iPhone Vs. Android: Battle Of The States

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comScore – a leader in measuring the digital world released smartphone subscriber numbers for the second quarter of 2011. According to comScore, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS continue to grow, though Android seems to be growing at much faster pace. Android now has 40.1% of the market share of U.S. smartphone subscribers, up by 5.4%  from March, 2011, while Apple is now in second place with 26.6% market share even though it grew by 1.1%.

As one would expect, this was at the expense of RIM’s BlackBerry  (23.4 percent), Microsoft’s mobile operating systems (5.8 percent) and Nokia’s Symbian OS (2.0 percent).

Folks at Jumptap, a mobile ad network have published an report, which presents the data with a map to show which states have more Android or iOS activity versus other mobile operating system across its ad network that reaches 83 million mobile users.

TechCrunch reports:

According to Jumptap, Southern and Western states like Florida, Texas, California, and Oregon over-index for Android. Whereas the Midwest and New England states are dominated by Apple devices. Strangely, New York state is neither. It is one of the few remaining Blackberry strongholds.

According to the report, Apple’s iOS is still the preferred mobile OS for advertisers as the 0.78 percent click-through is better than Android’s 0.47 percent click-through rate.

As TechCrunch points out, expect this trend to change when Apple releases it’s next generation iPhone and iPod Touch in September or October.

Though it was interesting to see which mobile operating system is the most dominant in a particular state in the U.S., we were surprised to see that BlackBerry is still the dominating mobile operating system in some of the states.

Are you surprised by the results?

[comScoreJumpTap via TechCrunch]

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  • Macination

    Android has taken over and growing because former iPhone owners, like me, have gotten tired of the Apple politic, restrictions and corporate egos. While my Infuse is no iPhone, I’m much freer to do what I want without having to Jailbreak and play cat-N-mouse with Steve Jobs. Apple is currently being out innovated on every level. One would have thought Apple would have learned its lesson from the 80’s & 90’s about what a failure a “closed platform” really is. Oh well, loving my open, useful Infuse android.

    • texan

      “former iphone owner like yourself” stop pretending that you like android! iphone is the best phone out there and you know this. That’s why you’re still here reading about iphone hacks…. I bet you know all about the new iphone that’s coming out and you’re so excited to crack it.

      • I´m with you. I´ve had the two plataforms and i have to say that IOS is the best. I´m not saying that Android is a bad Plataform, it´s just that IOS is best. what do you think android freedom is leading?
        Malwares! you know that right now are identified many malwares on androids applications just because it is a Open Market, nobody is inspecting which aplication is published by which developer, and what kind of codes it has.
        Freedom can lead to Chaos, that´s why we have laws on our contries (Like Apple have on it´s plataform), to be organized! That´s why i love Apple, because it is ORGANIZED, it has it´s limitations, it´s rules to mantain everything in order.

  • rob

    android the os that does not support hardware, left to hackers/modders to put a update on a older hardware, your new android device becomes out dated way to quickly, android apps unsafe unmonitered and more than 50% wont work on updated devices….my outdated nokia n800 is better than android

  • Devin

    Android is pretty cool, if you can’t afford an iPhone!

    • Jerry


    • JB

      Exactly. As in opposition to the first posters comments, the only reasons android phones are more in circulation is because they are cheaper and they come on many models. Hello, how many times have you see Verizon “buy one get one free”. There is only one iPhone. Wrether it’s the original, 3, 3GS , 4 etc. if you were to take any one android model phone, and compare how many were in circulation none of them would beat just the iPhone itself. you have to read between the lines. Not just the line itself.

      As another read between the lines, watch any apple iPhone commercial. You will never see “simulated screen”, why. Because the actual iPhone works that good. Just as you see it on TV. Watch any other phone (droid) commercial and you will see the “simulated screen” because they have to make it look better. Any phone other than the iPhone doesn’t come close to working as good. Everyone will eventually find out it is the best phone and they gradually are.

      • Perry

        Sorry Facetime doesn’t look near as good IRL as they make it out to be in the commercials

  • shthead

    Why doesn’t apple just release Iphone on ALL carriers!?!? They would completely annihilate the competition!

  • Perry

    @Rob, been a faithful Android user for going on 3 years and I have not experienced anything you have mentioned aside from some fragmentation (between phone and tablet).

