Apple Removes Print To PDF App From App Store For Using AirPrint

Print to PDF

Tibp reports that Apple has removed Print to PDF app from the App Store. Print to PDF was a useful app that allowed users to save theirĀ emails, email attachments, websites, and photos as a PDF document by adding Print to PDF option as a printer to Apple’s built-in printer feature.

Developers of Print to PDF managed this by ingeniously using AirPrint – Apple’s wireless printing feature.

Print to PDF team has issued the following statement on their website:

We regret to inform you that as of August 26th, ‘Print to PDF’ is no longer available on the Apple App Store. On August 24th, we received a call from Apple Developer Relations telling us that we are not allowed to use AirPrint as a way to print documents to PDF and that for this reason the app could no longer be available on the App Store.

Enrique Rodriguez of Print to PDF team writes that they are surprised by Apple’s action to suddenly remove the app from the App Store as it had reviewed and approved several versions of the app earlier. They hope to come to an agreement with Apple or figure out another way to implement the feature without using AirPrint.

You shouldn’t have an issue if you’ve already purchased and installed the app, but don’t expect an update until the app is available again in the App Store.

It will be interesting to see if the developer releases the iPhone app on Cydia for jailbroken iOS device users.

What do you think about Apple’s decision to ban the app from the App Store? Let us know in the comments.

[printtopdfapp via Tipb]

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  • first – That sucks… second.. I need and iphone 5.

  • cubanazo

    and third…stop criticizing and get a life!!

  • Bradley

    I wonder where Apple is going with all of this… It’s obvious this was a needed feature by some, even I could find it useful.

  • fas

    Now that is what is known as monoply!

    • lewy

      I agree. And our govt never says 1 thing to them. They are a major monopoly. It is Microsoft all over again.

  • Truth Hurts

    This is ridiculous. The feature should be built in to the iPhone since it’s obviously easily implemented. These turds just want to sell AirPrint capable printers. I hope they release it in Cydia.

  • All Pofits

    I seem to have read that Adobe and Apple are not getting along, hence anything Abode (pdf…) are not allowed on iphone. Anti-trust or something like that…

  • Roi Poulsen

    Well how about that… all these years, people have been complaining about microsoft, not beeing open source, and trying to controll the users..

    What is apple doing now ?? They give their users absolutly no freedom.. controlling everyone and everyting like bigbrother..

    Not good!

  • Not The First Time

    Apple has pulled an app after approval and available on the app store. Apple will probably have an app or feature for pdf printing shortly. Way to squash competition.

  • Steph

    Any news from upcoming ???
    I’ve used this app very often…

    • Michael Lumb

      I am wondering if anyone has the app file for this app? I’ve been looking for it because I bought it and used it, but lost it when I upgraded to iOS 5 since by backup didn’t work. I just need the app file to add to my application directory to install back to my device, it will still have to be authorized to my account.
      Anyone have it?

  • Mike

    Had to be be one of the most used apps by us as we travel in Asia a lot and email not always that good. Upgraded iPad2 to ios5 – the app is still there but no longer works – pity about that – feel just a bit dudded.

  • AT

    First I find it annoying when people call it Apple a monopoly. Go look up what that means. Last I looked Apple had many vibrant competitors. Second I just discovered this stopped working in iOs 5, and checking if that is just my own peoblem let me to this page.

    Usually when Apple pulls a stunt like this it’s because they plan to add the feature themselves. It does suck for those of us who bought the app and it’s sucks for the developer, but let’s put this in perspective: I lost a buck, the developer still gets the money from those who already bought it, life goes on. I love my iPad and iPhone and have tried sucky Android and wouldn’t touch it. Metro is neat, but it’s oriented towards social networking, not my thing. Is Apple perfect? No, but then neither are you.

    • FO

      The Apple apologists continue to amaze me. This is a company which constantly screws over its customers, steals other’s ideas only to be hailed as visionary, and uses anti-competitive tactics far worse than any other in recent memory. Remember when Microsoft was pursued legally for their war with Netscape? Stunts like Apple pulls are more akin to if Microsoft forcibly uninstalled Netscape from people’s computers rather than just bundling IE with the OS. Apple is a horrible company and until recently run by a horrible man. They only get away with this stuff because they have a flood of hipster fans who worship them regardless of their practices.

  • PL

    I used this app every day as I use Paper Port. If MicroSoft tried pulling apps and blocking software there would be national investigations. Some how because Apple is the darling in every ones eyes they get to go around like a bunch of computer geeks and tree sitters and do jolly well any thing they please. Give me back my App!! I paid a lot of money for IPad and now I am getting treated as if I should be thankful to be treated like good old Apple days — being ignored and never answering customer service calls.

  • crossoz

    just upgraded my iPad2 to iOS5 and now cannot reload this really useful app. Do I get a refund?

  • Riley Major

    This app’s capabilities should be built into iOS. But if they weren’t going to do that, they could at least have left this app alone which has been functioning properly for some time.

    I think this is an unnecessarily restrictive step by Apple. It’s not enough of an inconvenience to cause me to abandon the platform by any means, but it’s a black mark.

    And yes, though I already have this installed on my devices, it no longer functions, presumeably because I’ve upgraded them to iOS 5,

  • Rex g

    That was the best app. There is no other app like it cant figure out why they took away an app that actually works and they let ya buy the crap that dont makes no sense.

  • Pete B

    Probably was one of the most used apps I had downloads, easy and simple- Have not found any satisfactory replacement. Unless Apple can explain with a decent reason, very disappointing.

  • Rob

    Apple is slowly sinking in my eyes…

  • Fjord Prefect

    Hardly a monopoly. There are plenty of Android tablets and phones out there offering an alternative.

  • Danny Mitchell

    I just purchased my ipad2 last week. I was warned to stay away from the Apple monopoly prior to my purchase. oh well, live and learn…I Agree with earlier comments, that print to PDF should be included with IOS. But I understand, it’s not about my wants, it’s about thier revenue.

  • Kannan

    Yes it’s a very very useful apps on AppStore. And it’s a unique brilliant apps by the developer. Because of some important features by developer, apple must need to consider and let them to come back again. For apple the “print to PDF” developers made this as an extra features. So I hope they will let them back to use the “air print” to “print to PDF”.

  • Kannan

    Yes it’s a very very useful apps on AppStore. And it’s a unique brilliant apps by the developer. Because of some important features by developer, apple must need to consider and let them to come back again. For apple the print to PDF developers made this as an extra features. So I hope they will let them back to use the air print to print to PDF.