Apple Reportedly Contacting iPhone 4S Users To Investigate Battery Life Issues

The Guardian reports that Apple engineers are contacting iPhone 4S customers who are reporting a dramatic drop in battery life.

When Apple had unveiled iPhone 4S, it had claimed that the new iPhone comes with slightly faster improved battery life even though it is powered by a faster dual-core A5 processor.

However, an extensive battery comparison of Apple’s new iPhone and iPhone 4 in real world conditions by iLounge had revealed that iPhone 4S battery life is worse than iPhone 4.

The Guardian reports that one of their readers was contacted by Apple directly to investigate the battery life issues he has been facing:

One owner who was contacted by Apple told the Guardian: “My battery life was extremely poor – 10% drop in standby every hour. I noticed that the usage figure was roughly half that of standby, even when the phone was not being used, so I assumed something was crashing or running in the background. I switched off all the new features including Siri and location services, but it was still really poor. I also tried setting up a clean phone with no apps but it is still really poor.

“I then got a call from a senior [Apple] engineer who said he had read my post and was ‘reaching out’ to users for data and admitted this was an issue (and that they aren’t close to finding a fix!) and asked lots of questions about my usage and then asked if he could install the file below and that he would call back the day after to retrieve the info. I extracted the file from my Mac after a sync and emailed it to him. He was incredibly helpful and apologetic in the typical Apple way!”

Based on this thread in Apple Support Communites, there are a number of iPhone 4S users facing this problem. Guardian reports that they have observed that the battery drain is the fastest when mobile data is switched on, while Wi-Fi usage makes little difference to battery consumption. We wonder if this has anything to do with iPhone 4S improved antenna system, which seems to have fixed the death grip issue.

Are you also seeing a dramatic drop in your iPhone 4S battery life compared to your older iPhone?

[via Guardian]

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  • Mark

    Yes. Apple replaced my 4S admitting there was a problem with battery drain. Also, the phone would show the plug when fully barged yet the percentage would still decrease.

    • Oscar

      So I could just go to the apple store and get a replacement?

      • Mark

        You may be able to. I had a screenshot of the issue and they restored my phone at the store a few days before.

  • Jason

    I have a battery problem too

  • Cb

    I do think my 4s is running down quicker than my old 4. Not a great deal but it is. I’m using it the same amount as before. But then again I had sbs and remove background apps on my 4-they helped a great deal saving battery.

    • Benji

      I know, I am craving a jailbreak like crazy!

  • GrammarNazi

    “apologetic in the typical Apple way!”
    From whatever I’ve observed, Apple tends to be arrogant and not really accept their problems. Best example: Antennagate.
    So apologetic in typical Apple way doesn’t really seem right.

    • Zolk

      “new iPhone comes with slightly faster battery life” WHAT?!

  • Micro

    Im experiencing lot less battery life with 4S than with 4 i even run a test with 1 year old iphone 4 and new 4S both of them i charged to 100% both of them ios5 no jailbreak switch off everything and turn ON airplane mode and when i woke up the other day iphone 4 98% and 4S 86% now how is that possible…

  • Jonelle

    I had an old 3G and it would last a day with moderate use also having the 3g and blootooth enabled. Now Ive had the 4s for 2 days and the battery hasn’t lasted a full 24 hours with 8 hours of me sleeping and 6 hours of me working. Thats at least 14 hours stand by with all apps off. So I would say it’s an issue here.

  • Chris

    Last night my 4S was at 100% charge, this morning I woke up and it was at 1%!!!! I didn’t have it plugged in, but to lose all of its battery in about 8 hours is crazy.

  • Phil

    That sucks for all of you having battery issues. My 4s lasts longer than my 4 used to. I have around 20% more battery life after a full days use than I had with my previous phone. BTW: have you asked Siri when daylight savings time ends? She gives the wrong date. Monday instead of Sunday. Hmmmm.

  • I’ve troubleshooted 5 iphone 4ses and the problem I found was with the mail app. It was stuck on “updating” the entire time. For the most part, deleting the account and resetting the network settings fixed it.

    One particular iphone 4s using yahoo continued to get stuck on “updating” even after doing the steps above. I then added an icloud email first, then yahaoo, then deleted the icloud email. That got the yahoo account to finally update and the battery drain was fixed.

  • Greg

    What is a “faster battery life”?

  • HamiGT

    You people should stop complaning! Dim you damn light and you’ll be fine. Unless you’re somewhat blind, which is ok. Iphone 4S is Badass!

    • Vinny

      Pretty ignorant there.

      I used to have. Battery problems until I disabled Siri’s Location Services. It used to drop 20% during my sleep, but it drains 10%. It’s still draining more than my 3GS though.

