to the one used for JailbreakMe 2.0.

Few days back he tweeted that he was running out of bugs to fix and just last night revealed that it was ready for beta testing, indicating that JailbreakMe release was imminent.

However, it looks like one of the beta testers has just leaked JailbreakMe for iPad 2. Based on initial reports, the unofficial verison of JailbreakMe is compatible with only iOS 4.3. If you’ve updated your iPad 2 to iOS 4.3.1, iOS 4.3.2 or iOS 4.3.3, then you will need to wait for Comex to release it officially.

The new version seems to be as easy to use as JailbreakMe 2.0. All you need to do is to visit a website, download a PDF file, which jailbreaks the iPad 2 and installs Cydia.

You can checkout the video, which shows how to jailbreak iPad 2 using the unofficial version:

Though we’ve heard reports that it works, please proceed with caution and at your own risk, as neither Comex or the iPhone Dev Team have confirmed the authenticity of the jailbreak. We would ideally recommend you to wait for Comex to release it officially.

It is also disappointing to see that someone who Comex trusted, decided to leak the jailbreak while it was in private beta. It needs to be seen how Comex reacts to this, especially since he has been working on the latest version of JailbreakMe since August 2010.

If you decide to check it out then let us know how it goes.

Update 1:

Please note that unofficial version works only on iPad 2 Wi-Fi only model on iOS 4.3. Thanks Xattia for the tip!

Update 2:

Comex has tweeted that the leaked iPad 2 jailbreak is buggy, so we would again recommend you to avoid using it and wait for Comex to release it:

Congratulations, some moron used a dictionary attack(?) to leak a buggy version and put me on a useless time limit.

[via Redmond Pie, Thanks Bradley for the tip!]

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  • Sozo

    Punks someone needs to be dealt with cos of this, after a year of hard work and just robbing him the joy of an official press release. You all need to be careful of your own shadow, as those most trusted are atimes are the ones who mess up, how sad, well maybe this will speeding things up Comex!

  • Xattica

    Works just for 4.3 and non 3G (just wifi) iPads 2

  • Damn

    Sweet now apple knows what’s up n how to close the hole in a day. I bet he was waiting for iOS 5 drop

    • Hoobaloo

      Doesn’t matter if they fix it right away. If it works on previous versions of iOS that are already released then we can still JB. It’s moving forward with new updates that is the issue.

  • Intex

    Pathetic really. It will be released when it’s released. Comex – if you’re reading this, it doesn’t matter if it was leaked, everyone knows it’s down to your hard work.

  • Superfreak

    Damn…. I feel bad for Comex. These low life, stoop to anything punks out there should grow a pair. I mean, everyone knows Comex is the man when it comes to this. This is the unofficial release…. Screw it, it doesn’t mean anything. I’ll wait for Comex to release the official one. At least then I will know for sure that it will work with my iPad2 running 4.3.3 Thanks for the hard work Comex.

  • Truth

    Muscle nerd leaked it I bet because he’s all talk and has come under slot of heat for lying lately. Screw you muscle nerd

  • Murph

    Sigh. This will be out just in time for ios5! Why even bother? Wh not JB ios5 instead of wasting any more time of ios4?

  • Intrepid

    Getting a 4.0.3. error when downloading the pdf.

  • Yesyourmomwasawhorewhenwemey

    Who ever leaked any jailbreak is a selfish tertiary. Although were all anxious got the IPad 2 jailbreak doing what you did and leaking an incomplete beta could jepordize the ability of alot of people to jailbreak ther IPad 2. Cause apple mow knows what to fix. Way to go JACKWAGON.
    Sorry Comex still patiently waiting for you to release the JB everyone else whom hasn’t backed up there sush blobs better do it now before it’s too late………..

  • Rasta

    Rock on comex! It’s still your work.

  • PerHan

    I can confirm that this works fine on an ipad2 32G WiFi. You just have to make the following files available somehow locally, using IP

    -> HTTP GET /saffron/saffron-jailbreak-iPad2,1-8F191.deb HTTP/1.1
    -> HTTP GET /saffron/Cydia-4.3r4-Raw.tar.xz HTTP/1.1
    -> HTTP GET /saffron/install.dylib HTTP/1.1

    Files are found on google.

