Apple Could Launch A Siri-Powered Television By 2013

Ever since an excerpt from Steve Jobs biography revealed that he felt that he had finally cracked integrated Television sets, the chatter about Apple possibly releasing Televisions sets has got louder.

Nick Bilton of New York Times now claims that Apple is definitely building a television set, which could include Siri for extensive voice control rather than the conventional remote control.

Nick Bilton writes:

The television project has been in the works for sometime. I first heard about Apple’s television plans over a year ago.

According to Nick Bilton sources at Apple, Television is a guaranteed product for Apple:

I immediately began snooping around, asking Apple employees and people close to the company if a full fledged Apple Television was in the works. Several people, all speaking on condition of anonymity for obvious reasons, told me that nothing was actively being built, but — and this was a big but — I was told repeatedly that Apple would eventually make a television. “Absolutely, it is a guaranteed product for Apple,” I was told by one individual. “Steve thinks the industry is totally broken.”

He also goes on to explain how Siri will work with Apple’s Television:

It’s the stuff of science fiction. You sit on your couch and rather than fumble with several remotes or use hand gestures, you simply talk: “Put on the last episode of Gossip Girl.” “Play the local news headlines.” “Play some Coldplay music videos.” Siri does the rest.

Of course this experience goes beyond just playing TV shows or the local news. As the line between television programming and Web content continues to erode, a Siri-powered television would become more necessary. You aren’t going to want to flip through file folders or baskets of content, checking off what you want. Telling Siri to “play videos of cute cats falling asleep” would return an endless YouTube stream of adorable napping fur balls.

While some analyst are betting on Apple to launch Televisions in 2012, Bilton reports that according to his sources Apple could announce it in 2012 and release it in 2013.

[via NYT]

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  • Sako

    It is going to happen.. i was waiting for this, and i will buy one for sure..

  • fas

    Once Apple does this, what is the only thing Apple is not making that Samsung is?

    • Baka

      Washing machines

      • Proof

        Siri, wash my clothes.

        • Mac

          Siri make me lunch!!!

  • Apple

    A Siri tv would be pointless and would also cost too much.

    All these new technology is only making us lazy and more stupid.
    Does technology have to do everything for you?

  • Amsterpelli

    Curious to see how this will compare to the xbox kinect..
    Integration with iCloud will also be cool .. take a video on your iphone/ipad and instantly be able to watch it on your TV. Could also take video calling to a whole new level. Definitely some cool stuff that Apple could do here .. looking forward to it

  • Will they be releasing a new one every year? Owning a TV just became very expensive. 😐

  • Drew Lawson

    I’ve been playing recently with Apple’s Voice Recognition on my macbook.
    Quite fun and has some limited use but if you leave it on and play a video or the radio it reacts to the words on the video or radio.
    Which is annoying.
    So… how will Siri work with TVs … assuming you have the sound on?

  • KushSmoka420

    Why? it would be pointless.
    Siri is alright, but its no jarvis