• I am addicted to this app, it’s incredible!

    • The live fliters feature should make it even more addictive.

      • Haven’t tested out the live filters as of yet. Normally I use the iPhone camera, because it is quicker to take photos with, since as soon as you snap a photo in instagram it goes to the edit scene, and by this time if you’ve got a bad shot…the moment has passed.

        So i just import them into instagram.

        Very pleased with the updates though!

  • fas

    This will work very well on iPhone 5’s 8 megapixel camera.

  • Joe

    I know people seem to love Instagram, but I just don’t get it. I don’t want to make my current pictures look like they are 25 years old and faded. In 25 years the age of the tech will make them look that way.

    • nostalgia is the new thing these days. I think it’s just the fact that you can make your new digital photos resemble photos taken with an old 4×5 or vintage film camera. Which today, has become basically extinct in the world of photography and the generation growing up today using these phones and applications.
      I think if you gave it a shot, you’d really enjoy the app.

      • Joe

        I have – and I don’t

  • evelyn

    how to download this series…???

    thxxxx a lot