SMS+ – Jailbreak App Enhances Messages iPhone App

SMS+ app

biteSMS is one of the popular alternatives for the Messages app as it includes number of features like smileys, quick reply, quick compose, scheduled SMS, delivery reports, signatures etc. that are not available in the native Messages app.

But the ad-free version of biteSMS costs $9.99 on Cydia or you need to buy credits to send SMS, which also includes a license. If you find it expensive, you can checkout a new jailbreak app called SMS+ was released couple of days back on Cydia, which adds tons of new features to enhance the native Messages app.

SMS+ is developed by Filippo Biga, who has brought us jailbreak apps like Springtomize that allows users to customize almost all aspects of the iPhone and jailbreak tweaks such as CameraLock, which brings the lock screen shortcut feature introduced in iOS 5 for easy and quick access to the Camera app from the lock screen to iPhone users oniOS 4.1 or later.

SMS+ adds the following features to Messages app:

  • Quick reply (Activator gestures can also be configured)
  • Text to speech
  • Read later
  • Status bar notifications
  • Timestamps for every message
  • Mark all as read
  • Delete all
  • Pull to sort (sort by date or by sender)

You can checkout the screenshouts of the jailbreak app below:

SMS+ is available on Cydia for $1.99. SMS+ does not come with all the features available in biteSMS, but if you don’t want to pay $9.99 for it, then SMS+ seems like a good option.

If you plan to check it out, let us know how it goes.

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  • Paradox

    NIce work! Bite was okay but this sounds like a winner! Kudos.

  • rubbish

    poor mans alternative!!!

  • Cb

    Tried this-I keep going back to Bite, this app would be great if bite wasn’t available.

  • wolverinemarky

    will stick with free version of bite, i have unlimited sms through my provider and the ads dont bother me so Bite is the way to go, but nice to see other alternatives popping up

  • Joe

    Anybody else’s phone lock up on BiteSMS. I have the paid version. I would say it happens at least once a day. I have to do a reset to get it unfrozen.

  • Chris

    JUST Downloaded & it’s Pretty SWEET…

  • Cb

    Just installed the latest update and it doesn’t work at all-anyone else having same issue? It’s just using the native SMS pop up. I paid for Thai app. Why do deva release and charge for beta releases? Jeez where’s my bites SMS app, thank you.

  • Cb

    Damn, excuse the typos above lol.

  • fas

    Looks like the above phone is on Gevey, because it shows just 2 bars :p

  • Nicacolo

    bite SMS is works well, free even. But it doesn’t have text to
    Speech, how is that on SMS+?