iOS 5 Features: Ability To Flag An Email As Important In Mail App

iOS 5

Apple’s soon-to-be-released next generation mobile operating system – iOS 5 unveiled at today’s WWDC 2011 Keynote, which includes more than 200 features for iPhoneiPad and iPod Touch users such as Notification Center, iMessage, Newsstand, Reminders and Twitter integration etc.

In addition to these major features, Apple has also upgraded the Mail app in iOS 5.

iOS 5 finally gives the user the ability to Flag important email messages, so you can access important messages more easily in the future. If you’re using a Gmail account then flagging an email message marks it as Starred (assuming you have set it up as a Gmail account and not a Microsoft Exchange account).

All you need to do is tap on the Mark text (which shows up when you tap on the Details text next to the From field, which brings up two options – Mark as unread or Flag, tap on Flag option to flag the email.

If you tap on the Mark text again, you get an option to Unflag the message. If you’ve marked an email as unread, in iOS 5, you can also mark it as read again.

iOS 5 also brings the following new features to the Mail app:

  • Mail app finally gets rich text formatting in iOS 5, so you can format text using bold, italic, or underlined fonts.
  • Indentation controls will allow you to indent text wherever required.
  • You can drag addresses in address fields so you can rearrange them without going through the hassle of retying them.
  • You can now search the entire content of the message on your iOS device or on the mail server, in addition to from, to and subject fields.
  • Mail app for iPad gets the Swipe to Inbox, which is a useful feature when you are checking your emails in Portrait mode.
  • Apple has added support for S/MIME for enterprise customers.
  • With iCloud, you also get a free email account that is synced with all your iOS devices.
  • In iOS 5, you also get access to the built-in dictionary in the Mail app.
  • Apple has also introduced a new variant of the keyboard for the iPad, which splits into two making it easier for users who prefer to type with their thumbs on the iPad. It is a system-wide feature, which will be useful while using the Mail app.

It would have also been nice to be able to mark an email as spam rather than moving it to a Spam folder.

Which other feature do you think is still missing in the Mail app? Let us know in the comments.

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  • wolverinemarky

    nice but what they should be adding is the ability to add attachments to an email

  • dakpluto

    Different email tones for different email accounts! So I can tell by tone if it’s work or personal.

  • fas

    Flag does not sound that good to me, lOL>

  • Steve

    Need the ability to add more than ONE Exchange account!!!!!

    • Nate

      Steve, multiple exchange accounts has been available since iOS 4.0

  • Base

    Categories/rules so that emails sent to or from someone can be flagged, highlighted, sorted etc.

    Sorting filters as well – showing only unread, only to me etc.

  • Gary

    Agreed on filters- I’m on ioS5 now – flags are great – especially when you’re back at your desktop and can quickly go to them, but why can I not sort on iPhone to show me only flagged emails?

  • oh yeah


  • jay

    how about ability to collapse a folder for cryin out loud!?!

  • Jed

    Collapsing folders is a crucial requirement. Without it you can’t file emails away effectively which means you end reading emails on your PC anyway as you want to file after read. Amazing this feature is not in there.

  • David

    Smart filing of messages. On the blackberry you can be in an email then select “file”. Then the berry will intelligently suggest the file to save the message to. Works great. Very efficient.

  • al blake

    whats to point of flags if you can’t sort/search on them?
    I was desprately waiting for the flag feature and desperately disappointed when it arrived.

    • Andreas

      The ability to flag and attach that flag to a calendar,

      so I can say “follow up this email by next week”, and the feature should work across any email, exchange or otherwise.

      With that feature I can also read through the email while anywhere and basically schedule my time of the day to follow up emails or group communications later on the day. Someone can be emailing me say “I’ll check and let you know by lunch” so I can mark that calendar to ring a reminder at lunch to read it again and follow up.

  • Steve

    On my blackberry I could both flag for followed and then mark completed which was great for tracking. I could also search for flagged messages which was great for working from the device