    The openness of Android is akin to the openness of owning a personal computer. Do you need someone to hand feed you applications and tell you what you can and cannot install? Don’t you assume full responsibility for whatever you download off the internet? Why should a “smart” phone be any different?

    @Devin, typical Apple snobbery that makes the lot look like tools. Personally I will admit the hardware design is solid but the locked out OS and watered down functionality isn’t for me. Ive own both iPhone and Android and when I travel with Android I don’t need my computer. Less money for more fucntionality, sounds great to me.

  • rob

    @perry you must be the only 1 who hasnt sufferd, but i get the feeling your a fanboy..fact android anounced no support, fact android anounced no updates for older hardware.
    motorola dropping android to support there own web based os, acer will be supporting meego with nvidia and asus are have anounced ubuntu on there tablets.
    dell streak,samsung tablet and most of sonys devices will not be getting an update…..do your research…..and no im not an iphone user

    • BigBossSnake

      I think you got one fact wrong.. I thought Acer is still using Andriod…? Hah!

  • anakin

    “As TechCrunch points out, expect this trend to change when Apple releases it’s next generation iPhone and iPod Touch in September or October.”

    You can also expect the results to change when Google releases their Nexus 3 dual-core phone this november.

  • wolverinemarky

    im an iPhone user i have had every iPhone but the 3GS, but I will say androids downfall is flash the fact that no matter what phone u have u need an extra battery because your lucky if you have 5 or 6 hours of battery life. Also the fragmentation is huge. too many versions of the OS out there, all the apps in the android app store cant be used by all the newest phones. the fact that phones released today are running froyo which is a couple years old as well with no possibility for updates coming this way. the reason android has more marketshare is only because they have hundreds of phones out there and most of them are free or dirt cheap compared to the 4 iphones that on the market at the current moment. so in all actuality androids numbers are not that impressive as they should be.

    • Perry

      6 hours of battery life? I don’t know about that. I mean there is the Thunderbolt but there are plenty of phones that blow that out the water and are still android phones.

  • trimmer

    Ihad iphone 3g , I had iphone 3gs ,I had iphone 4… I now have htc android. more freedom,nice info bar, nice sync.talk to tex, mobile hotspot.. and I can go on and on.. iphone got left behind.. anyone who dosn’t know that has not had a android…

  • Is normal for Andriod to become leader as compare to others as many smartphone producer using Andriod operating system. Whereas Apple is the only company produce hardware that using their own operating system.

  • Zolk

    Who NEEDS OS wide updates on their phone all the time?! As long as the basic system works upon purchase and is securable, it’s fine. Particular apps can be purchased on a needs basis.

    After all, I upgrade the hardware every 2 years anyway! And then I get a software upgrade too! Saying this as an iphone3gs user about to jump ship to HTC Evo 3D probably, or Samsung Galaxy SII.

    I’m sure I’ll face some little annoyances, and for me iphone6 or 7 will be a contender again when it’s time to upgrade again – depending on whether it can still be jailbroken or not (or if it’s *really* so much better that I won’t want to jailbreak it).

  • jus-sayin

    wow what a NOT suprise…. how many manufacturers are producing android phones????? too many to mention and they have to split the sales between them where as apple os is all down to one manufacturer, so in real terms who’s figures are the best???? the thing is the apple is a complete product apps are vetted to make sure they are stable etc, hardware is a known qauntity and build quality the best on the market, and I challenge anyone to say the build is not the best, GS2 is absolute crap build crappy flimsey battery cover. Friend of mine dropped his and not only did it break the glass on the corner it landed but also the opposite corner build quality very poor,,,,,

    • Perry

      On a recent trip to Texas I encountered a huge wasp which I promptly swatted at. in the process I tossed my phone just shy of ten feet away from me on to cobble stone.

      Any normally detachable piece shot off in every which direction. I gathered all the pieces and promptly put it back together.. Worked final, minimal damage.

      Toss an iPhone ten feet onto cobble stone with no case. Tell me how it fairs..

  • Perry

    @rob, wow no support for older phones. Lets see is the very first iPhone getting iOS 5. Fanboys, gotta love em.

  • Steve Wozniak

    I mean how many android phones are there? And there’s two iOS devices right now. Of course android wins.

  • android babbler

    To all iphone fanbois upthere..