      • Mark

        I have all my location services, Siri, and push on. However, I turned off cellular data and when I’m on wifi the battery lasts overnight dropping only 5%. And the phone stays much cooler.

    • manic

      HaniGT, congratulations on having the stupidest post here.

    • Chris

      The display lights aren’t even being used in standby mode, and that’s where most people are noticing the significant drain…. So how would dimming the brightness have any effect?

      Consider that this may be an isolated incident (some 4S’s have the problem, some don’t) before assuming that those complaining must be somehow wrong.

    • Brian

      What’s it like being ignorant? Do you find it hard to wipe your own ass? iPhone 4S owners have a problem with battery dropping by 20% per hour on standby (at least that is what mine does), and your brainiac solution is to lower the brightness? Did you spend all day coming up with that eureka moment?

      Please, do the world a favor and have your tubes tied. Earth is not capable of handling your offspring.

  • Branden

    When I got my 4S, I probably spent my first 20 minutes on the device just pouring over all the new options in settings and turning nearly every feature on that was off by stock. That drained my battery in a hurry. I noticed, however, that there was one particular setting that reduced that unprecedented drainage substantially; iCloud > Documents & Data > Use Cellular. After turning off just that one setting, I could leave Siri, location services (save for “Setting Time Zone” and “Location-Based iAds”), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (no ask-to-join), full brightness, push for three mail accounts and hourly fetch for Gmail and for an encrypted mail server, and so many other (probably unnecessary) features on with my phone unplugged all day long as a power user and make it home with no less than 50%.

    Even with the drop in 4S battery life like I have seen in some of my peers’ devices, it still outperforms most Android phones’ batteries!

    • Janet

      With android one can just change the battery and keep a few spare batteries in ones top pocket if needed. Loyalty is about surrendering ones individuality.

  • Pete

    I upgraded to the 4S from the 3G,
    And I’m very pleased with my battery
    Life on the 4S. I’m usually gone for 13
    Hours a day, moderate usage I still have
    50% left. Heavy usage it’ll be like 20%
    When I get home,includes playing games
    + web browsing! My 3G would be dead in
    12 hours with moderate usage if I didn’t charge!

  • Devol

    I called AppleCare and they told me after a few minutes of problem shooting that my battery problem was more than likely a hardware issue. I went to the Apple store and they gave me a new iPhone. I’ll see if this one is any better.

  • My 4S battery life is much worse than my 3GS. I can see the % drop like a rock as it sits on my desk.

  • Alex

    I am also having the battery problem I find it draining the battery quicker then my old iPhone 4 I’ve also tried the whole deleting the mail account and also resting network setting maybe I’ll contact apple also and see what they tell me

  • holds more than four

  • fas

    Really surprising but nothing that a software update can’t fix.

  • steve jobs brother

    ios 5.1 is out soon. New software is likely to disable icloud and remove Siri lol.

  • Looks like, I’m ‘not’ gonna get an iPhone 4s anytime soon…

  • mkimid

    in fact, 4s has high power dual core processor.
    there are two view points for the power consumption,

    when doing same amount of job/work, higher power processor can save the power. becasue the processor speed is double, bot power consumption is not double. maybe, 40-50% more power to work at same time.

    when doing something in same time period, higher power processor will finish more work/job, and use more power withing same time.

    In fact, Apple (or others) saying ‘A5 processor use less power’ but, forget to mention ‘when doing same amount of job’. and, ‘A5 rpocessor will use more power when running same time period’

    by the trouble in hardware(actually, event controller API) software coding or condition, process will keep the full power mode. and than, it will kill the battery of iPhone more quickly.

  • PebsUK

    Yes, another example of Apple launching product with a major fault, I know what the world would be saying if it was any other company!!

  • pacomac

    I don’t have any major problems here… my 4s is only slightly worse than my iPhone 4. I manage two days between charges no problems.

  • Devol

    Have noticed a huge improvement just over the last day with the new phone. Seems to be working allot better.

  • roberto

    I sold my iphone 4 the day I got my 4s so was not really able to test the two together in terms of battery life. At one point I could totally tell the 4s was worse than the 4, now it’s about the same. Last night it went down 5% points from midnight to 9:37am. Everything was enabled. I think for me the problem was icloud and the location services. There are a couple apps that even after closing the location service icon was still active. The only icloud service I have left on now is the find my phone and calendar.

  • Rebecca

    Check out the extended battery product by QYG. It’s been a life saver for me. It’s available on amazon.

  • I took my iPhone off the charger the other morning to answer some emails and noticed that the battery drained by 7% in about an hour. I was not connected to my WiFi network at the time and have noticed that it drains faster on 3G. Hopefully Apple finds a fix soon!