AT&T’s iPhone 4S Customers Complain Of Activation Issues

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It seems AT&T customers have been having problems with their iPhone 4S activation according to MacRumors. With the launch of the iPhone 4S today, AT&T’s servers have been overloaded causing many unhappy users to go home with a phone that doesn’t work.

With the worldwide release of the iPhone 4S earlier today, Apple stores and carrier stores everywhere have been busy during this peak period of activations. This proved to be a problem for AT&T, as evidenced by the numerous Twitter complaints, comments, and blog posts around the web.

iPhone 4S Activation Error

According to one of TUAW’s reader complained that AT&T refused to help him because he bought his iPhone 4S from Apple:

My AT&T store refused to help me with the activation saying they had word from on high that they couldn’t help people who bought their phones through Apple.

AT&T has had similar problems with iPhone launches in the past, such as the iPhone 3GS activation delays in 2009. Japanese carrier Softbank also had problems with their registration, which hampered the iPhone 4S launch in Japan.


If you’ve bought your iPhone 4S from Apple and still having issues then TiPb recommends that it may be a good idea to call AT&T:

I called AT&T and they said that since I ordered my iPhone 4S through Apple, it never made it to AT&T’s system and my activation never entered the queue. The customer service representative told me that the current wait is 1-2 hours and manually entered my IMEI and ICCID numbers to put me in the queue. So if you purchased through, I highly recommend you give AT&T a call.

Did you have any activation issues? Have you been able to successfully activate your iPhone 4S? Discuss your experiences below!

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