    That’s obvious that you guys making a judgment of something you obviously never tried (what? for a week?? borrowed from a friend, just for the heck of it?? to emphasize your biases are just ultimate truth??? what a joke!!!!!!). Android cheap! Ok! Android being versatile? yes.. iOS? a biGGGGGGGGG NO!!!!!!… Thats basically the strength over iOS.. iOS5 just reflectS the lack of innovation that CURRENT Android OS doesn’t already support! Not included all the XDA community s ideas put out every single day? I invite every one to discover the real world of Android @xda.com. We’re currently running Gingerbread, going on Ice cream sandwich this Q4 (for phones)… Everybody listen carefully!! the reasons why older devices are not supported by newer OS versions basically because of the newer hardware support (video chat are now becoming the norm, 4 G support, 3D support etc…) That’s basically the reason… Older hardware would be useless to update cos its not optimized for… One more, as an open source community we don’t have to hack someone else s phone with malwares because it is a OPEN COMMUNITY PROJECT!!!! And listen carefully to this… WE DON’T NEED/WANT any Iphone UI LOOK ALIKE ON OUR PHONES BECAUSE ITS SO MONOTONOUS and it is just EASY TO SIMULATE!! WE DONT EVEN HAVE ANY INTEREST IN YOUR UI AT ALL!!!!.. Sorry your hacking community don’t even get close to the Android OPEN SOURCE community which is simply the best at the moment.. wouldn’t be surprising to see JOBS right at this moment eavesdrop to the hacking community and steal their ideas… SO please all this comments reinforce my ideas that the Iphone fanbase is simply pompous, ignorants sitting right up their tower waving JOBS to come rescue them with their next Iphone device (which is already outdated…)

    • aawara

      i am completly agree with android babbler!!! he is true, iphone fans try to use android and than after write a comment about android!!!!!!

  • rob

    @Perry sorry dude only fanboy here is you, i already stated im not a iphone user, and to the other guy well duh i kno acer is using android but every 1 knos there new tablet is running meego,
    im a linux user and im very disapointed in android…

  • android babbler

    @rob dude I’m not an IT geek. Android being a Linux embedded system using the same kernel, same library pack, the OS is getting better every update… it s lacking hardware acceleration support the reason why the “common” hates the fragmentation issue (when you have 30 ish apps and services running in the background sure its gonna lag at some point just like PCs) the iphone can’t even do this… Newer Android phones are getting faster hardware like crazy… Google has no intention to realease acceleration support at the moment surprisingly!! as of yet!… Remember this project is not even three years old.. look how fast it has reached the market… I bet you by 2015 the OS will be insane at multitasking and performance at the rate this is going…

  • Jo

    Well android phones have superior hardware to apple phones hands down. But Googles android market apps suck balls in general. Where apples apps are much better especially there games. But apple and At&t are greedy bastards and dont let people use there phones unlocked so each has there pros and cons. If Google fixed there shitty android market and got better develepers and the market got better games and apps it would be the end for the iphone.

    • android babbler

      The problem is that Google is less strenuous on app publishing than the appstore I think. You and I (or Jack down the street) can open a Google dev account for 25$ fee and there it is pretty much it. There is a short control over the app before publishing (compatible OS version, region etc). However, what keeps the app out on the market is its popularity (feedbacks and star rating). I think Google using the same referencing implementation it uses on its web search engine, that is the more popular the app gets the longer it stays on the top list of the Market. Otherwise it vanishes and gets removed by Google automaticaly. Devs are actually judged by the end users. Can’t speak for iOS appstore cos not familiar I think it is more strict maybe more commercially grounded where as Android market is open to all. But I think Android market is good with productivity and utility apps for the device because of rooting. This is not a criticsm but a simple observation but I think iOS apps are more grounded for casual end users, games, aestithics which the majority can easily root…

  • Perry

    @rob stop trolling please, the only thing I don’t like about apple his how locked down the OS is. Nevermind the fact that I can download whatever file I want to my Droid X. That I can change keyboards at will, that I have a notification system that works. That I don’t need a “tethered” jailbreak to unlock the true potential of my phone. Also my navigation is seamlessly intergrated into my phone. I upgraded the storage in my phone and my Droid X standard battery ( on gingerbread) averages 18 hours while my iPhone averages about 11. Nevermind my HDMI port and that fact that I don’t have to convert my 20gb movie collection to mp4
    Just to get them on my Droid X. Now all that aside the iPhone is a great phone. I’m sure rob you will tell me how I imagined all this and my Droid X is really crap.

