Purported iPhone 5 Case Designs Hint At Larger 4-Inch Edge-To-Edge Screen, Curved/Sloped Back, Capacitive Home Button

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Folks at MobileFun.co.uk have published photos of two case designs, which they claim are of the next generation iPhone.

If the case designs are indeed of iPhone 5 then it indicates that Apple’s fifth generation iPhone will completely redesigned with a larger edge-to-edge screen, curved/sloped back, and larger capacitive home button.

MobileFun reports:

The image shown to the right is a design document for an iPhone 5 case, sourced to Mobile Fun from a Chinese case manufacturer. Luckily for us, the image shows the iPhone 5 and reveals some of the massive changes that have been made with the latest edition of Apple’s iPhone.

Soon after receiving the first image shown here, we were sent from a different manufacturer a mockup of how another iPhone 5 case would look. This release seems to corroborate many of the features indicated by the first image.

MobileFun notes that it looks like the new iPhone will get a larger edge-to-edge 4-inch screen, which is achieved by a thinner bezel.

The case design also indicates a curved or sloped back, which MobileFun speculates would be made of metal and also serve as an antenna system instead of the stainless steel bands on iPhone 4, that received a lot of negative publicity just after it was launched.

MobileFun also speculates that based on the case design, the new iPhone will get a larger capacity home button.

It is important to note here that Chinese case manufacturers have a mixed track record when it comes to predicting the form factor of iOS devices, so we would take this one with a pinch of salt.

But let us know what you think of a fifth generation iPhone with a larger 4-inch edge-to-edge screen, curved/sloped back, and larger capacitive home button.

[via MobileFun]

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  • Margie684


  • Cole

    Hadn’t the thoughts of a completely redesigned phone already been debunked?

  • Whatever they do, I’m selling my 4 to finance the 5.

  • Cooper

    There is no way that they are devolving from a flat back to a curved back. The newer design is much better. This is bullshit.

  • Sako

    yeah i like the flat back too.. looks more nice then the curved one..

  • Woodlandstar

    I like the flat sides of the iPhone 4, as it’s useful for standing on it’s side taking photos or watching videos etc

  • KillerPubes

    I need a poo

  • First iP5 cases YAY ! iP5 is near I can feeeeeeeel it 😀

  • fas

    Till the new iPhone does not come out, I wont say a word!

  • HiGhGuY

    I Hope they are wrong. Going back to the curved back would suck… makes it feel cheaper, more like a toy. Not to mention metal.

    I almost wish the iP4 never was designed how it was because now when they change it (ip5 or later…eventually) I will always compare it to the ip4. the flat glass back was the best thing they could have come up with, could just maybe but carbon fiber ring or more glass around the antenna, and square up the corners more.

  • Josemir Silva

    wow! 100% fake….
    1- that looks like was made on ms paint.
    2- the entire back an antenna??? THAT would make the antenna touching problem even worse !
    3- the picture of the case, looks like any other case , doesn’t prove anything, should have been the picture of the front.

  • Jim Jack And Johnny

    Pretty sure the camera won’t still be on that side figuring the volume button will be able to be used for snapping pictures in iOS5 which would make it a pain as it is in the iphone 4 since your hand will get in the way and the camera would be on the bottom when holding it sideways…. IMHO fake.

    • Josemir Silva

      goof call

    • Josemir Silva

      I meant GOOD call….

  • wolverinemarky

    im a bit disappointed i got use to the idea of dual flash, if theres not gonna be dual flash i would like to have xenon flash so we can take better night pics. stories like this just make me want the iPhone 5 that much better

  • Allan

    Looks more like samsung galaxy than an iphone.

  • DarkmanTu

    I’m such a sucker for Apple iPhones.
    Every time a new iPhone comes out, I say I’m not going to get one.
    And what do I end up doing? Buying one.
    So even if it looks shite,
    I’m probably gonna end up buying one anyway.