Apple Updates iPad 2 Smart Covers

MacRumors has noticed that Apple has updated its iPad 2 smart cover offerings.

Apple has removed the orange polyurethane cover and replacing it with a new dark gray cover. 

MacRumors have also spotted the following changes:

Interior color now matches exterior color. The interior side of the Smart Cover facing the iPad screen had previously been a uniform gray color on all models with the exception of the (PRODUCT) RED version. All Smart Covers are now a consistent color inside and out. 

More vibrant colors for polyurethane covers. Aside from the replacement of the orange cover with a dark gray one, sources indicate that the colors on the polyurethane models are now more vibrant. Polyurethane Smart Covers come in blue, green, pink, light gray, and dark gray.

Color adjustment on navy leather cover. Apple offer five different leather Smart Covers, and sources reports that Apple has slightly tweaked the color on the navy version to make it “more navy” than the original version. All other colors (tan, black, cream, and red) remain unchanged.

The prices of the smart cover remains the same, with polyurethane covers priced at $39.00 and leather covers priced at $69.00.

Though we thought that iPad 2 smart cover with its magnetic attraction was a pretty cool idea, we haven’t been that impressed when we actually started using it. What about you?

[via MacRumors]

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