Images Of Apple’s Amazing New Spaceship Like Campus in Cupertino

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Just days after WWDC 2011, Steve Jobs presented a plan to build a new Apple campus in Cupertino, CA before the city’s governing council.

Today, the Cupertino website published a new set of documents, which give us a closer look at what the future working place of Apple employees will look like. It’s just amazing.

The new office, called Apple Campus 2, would be built on 175 acres of land previously owned by Hewlett Packard. The spaceship like building will occupy an area of 2.8 million square feet, and will accommodate 12,000 employees. The campus features a fitness center, 300,000 square feet of research facilities, an energy center, parking, and a 1000 seater auditorium. The auditorium, as MG Seigler points out, will be perfect for Apple’s media events.

You can checkout the video of Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs presenting his proposal for the new Apple Campus to the Cupertino City Council.

Although Cupertino’s Mayor had earlier said “There is no chance that we’re saying no,” with regard to this project, it still is to be reviewed on the basis of environmental impact and other factors.

Meanwhile, you can have a look at the images of Apple’s new “Mothership” and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Apple's new campus 1

Apple's new campus 2

Apple's new campus 3

Apple's new campus 4

Apple's new campus 5

Apple's new campus 6

Apple's new campus 7

Apple's new campus 8

Apple's new campus 9

Apple's new campus 10

Apple's new campus 11

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