    • shit

      how do you propose i do that ?

      • Perhan

        Put up a http server on your local lan with that IP address.

    • tehreflex

      I setup my web server with that IP. I now get “There was a problem downloading the jailbreak files. HTTP response code 404” which is different than the 403 forbidden error. 404 just means it can’t be found…hmmm

      iPad 2 32GB Verizon 4.3.3

      • Ryan

        You can’t “setup your webserver to that IP”. You need to setup a local development site with that IP and somehow redirect your iPad 2 to that network. I’m trying to bluetooth tether to my mac with no luck so far.

        • tehreflex

          I changed my local ip scheme to match, connected via wifi. My IP on iPad is

          When I type that ip in safari (the .87 address) it goes to my web server. I should try with apache since im not too familiar with IIS 7.

          • PaulFresh

            It should be 157 not 152 🙂

            I too have changed my properites to show my computer to have an IP address of but I get the 404 error too.

            I’ve also tried a free app from the App store to access the files on my computer (NetPortalLite) but still 404.

            I didn’t know how to setup a local server so I did all my ip changing with my router…

            So maybe I’ll read up on setting up a local server…

    • Ryan

      Perhan, How did you manage to find that IP?

      • Patient Saffron

        Any luck with this method? Hopefully so and able to set something up. With windows 7…

        • Ryan

          Managed to pull this off using OSX and a web sharing enabled.

  • Musclefagg0t


  • the truth




    PS. DO 1

  • apple-anti.jbteam

    thank you to the person who leaked jailbreakme 3.0

    pdf expolit fixed in 4.3.4 ready now

    the signing window for 4.3.3 is over in 2 hours

    all that work for nothing, you people make our jobs alot easyer

    thank you

  • steve

    4.3.4 released its on itunes now

    wow apple are moving quick

  • Supermaitai

    He’s a savior, what r u guys talking about? Those that talked crap, I bet u jail breaked it yourselves!

  • shit

    fuck this shit Error http 403, can’t jailbreak mine! i think i was an hour late or so, they must have taken down the link x)

  • Ob1

    My sfari crashs icant downlod,but I have the file in my Mac what shoud I do to get it in my ipad2virazon

  • Bill

    Same 403 error please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’help

  • comex

    its being taken off

    you missed the boat

  • im screwed

    i just downloaded it and its totally screwed up my ipad 2

    ive had to restore now its 4.3.4 wtf

    this as screwed me bigtime, dont use it

    • shit

      No you didn’t, liar fuck.
      It’s been taken off, so theres no way you downloaded it a “screwed up” your ipad 2.

      And why you would you need to restore to 4.3.4? lol..

  • Ob1

    I have the file in my computer what should I do , ihave ipad2 verizon that idont need the 3G on it

  • im screwed

    4.3.4 is out moron

    and apple stop signing 4.3.3 so i cant restore to that

    • shit

      download the 4.3 release from the interwebs, like i did 🙂

  • Now that exactly why they (JB Dev people) usually don’t talk about things in progress and because of this release now Apple know (I would know anyway after official release but still) a hole and will patch it with next update…..

  • MrEvil

    Comex, You were wronged. You should leave the apple scene and and start developing for Android. We won’t burn you like this.:)

  • fas

    The video does not work, it says video is private.

  • Bravo_007

    This is unreal!!!! Is 4.3.4 really already released???

    Who wants to take a leak on the homo that leaked the jailbreak ffs 🙁

    • Musclefagg0t

      Homo? The homo is musclenerd don’t be shy about saying his name

  • sbunts

    musclenerd what a tool you are, look what your stupid action has done. tbh everyone knows comex has worked hard on this and not only have you shit on a fellow jailbreaker, you have now shown the world not to trust a selfish idiot like you who thought he would be clever and get a bit of spotlite. comex m8 keep up the good work but tbh i would not blame you if you binned the apple scene altogether because of that muppet

  • Z

    I’ve heard that Apple paid $250k to the guy who leaked it.

    • shit

      Did they pay you 5$ also to believe that shit, or are you just a tool ?

      • sfk

        lol made me laugh……..what a fool Z is!

  • It will be really easy to jailbreak ipad 2 with jailbreakme 3.0, if its release this week. 🙂