Google Releases Google Music Web App For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

Google Music

Back in May, Google launched its music streaming service called Music Beta at Google I/O to compete with Amazon’s Cloud Drive and Cloud Player and Apple’s cloud based services.

Though Google Music kind of worked on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the interface wasn’t optimised for iOS devices.

That has just changed. Google has released an HTML 5 iOS optimised web app for its Google Music service. Google announced the launch of their new web app on Twitter:

Music Beta users – try the new mobile web app for iOS4 and listen to your music on the go:

Screenshot of Google Music web app on iPhone

Screenshot of Google Music web app on iPhone

The web app allows you to only listen to music but doesn’t support allow you to upload or manage your music collection. In our opinion, even though Google has brought us some of the best web apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch like Gmail and Google Music web app appears to be quite slick, services like Google Music needs a native app. However, we are not sure if Google’s decision to launch a web app has something to do with Apple’s App Store policies.

The Next Web asked Google if they plan to release a native app in the App Store and they didn’t comment on it. It will be interesting to see if Apple will approve an app that directly competes with its upcoming iCloud and iTunes Match services based on last year’s saga over Google Voice.

Google’s new music service is currently in beta and is available to U.S users by invitation. If you’re a Google Music beta user, you can checkout the web app by pointing mobile Safari to

[Google via The Next Web]

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  • LOS1NeR

    Sounds like more rubbish to me! Here we go with more storing shit. Im sick of storing shit that takes forever to upload/store if you wish. Stream is the way to go……..

  • Chris

    This does streaming, not sure what the PP is talking about. Google Music is nice and it’s nice to see it working with the iPhone.

  • fas

    Google is so quick, makes me wonder what they will do with Motorola.

  • iNeedAnInvitation

    Can I have an invitation? anyone.
    Thanks in advance

    • TPFolair

      having the same problemo, too. sorta driving me ’round the bend trying to solve it.

  • Steveo

    I keep adding music and it shows up on the full website but does not show up in the iPhone web app. Anyone else having this problem?

    • howdie

      ill let you know when i get the invite from you. 😉

    • TPFolair

      having the same problemo, too. sorta driving me ’round the bend trying to solve it.

    • danbrown

      in the top corner of the web app, you should see kind of a menu button next to a search button. press it and hit refresh library, hope this helps!

  • Check out a native app for Google Music for iPhone

    • TPFolair

      doesn’t look promising, judging from the comments on iTunes re: log-in problems.

  • Rich

    Yeah I’m having the same problem. My new uploads do not appear on my itouch but do appear in the music beta on my pc.

  • Rich

    I figured out how to fix the problem I had with new uploads not appearing in the Google music beta online app with my iTouch. Go into settings>safari>databases. Hit edit and then delete the Google Music database. Then download the online app back onto your itouch and now your latest uploads will be there.

    • steveo

      Thanks for the info.

      I tried, but can no longer seem to access the databases. I know I’ve seen them before. I’m using an iPhone 4 on iOS 4.3.3. Has Apple removed access to the databases in that iOS version? Anyone else having this new problem?

      Got any suggestions?

      I also tried to clear cookies, cache, and history, but that didn’t make any difference.


    • Steveo

      Well, now I did get it to work. I open the multitasking tray & closed safari so it wouldn’t be running in the background. Then I cleared Cache, History, & Cookies. Seemed to do the trick this time. I also had Debug mode turned on during all of this. Not sure if that made a difference.

      Apparently, Apple removed access to the safari databases in iOS 4.3.3. I’m no longer able to see or delete them. Anyone else notice that?

    • Steveo

      Last Update! Because I know everyone is dying to know.

      I added some more new music. Then deleting the cache, history, & cookies wouldn’t work again. I tried several times. Not sure why it worked once.

      Then my phone died. After rebooting, I checked and the databases option was back. Yay! Then I just deleted the music database and Bam, problem solved.

      Not sure why my access to the databases went away, but once I got it back, it was easy.

  • Rich

    Steve – I actually had the same problem. The day after I posted the fix, I went to delete the database again after I uploaded some new music. The database was not there! Later on when I checked, it was back. I’m not sure of what I did, if anything, to make the database appear and disappear. If I figure that part out, I’ll post back again. The one thing I really dislike is this app does not list the tracks in the proper order for multi-disc sets. Example: My 3 disc box set will list all the track 1 songs first, then all the track 2 songs etc…….. That drives me crazy!!

    • Steveo

      Thanks Rich! I’m not sure what causes that database disappearing thing either, but rebooting seems to bring the access back, so at least we have that!

      I haven’t uploaded any multi disc sets yet, but I guess you could try to reorder the track numbers to keep increasing. Like if you have 30 tracks on 3 discs, make the tracks 1-30 instead of 3 sets of 1-10. Sucks to have to do that, but maybe it’ll work.

  • Google music is available for iPhone in the app store.

    Check out GoMusic

  • Rich

    Thanks Dmitry. Bought the app tonight and unfortunately it has the same issue with multi-disc sets as the official google online app. Hope they are able to fix this.

  • wow i love goole becas i just put my favrat pics so wow

  • Best to stick with the webapp interface, you can still stream and browse. At least you’re not shelling out for a faulty app then.