Amazon’s iPad Killer – The Kindle Tablet To Come With 7-Inch Screen; Priced At $250

Amazon's iPad Killer

We had earlier heard rumors about Amazon entering the tablet market, and now TechCrunch’s MG Siegler says that the device is indeed real and is being tested at Amazon’s Seattle HQ. In fact, Seigler even got a hands on with the tablet, unfortunately he wasn’t permitted to click pictures. The device is simply called the ‘Amazon Kindle’, and features a 7-inch capacitive screen.

A bit more insight into the specifics of the Amazon Kindle tablet – it runs a custom Android build, has no physical buttons or a camera, resembles the BlackBerry PlayBook, costs $250, and looks nothing like the Android versions you’re used to seeing on present devices. Based on Siegler’s description, TechCrunch has created a mockup which you can see below:

Amazon Kindle Tablet Mockup

This is what Siegler had to say about Amazon’s Android-based OS:

The interface is all Amazon and Kindle. It’s black, dark blue, and a bunch of orange. The main screen is a carousel that looks like Cover Flow in iTunes which displays all the content you have on the device. This includes books, apps, movies, etc. Below the main carousel is a dock to pin your favorite items in one easy-to-access place. When you turn the device horizontally, the dock disappears below the fold.

Above the dock is the status bar (time, battery, etc) and this doubles as a notification tray. When apps have updates, or when new subscriptions are ready for you to view, they appear here. The top bar shows “YOUR NAME’s Kindle” and then the number of notifications you have in bright orange. It looks quite nice.

Amazon presently is in the best position to compete with Apple in terms of the diversity of content these companies provide their customers. The Kindle tablet integrates this aspect deeply in addition to having the Kindle app (obviously), Amazon’s Cloud Player, Amazon’s Instant Video player and of course the Amazon App Store. A layman would in fact find no traces of Google at all on this device, unless he chooses to read through those End User Agreements, and Legal Documentation.

Baidu, a Chinese search engine which directly competes with Google, has also launched its on Android-based mobile OS. These events indicate that Android is moving on to become the new Linux, with multiple distributions.

Would a $250 tablet with bare essential features compete effectively with the iPad or would it create an new segment altogether? Can the Kindle tablet and iPad exist peacefully in two separate categories without eating each other’s lunch? What’s your take?

[via TechCrunch]

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  • jdb

    iPad Killer, iPhone Killer, iPod Killer…Blah blah blah. Has anything ever even CLOSELY resembled their given nicknames? Jesus.

    • hajime93

      you’re damn right. Consumers and reviewers just need to pick the right one for themselves, shut up and be happy about it, while the industry grows

  • iPad killer? lmao. They would have to surpass Apple on so many different levels. iPad is thriving during a recession. A cheaper price just means it’ll be cheap rubbish. I’ve played with a lot of devices and I’m sorry but cheap is cheap. Honestly, the iPad is more of a kindle killer. That’s why they’re fighting back. They’re scared.

    • Zang

      I’m sorry, I have an iPad iPhone and iPod and neither comes close to my Kindle for reading.

      I’m sorry, that is the truth, Kindle is the best for book reading.

      They are NOT an iPad killer as there are certain functions missing and certain hardware not built in.

      However you can’t compare them. Kindle is mainly for books. Now unless your telling me an iPad is mainly for books, it’s the exact same concept as you telling me a GBA is better than a PS3.

      Can’t compare two different machines with two completely different purposes. It just isn’t possible to do so without bringing personal preference into the game.

  • Iphonecrapz

    Be nice if you gAve us spec, ram, processor, oled or LCD. How the he’ll we suppossed to compare when you don’t provide basic ass info. Seriously!

  • Dillan

    It might actually be worth it if it comes with free 3G like the kindle!

  • fas

    It will only kill the Kindle or so it seems.

  • Gerard

    I am happy with the iPad, don’t see any other viable options at this point. Everyone has the ability to choose whats right for themselves. I am more concerned with the current status of providers over charging us and limiting our access to the Internet.

  • Grime

    What about apps, its all about the apps? Does it at least run standard android apps? If android, kindles android version or whatever, had as many quality apps as the ipad or iphone, I’d jump ship in a heartbeat. Andoid needs more developers and less fragmentation.
    Android and Ios basically do the same thing, different astetics, style and so forth. Technically speaking its all one and zeros. Web Os failed not because it was a bad OS (Maybe it was), but because Android and iOS have an already installed consumer base and thousands upon thousands of apps. It’s similar to Microsoft, they haven’t innovated anything in years, but windows have the largest user base, they only have to be mediocre as long as Apple keeps charging more than double for their hardware, things will remain the same.
    How this all relates to Kindle android, well if it can’t run apps its a total failure in terms of competing with the ipad, but if its trying to be a reader with extra features then maybe’ it’ll succeed. At the end of the day, like I said at the begining, its all about the apps and developers willing to create quality apps.