Leaked Photo Of China Mobile iPhone 4 Prototype?

iPhone 4 - China Mobile

Folks at MyDrivers.com – a Chinese website has published a photo, which appears to be an iPhone 4 running on China Mobile’s 3G network.

China Mobile, the country’s biggest mobile carrier, was earlier in talks with Apple to bring a TD-SCDMA version of the iPhone to China. TD-SCDMA is the Chinese 3G standard that is used by China Mobile. 

However, the TD-SCDMA version of the iPhone never arrived. Apple instead launched the iPhone in China with China Unicom as the official carrier partner.

Mac Rumors reports:

In the picture, we can see the China Mobile 3G logo in the upper right corner. The third number down, which is partially blacked out, is part of the serial number. The third digit, a 0, suggests the phone was made in 2010. The next digit, which appears to be a 5, would have the phone manufactured towards the end of that year, in either the 50th, 51st or 52nd week.

Additionally, the carrier name in the top left corner appears to be China Mobile, written in Chinese text. None of this is conclusive, but it does suggest a China Mobile compatible iPhone is coming to CM’s 3G network sooner rather than later.

Back in May, China Mobile’s Chairman Wang Jianzhou had revealed that they are working with Apple to ensure that future iPhones can support their fourth-generation 4G TD-LTE technology. Since China Mobile plans to start commercial trials of the 4G technology or TD-LTE only from early next year, the chances of a 4G TD-LTE iPhone this year seem to be highly unlikely.

But the chance of iPhone 5 supporting China Mobile’s proprietary 3G network is quite possible, especially if Apple wants to tap China Mobile’s 600 million subscribers, which constitutes 70% of the China’s mobile phone market.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

[MyDrivers via Mac Rumors]

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    looks like a 3gs

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      u dumbass its a iphone 4 wit a case -__- n it clearly says its a iPhone 4…

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    This is fake.The retina display would be much more clear. Also notice the top at the back light on the screen, same as a 3GS or one of those cloned HiPhones.

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      this is a clone phone….. not an iphone at all….

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