AT&T Announces 1 Million iPhone 4S Activations

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AT&T has announced that it has activated 1 million iPhone 4S since it was launched on Friday, October 14th.

That’s impressive when you consider that users in the U.S. for the first time had the option to buy iPhone 4S on Sprint and Verizon’s network.

AT&T has attributed its faster network as the primary reason for customer choosing their network over Verizon, which is considered to have the most reliable network and Sprint, that offers the cheapest plans along with unlimited data plans.

AT&T was the first carrier in the world to launch iPhone in 2007 and is the only U.S. carrier to support iPhone 4S with 4G speeds.

“It’s no surprise that customers are clamoring for iPhone 4S and they want it to run on a network that lets them download twice as fast as competitors’,” said Ralph de la Vega, President and CEO, AT&T Mobility & Consumer Markets.

Sprint and Verizon have yet to announce the number of iPhone 4S’ they have each activated, though Sprint had announced that iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 recorded the best best ever day of sales for a device family in Sprint’s history.

Meanwhile, Apple has announced that it has sold more than 4 million iPhone 4S over the launch weekend.

Did you buy or upgrade to iPhone 4S? Which carrier did you opt for?

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  • Andrew

    AT&T all the way !

  • Jason

    Sprint slippin with speeds, verizon slippin w/ everything lol. At&t just with price and dropped calls. Seamed like an easy choice to make. Plus i’ve got unlimited data with ma bell.

  • Michael

    It took the iPhone to help Vzw a little now it takes the iPhone to help Sprint. Go figure. It’s either share the love or take advantage of the worlds best top selling device.

  • SoCalDude

    I didn’t know the iPhone 4S supported 4G networks. I this true?

    • RelicS13

      nope not true

    • The 4s supports 14.4mbps HSPA+, which is more of a 3.5g technology but since carriers were advertising it as 4g and pushing it to consumers as 4g, the ITU has officially recognized it as 4g. Apple had clearly stated that they will not play the 4g jargon game and let consumers decide for themselves.

      LTE would be real 4g, but it’s not available in most areas. I personally don’t think the next iphone (5 or whatever) would have LTE, but instead 21mbps HSPA+.

  • Mcdouble1992

    I got it on sprint and I live in Denver no problems with the network at all, but I’m coming from tmobile so I have been a little deprived.

  • Paulo

    I upgraded to the 4s on Is cheaper than the other 2.. No problems at all.. And yes At&t does have 4g speeds with the new 4s

  • fas

    I guess Apple has sold close to 3 million units in US alone.