Apple Removes Ability to Sync Nike+ Workout Data Via iTunes in iOS 5

iOS 5

iLounge reports that Apple has removed the ability to sync Nike+ workout data via iTunes in iOS 5 beta 6 that was seeded to developers few hours back.

iLounge reports that users are informed that they no longer need iTunes to sync their Nike+ workout data and can now send it directly using the “Send Workouts to Nike+” feature in the iOS device’s Nike + iPod settings on the iPhone.

Apple has removed the Nike + iPod synchronization tab for iOS 5 devices in iTunes 10.5.

iLounge reports:

With the release of iOS 5, Apple appears ready to end iTunes’ use as a middleman between iOS devices and According to an anonymous source, iOS 5 beta 6 devices with Nike+ data now prompt an iTunes dialog box stating that workout data can now be sent using the “Send Workouts to Nike+” feature in the iOS device’s Nike + iPod settings, and iTunes 10.5 no longer displays a Nike + iPod synchronization tab for iOS 5 devices.

iLounge points out that the ability to sync Nike+ workout data wirelessly to was first introduced in iOS 4.1, but users still had the ability to sync the data the older way, which was via iTunes. Apple has removed this older option in iOS 5 beta 6.

So not a major change, but a step in the right direction by Apple to enforce iOS device users to use more convenient PC Free features with iOS 5.

[via iLounge]

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  • First.. On this Saturday morning… I prefer that we do not have to go through itunes to sink up everything.. 🙂

  • fas

    That is bad, why Apple keeps removing stuff.

  • costas

    it’s getting worse as time goes by! i will now have to “steal” Wi-Fi to sync stuff. Damn Apple!

  • sam

    how do you sync your old workouts now? it looks like you can only send your most recent workout to nikeplus? how unfortunate, such a great idea, piss poor execution.