AT&T: iPhone 4S – The Most Successful iPhone Launch We’ve Ever Had

iPhone 4S

When Apple unveiled the new iPhone 4S, it did not go down too well with users as they were eagerly waiting for a redesigned iPhone 5 with a larger 4-inch screen and tapered teardrop design.

This led to analysts predicting that the demand for iPhone 4S won’t be too high. But, contrary to those estimates, the international shipping estimates for iPhone 4s, which was available for pre-order at around 12:01 am Pacific time on Friday, October 7th have slipped to 1 to 2 weeks from earlier estimates of October 14th.

Reuters now reports that AT&T is seeing unprecedented demand for Apple’s new iPhone. AT&T has announced that it has sold more than 200,000 of Apple’s new iPhone 4S in the first 12 hours of sale, making it their most successful iPhone launch.

If you were to compare this with the iPhone 4 launch, which has been Apple’s most successful iPhone, Apple had announced that it had sold 600,000 iPhone 4s in the first day of sale across all carriers in US, France, Germany, Japan and the UK.

This year, for the first time users have the option to choose from three carriers – AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, so if you consider that AT&T has sold more than 200,000 in half the day and international shipping dates have slipped to 1 to 2 weeks, it looks like iPhone 4S is set to beat iPhone 4’s first day sales numbers and become one of the most successful iPhone launch ever.

These numbers are even more impressive when you consider reports that AT&T is not allowing early upgrades to existing iPhone 4 users who had bought it at the time of the launch and have to wait until November to buy the new iPhone. These are also impressive numbers for AT&T as it has managed to sell more iPhone 4S despite competition from Sprint and Verizon this year.

Did you pre-order your iPhone 4S? Or do you have to wait until November? Which Carrier did you opt for? Let us know in the comments.

[via Reuters, CNET]

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  • devol

    yuo i did and ill have it on the 14th…first

  • Alex

    Preordered. From ATT.

  • ATT Web pre-orders got live at 4AM I got my order email at 4.06AM and got confirmation at 4.56am I wonder if it’s enough to get it on release day …..what you think ?

  • Mark

    A testimant to the stupidity of people. Its time to start investing, mindless consumerism has become globalized.

    • Check your spelling

      Before labeling the masses stupid you should brush up on your writing skills.

      • Mark

        Aww. Did I hurt your feelings? I’m going to label you as an obese fan boy.

    • Mat

      So because people want a new phone they don’t spend their money anywhere else? Trolls unmask themselves.

      • Mark

        If you look at the statistics the majority of people upgrading are iPhone 4 users. That said, the upgrades are clearly minimal from the 4 to 4s. I think that it’s a tad ironic that the least improved iPhone would be the best selling.

  • Cb

    Ordered mine with the apple app, thankfully as calling was a nightmare. I’m in the UK, bit pissed that they don’t despatch to arrive on
    Launch day tho. Told I’d have to wait until monday-weds even tho I was one of the first to order, got thru on the app at 08:05 am.

  • fas

    What if this was 5?

  • mkimid

    I am waiting unlocked version ^^

  • psp

    “it looks like iPhone 4S is set to beat iPhone 4s first day sales numbers and become one of the most successful iPhone launch ever.”

    u meant iphone 4?

  • I-King

    ATT Pre-ordered from apple site all other carriers around me suck att is the only one with perfect customer service and best single in my area any way.

  • I-King

    Sorry i cannot spell i meant signal please excuse me for my bad spelling…

  • city23

    every iphone that comes out since iphone 3G has this same title…”looks like this iphone release could be the best iphone release yet” so what else is new iphonehacks. or is it just a lets just throw it out there story?

    • We haven’t made it up, that is what AT&T has announced and we’re just reporting it. If you believe it’s nothing new, please feel free to skip it.

  • misty

    Will be getting 4s on the 14th & we’ve been with AT&T for a long time & we’ve always had good customer service . Looking forward my new 4s & surprising mom w/ my other iPhone w/ the FaceTime so she can talk to grandkids & my sisyers& brothers with it :)think shes gonna love it .

    • That’s a great idea, we’re sure your mom is going to love it.