Line2 HD App Turns iPad 3G Into An iPhone

Line2 HD iPad app

Toktumi has released their iPad app – Line2 HD in the App Store. Just like Line2 for iPhone, which adds a second phone number to the iPhone, Line2 HD app gives your iPad a phone number with visual voicemail and if you’ve an iPad 3G, it turns it into an iPhone.

Line2 for iPhone was launched last September and according to TechCrunch has more than 50,000 paying customers.

Line2 HD for iPad includes the following features:

  • Your very own new local number (or transfer an existing number)
  • Unlimited US/Canada calls
  • Unlimited domestic texting in US
  • Conference call up to 20 people
  • Visual voicemail
  • Voicemail by email
  • Email support from within the app

Toktumi’s founder Peter Sisson told TechCrunch that they decided to launch an iPad app after they discovered that iPad was the top converting platform indicating that customers liked to use it even in the double pixelated mode.

You can checkout Line2 for iPad in action below:

You need to buy a subscription plan to use the app, which starts at $9.95 per month or $99.95 per year.

As Line2 is not currently offering in-app subscription in the app, it is getting one-star ratings in the App Store as users are getting confused with a login screen when they launch the app with no option to signup, forcing folks at Toktumi to put the following comment in the Customer Review section of the App Store:

Apple’s new guidelines prevent account sign-ups within this app, and they also do not allow us to link to websites or provide other signup assistance. Please do not one-star us because of this. This is not something we have any control over. We will be restoring in-app account creation once we add in-app purchases as required by Apple’s rules. For now, you need to figure out how to create an account.

Apple needs to seriously relook at their in-app subscription policy as it is hurting developers and more importantly degrades customer’s user experience. Line2 should also take the blame rather than pointing the finger at Apple and saying it is not in their control, they should have expected this and ideally should have launched the iPad app only after adding in-app purchases.

Anyways, getting back to the app, you can download it using this App Store link and creating your account using this signup page. Please note it seems to be available only in the US and Canadian App Store.

Is something that you wanted? Tell us in the comments section below.

Hat tip to TechCrunch!

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  • iPadder

    What’s the benefit of using this over Talkatone w/ a Google Voice account which is totally free?

    • Difficult to compare with anything that’s free 🙂 but you can checkout their comparison with other services on their website to see if it really makes sense for you:

      • iPadder

        Looks like they’re stretching pretty far on that chart to have an edge over GV. I’m sure GV has many pros over Line2 that Google could come up with that would far outweigh the comparison. Until they start charging for GV (and Talkatone) that’s the best VOIP solution for iOS IMO.

        • Yeah, that’s true, should have probably mentioned to expect it to be a little biased.

        • Our app targets professionals who want high-performance and quality, business features, and live customer support. If that’s not important to you, then by all means you would be silly to pay us when there are free alternatives.

          That said, I encourage people to try Line2 HD – it’s the easiest way to understand how we differ from other services and make your own informed decision. You can try it free for seven days – just create your account at the line2 website first.

          BTW, the reason we went ahead and launched without in-app purchase is we were not particular psyched about having to give apple 30 percent of our customer subscription revenue every month for the rest of our life!

          • We do understand where you’re coming from and feel your pain, which is the reason we’ve mentioned that Apple needs to urgently look at their in-app policy. At the end of the day it needs to be a win-win situation for developers, customers and Apple and currently we don’t think anyone is winning. Though some might argue Apple is winning. We don’t think so, as we read quite a few comments from our readers saying that they are leaving iOS for Android as they don’t like some of Apple’s policies.

            But having said that, though you may not be psyched about giving Apple 30% of the revenue, you are probably losing a number of customers with this approach and the chance to make the remaining 70% without in-app subscription. It will be worth it in the long term. Just our 2 cents.

            Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment here. We love it when founders take time out from their busy schedule to respond to feedback.

  • Rainman

    Holding an iPad to your head is really gonna be difficult!!

    • He he that is a funny image. We were surprised too when iPad became our top converting platform. But your iPad has a built-in mic and speakers and it works great as a speakerphone – that’s how people are using it.

  • fas

    Who wants such a huge phone?

  • Use the bluetooth function, it works very well. i use the Motorokr.

  • Chris Spencer

    I have been using Line2 for almost a year now, I have used Skype, google voice, fring….etc almost all of them. Nothing even comes remotely close to line2’s quality. It’s like your on a real cellular network. I was on the phone with my girlfriend for 4 1/2 hours straight no call dropped last night, try that with googlle or fring it will be laggy and you will have multiple call drops. Anyways I will never change back, I remember the trial was one month when I first got it. They must have changed it. If I could make one change, that would be a way to make accounts in Brazil because I may need three numbers but I can only use this one because it won’t allow me to make more in brazil.

  • Adam

    It says in the article that you can “Your very own new local number (or transfer an existing number)” but I haven’t found anywhere to transfer an existing number yet and for how much they talk about customer service it’s pretty piss poor as far as help goes. Also in every article I’ve read and even in their own automated menu and other places on the app it says it’s $9.99 a month to upgrade to pro and yet in app the only way ton upgrade says it’s $14.99 a month? How much is it? Peter Sisson? Anyone? I would love to keep my current number as I’ve had it 10 years. How do I actually do that??