  • Perry

    @rob ya know the difference between you and I is that I have owned the devices I talk about and discuss. No second hand experiences. Ive owned three Android devices an iPod Touch, two iPhones and an Ipad. That means I’ve compared devices side by side and essentially I am able to form an objective opinion and in some cases apple wins out. In some cases android wins out and even though I lean more towards android I would never discourage someone from buying or enjoying what they have bought. I will be objective about both products both good and bad. But best believe if I haven’t used a device personally I have zilch to say about it, because when you find someone that knows the device you end up looking foolish.

  • Scott

    I’ve owned the first Iphone then the 3G, and then went to a phone with android to save a little money. Granted it was the Motorola Backflip, was promised the ios could be upgraded to latest version at the time, (still waiting). After comparing both IOS systems Apple wins hands down. Now I’ve got the Iphone 4 and love it. Will never try Android again.

    • Zolk

      Motorola Backflip doesn’t have an “ios”! 😛

  • brian

    Apple fits much better for the general public – Android gaves the user too much control and too many things can go wrong. Most important battery drain due to too many things running. I have a few friends who are normal users and their android phones are alway getting recharged due to crappy battery.

  • fas

    Android looks more dominant clearly!

  • rob

    @perry you are still talking mince, every tech forum I have been on has agreed with me, android needs to rethink wat there doing and start supporting older hardware and stop leaving it down to hackers/modders…as i said b4 dell streak and the older samsung tablet have not received a update…the amount of apps that are still unsuported on updated android os, than theres basic security flaws, atleast aple give you more than 1 update for a device,
    iv owned ios devices and android and out the 2 apple is better, you say you dont like closed os well iv looked at the legal documents for a android device and it clearly states that you will void your warrenty..exact same as apple,
    I will not buy an android device unless they fix there silly flaws, i wont buy a apple device because there so fecking exspenive,
    the reason im on the site as I like reading up on tech

    • android babbler

      Rob, HTC is now allowing current devices unlock their bootloaders simply of because popular demands (CEO confirming this on FB himself)… what is that mean is that modders and end users alike can mod their device or OSs they way they want. Google and HTC know that people buy Android because of that so now they re backing up their security flags (the OS system security flags) allowing this to happen… About security, Google is in control of what’s going on.. Last feb-march Nexus S devices were hacked, Google detected it and release patches for those affected and devs were kicked out from the market(about 300000 approx were affected)…

      ABout older hardware support, manufacturers has a big say about it. Manufacturers (motorola, HTC, samsung, LG etc…) are the ones that decide to push the upgrade to the device or not, not Google!! (except for the Nexus series its pushed directly by Google)… Majority of devices in circulation (about 60% and +) are still running Froyo which is the last OS. It takes 3-4 months after Google’s current release for them (manuf) to push the upgrade to the device. The decision comes from each single one of them,unfortunately. In addition, each have their own modded version of the OS like adding their own skins, appwares (which I hate) thanks to modding I can take them out to release more space on my device internal memory…

      Also Google release only the SDK (development tools), its up to the developer whether they want to push an app on certain OS versions, devices or not… Most of them gear toward the latest OS version. Believe me people don’t even care whether they get access to certain app or not. it will eventually come out sometimes soon. One example is Skype, 6 months ago it was pushed to just one or 2 Android devices under Verizon, now its accessible to all Android devices no matter what carrier or region, just a matter of time…

      That s obvious that you re talking second hand experience.. If you’ve really owned both OS devices you certainly never use them to their full potential…

  • Harry

    I prefer android over apple due to more features and cost per phone. Ex: Infuse is $99 and the iPhone 4 is $149. Stupid price for less hardware. I still play with my iPhone for the games. Only reason.

  • rat9

    My dual core atrix is more responsive and much more powerful than my room mates iphone 4. The Motorola sure doesn’t feel as sexy as an iphone but my god I would never trade. While all of us engineers are sitting around loading custom roms and watching flash videos, the one guy with an iphone who got it free from work says my phone can’t do that.

    If you want a sexy smartphone and have no interest in development, customization, hacking, or flash and need a fashion accessory more than a computer like my GF, then get an iphone.