Kinect & iPad Hacked To Create Awesome Augmented Reality 3D Video

Kinect + iPad hack

We’ve seen the iPad hacked to turn it into an iPhone so that one can make calls and send SMS, but this has to be one of the coolest iPad hacks that we’ve seen so far.

Folks at Laan Labs – developer of iOS apps such as AR Soccer has figured out a way to record 3D data using XBox Kinect and play it back in augmented reality on the iPad 2.

They have explained how they managed to do it on their blog:

Libfreenect from project was used for recording the data coming from the Kinect. A textured mesh was created from the calibrated depth+rgb data for each frame and played back in real-time. A simple depth cutoff allowed us isolate the person in the video from the walls and other objects.

Using the String SDK, we projected it back onto a printed image marker in the real world. We also experimented with actively removing the image marker from the scene using camera data from the areas surrounding the image marker.

You have to checkout the video to believe it:

Laan Labs has developed iOS apps like AR Soccer (iTunes link), which aims to bring augmented reality soccer to the iPhone.

Let us know what you think about the Kinect and iPad hack in the comments below.

[LaanLabs via Engadget]

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  • moodi

    That’s different first time o see such thing ,but interesting.

  • duddy

    why is the piece of paper on the table not showing up on the ipad?

    • Dave

      The paper is used and substituted for the kinect image render

    • Pete

      That what I thought, also confused with him pressing play on the screen like he was playing a prerecorded video.

  • Djlooni

    Fake fake fake!!!!

  • fingers21

    In the video, he’s wavin his arms all over, but in reality, the kinect would be picking him up holding an iPad! FAKE!

  • hxclos

    It fooled me the first time. This is good publicity for Laan Labs but it is indeed fake.

  • Nikunon

    He presses play to start the augmented reality video he recorded earlier. Also, the kinect wouldn’t pick him up holding an iPad when he was “waving his arms all over” because, when he recorded himself in 3D, he wasn’t holding the iPad. So let’s think a little before screaming fake hm?

  • GeO

    This just seems like a very useless novelty

  • Josh

    Pretty neat, EXCEPT…. I have to go to my computer to view the damn videos on this site.

    What morons run a site for iOS devices, that does not allow the devices to view the videos. Idiots.

    • BigSmurf

      Before you call people idiots, make sure you don’t sound like one because on my IOS device, videos work fine. So shut your mouth you idiot befor you go and insult people who work hard to post updates like these everyday. Have some respect asshole.

  • rob

    this is not a fake, it was shown working on a bbc tech show working, same idea to the 3ds cards… ur research b4 posting up negative feedback

  • Will

    Video played fine on my iPad streamed from the twitter app to apple tv. You guys should try multiple kinects at different angles and combine the feeds to one video. Maybe you could get a full 3d rendering of the subject?

  • fas

    Looks little doubtful yet awesome.

  • Tombo

    Video worked fine on my iPad. Amazing concept..

  • BBkiller

    Create Awesome Augmented Reality 3D Video.
    This is not live augmented reality. Ppl read the post. LOL

  • Ye this looks fake to me