iPhone 5 Design Mockups: Thinner, Longer And Wider With Edge-To-Edge Screen

iPhone 5 design mockups

The purported iPhone 5 cases suggest that Apple’s next generation iPhone will be thinner, longer and wider compared to iPhone 4.

MacRumors points us to two iPhone 5 design mockups based on the recent rumors that give us an idea what the next iPhone may look like.

The first one (which you’ve probably seen before) is thinner, wider, and longer with a sloped/curved back and a larger home button.

As mentioned earlier, it is based on the purported iPhone 5 cases, which we’re hearing are everywhere in China.

The second iPhone 5 design mockup was created by folks at CiccareseDesign, which is also thinner, wider, and longer. But they’ve taken some of the design cues from iPhone 4 such as squared off design, retained the size of the home button etc. They’re calling it the iPhone Air.

Let us know what you think about these iPhone 5 mockups. Which one would you buy?

[via MacRumors, CiccareseDesign]

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  • Steve Wozniak

    Somebody on twitter said the other day that the homebutton looks like a beat up hookers vagina. I strongly agree

    • Cookie Monster

      Disturbing…Also lame that you’ve seen a hooker’s vagina.

      • Steve Wozniak

        Well when I beat her up I had to hide her so I took her clothes to hide the fingerprints and well you know I just saw it. 😛

  • Ankit

    First one is good .. but second one is definately not .. will hold on to my iphone 4 in case it looks like the second one

    • Martin

      totally disagree with you, the second one is better, the other looks like shit to me, especially the home button

    • JAy119898

      the second design looks like a calculator !!!!
      if that’s the one coming out I’m not getting it.

  • fas

    The second one looks good. White does not look any good though!

  • Attias Shai

    I like both designs .
    What you are all forgetting is that aside from the designs shown above – which to my taste are both great , there are the Hardware changes that will bring faster , smoother , visually stunning aspects for the user – not to mention the iOS 5 which will support all these cool features .

  • luke

    1st one is good enough, just fix the fucking home button.. looks like pool filled with shit… lol
    at the same time it looks like an ipod touch but who cares…

  • Cooper

    Wouldn’t it be funny if someone at Apple leaked fake drawings to fuck with the Chinese case makers?

  • nightedge

    where is the docking port? FAIL

  • Hopefully Apple doesn’t go with this concept.. I don’t get the whole thinner = better. IMO the iPhone 4 is perfect in design.. if they can manage to squeeze better and smaller hardware they should use the extra space to implement a better battery or somehow include 4G.. I’m sure Apple with all its billions can develop their own 4G chipsets.

  • Dansk kaptajn

    If it doesn’t use hspa+ I’m not buying it. I’ll get a galaxy sII, which iPhone 5 looks like its trying to copy.

    • Josemir Silva

      you are probably one of those top 5% users that are getting capped. why do you need 20mb download on your cell phone ?

  • Guest

    This isnt final PEOPLE!! F**king IDOITS!!

  • Sai Soe Aung

    best design.

  • It looks amazing guys. I am not sure if cases have this air design but if it does it really cool design

  • Aaron

    I’ll definetely would get the second one looks way better, did anyone notice the headphone icon next to the settings icon? What app is that??

  • phuocthinh

    i would not get it, it doesn’t look attractive to me. This design make iphone not as sexy as it used to be. I hope this is just one of the concepts, not the real one.

  • DaudKhan