T-Mobile USA CMO To Employees: “We Are Not Going To Get iPhone 5 This Year”

T-Mobile USA iPhone

If you’re eagerly waiting for T-Mobile USA to offer iPhone 5 on its network, then don’t count on it just yet.

TmoNews reports that they’ve received an image of an internal news posting, which reveals that T-Mobile USA Chief Marketing Officer Cole Brodman has informed employees during a company town hall meeting held on the September 15th, that it won’t be getting iPhone 5 this year.

TmoNews reports:

“Our business is working very hard to improve performance over the last couple of years and we’ve had some great success,” said Brodman. New products and value plans are fueling customer response, he added, and Brodman expects the excitement to continue into the holiday season as T-Mobile introduces two new smartphones. Note: “We are not going to get the iPhone 5 this year,” Brodman said.

This doesn’t mean that T-Mobile USA won’t get iPhone 5 in the future, but seems to suggest that T-Mobile USA won’t be offering iPhone 5 when it is launched in the next few weeks. You may recall, Verizon started offering iPhone 4 earlier in the year, almost 7 months after it was available on AT&T’s network.

Meanwhile, there is growing evidence that suggests that Sprint – the third largest carrier in the US will offer iPhone 5 along with AT&T and Verizon. However, it remains to be seen if Apple will also add T-Mobile USA as its launch partner for iPhone 5, which already has more than a million unlocked iPhones running on its network.

Anyone disappointed if T-Mobile USA doesn’t get iPhone 5? Will you still buy iPhone 5 or buy some other smartphone?

[TmoNews via MacRumors]

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  • Stanley

    I am pretty sure that Apple is waiting for T-Mobile to be gobbled up by AT&T.

    • Dont Bite the Forbidden Apple

      100% Agree.

  • wolverinemarky

    im not overly upset would be nice to have the new iPhone totally own the market like the iPhone 4 and 3GS are doing. Would have been even easier on all the major cell providers. But adding Sprint with their unlimited everything will help greatly

  • Mab

    I agree with Stanleys comment, as T-Mobile in the UK didn’t get the iPhone till Orange UK partnered with them.

  • Bibin


  • kk305

    Brodman is the Chief Marketing Officer, not the CEO. Want to revise the title of this article please?

    • Oops! Thanks for pointing it out, we have corrected it.

  • Mickey

    I am a bit upset about this but like @Stanley said, must likely is waiting to see if T-mo will get “swallowed up” by A&tt. Even if it doesn’t come for T-mo I’m still getting the iPhone 5

  • fas

    We are not getting iPhone 5, cause the new iPhone is the 4S!

    • Amsterpelli

      If Apple is not going to release a redesigned 5, then I don’t understand the hold-up on releasing the 4s GSM model unless 1. ios5 turned out to be more of a b!@ch to code than they originally anticipated and/or 2. Apple’s in Verizon’s pocket to allow them to profit more on the late release of cdma i4…
      take cdma out of the mix and we probably would have had it by now..

  • anonymous

    Fuck that! I am pissed that T-mobile won’t be getting it. I’ve been waiting to dump AT&T, I’m not going to Verizon’s overpriced service or Sprint’s unlimited “to any mobile” bullshit. T-mobile has got the best plan $50 for unlimited everything not just “to any mobile” fuck you Sprint.

  • There’s always the option to buy the phone unlocked and use it on tmobile. I personally wouldn’t spend more than $300 for a smartphone though.

  • RelicS13

    that’s because t-mobile sucks worse than the denver broncos

  • jack

    when there is an LTE iPhone I will upgrade my jailbroken T-Mobile 3GS to whoever has it first in my area (probably Verizon) only then can I stream video and it will be worth the move up

  • Isaac

    @fas stfu up u don’t know shit u always on hear thinking u know everything when clearly u dont must don’t have a life

  • T-Mobile Customer

    I am a current T-Mobile customer and have had a month-to-month plan for quite some time as I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for iPhone to be available on T-Mobile.

    This news just sucks. I will leave T-Mobile for sure now and go with Sprint (only true unlimited carrier of the other major providers).

    Sprint…Here I come.

  • jays_on

    Why are people so hung up on unlimited data? Bet you’ve never used over a gig!

  • phil

    all a game they know in a faw months they will be getting it

  • It would definitely be a plus if t-mobile got the iPhone 5. I’m going to get one regardless somehow from somewhere but I’ve gotta say that I am very tired of having to unlock every one that I get my hands on. Anyway if it is going to be a “world-phone” then maybe technically it will already be unlocked and all we have to do is buy it for a ridiculously high price directly from Apple!

  • I think the problem is that T-Mobile joining with AT&T has been stopped by the government. and it was AT&T that was bringing the phone with the merger.

  • ihatemydog

    you broke my heart !!! 🙁