Dev Team Jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad 2 [iOS 5]

It has taken sometime, but we finally have some good news regarding jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

MuscleNerd has just tweeted that iPhone Dev team has managed to jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad 2, but he is calling it a preliminary jailbreak and as there is “lots of work” left before the jailbreak is released to the public.

MuscleNerd revealed the good news in a series of tweets:

VERY preliminary 4S JB: (Huge missing pieces prevent public release. LOTS of work left)

here’s the full ioreg output for the 3 planes:

yeah same for iPad2 (but with the same big hurdles ahead too before a public release is possible)

yes it’s all after iBoot is out of the picture

(For completeness (& post-verification this is real), here’s the iPad2 iOS5 ioreg dump .. 4S is earlier in timeline)

hah it’s just a really nerdy way of providing proof (but there’s also some technical detail in them that’s useful)

He has also published the following photos of a jailbroken iPhone 4S running Cydia and a video of jailbroken iPad 2:

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[via @MuscleNerd]

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  • Zolk


  • HBomb

    Is this an untethered JB???

    • Not sure, we will let you know as soon as we find out.

      • Zed Sefi

        Tethered or not, I’ll jailbreak my iPhone 4S and iPad 2 without any hesitation at all and I will impatiently be waiting for it!!!

    • 9212mario

      Aww hope not

  • Swiper

    Great Great news!!!!

  • momo

    i hope its unthered, but atleast one is on way, which means there will be plenty of updates to rectify the minor issues

  • momo

    guys 11.11.11 this is the date..inside info

    • Kimk69

      You don’t know if it’s untethered but your gonna tell us when it’s released.

      • Dave

        Cant wait. Please let us know and thank u for the update.

    • RelicS13

      that is the date….. for the immortals movie lol

    • Jim

      You are brilliant! Not. 11/11/11 came and went dumbass. What other inside info you have on this jailbreak? Leave it to the pros and shut up.

  • Cb

    Great news, really appreciate the effort these guys put into finding exploits etc.

  • lordkramuk

    Guys u are the best! Best news ive heard all week well done guys!

  • Micro

    God bless u guys 🙂 i dont know how long im gonna survive without dashboard xD

  • momo

    as i said minor hiccups in software but these will be rectified..some things are best left unsaid you ungratful lil monkey go crawl back in your dump ,,bet you dont even have an iphone 4 or s or any for that matter stick to your cheap android rubbish , this is exactly why eta are never given so iv made a big mistake next time i wont bother

    • BDog_Grizzly

      Wow, Uh, dude. You can quit with the bullshit. Just because you act like you know something doesn’t make you cool. Actually, it only makes you look like a complete moron. “Next time I just won’t bother” what a fucking tool. Also, make sure you head back to first grade grammar and relearn your punctuation because it’s pathetic. Douche-bag.

      • moe

        what he said.

  • Wilfred n Raffi

    Perhaps you shouldn’t bother, it’s fair comment from Kimk69. Stop whinging like a teenage girl, most people here have iPhones whatever version.
    Ps I have a iPhone 4S and my girlfriend has a Samsung Galaxy S, wouldn’t call it rubbish like, I like it it’s very good, wouldn’t swap my iPhone though especially when JB out 🙂

  • Alvin

    Horray!!! I juz got my IP4S today after selling off my IP4. This is good news! Await results frm the Dev Team. Thumbs up everyone!

  • AmjadNavid

    Excellent new appreciate efforts guy keep it up

  • Strulf

    It’d be nice if they’d connect this with Siri so you only had to say “Siri, please jailbreak my iPhone”. 😀

    • Jason

      Not a bad idea lol.

  • onetimecomment

    Great news! I really miss SBSettings on my 4S here.

  • Tom

    been wanting for this for ages 😀 any news on what kind of jailbreak? – or redsn0w? etc…

  • great great will be ready

  • Jeff

    made my day!!

  • OGT

    Woohoo…! Nice…!

  • yasir

    thumb up,go go nerd

  • EZ-Hacker

    Very nice to hear that… i’m working on something too.

    • moe

      like what =D?

  • BDog_Grizzly

    I’ve been waiting for this news since I purchased my 4S on release day. I’ve missed my “SMS Bites” and “5 App Dock.” Please release it soon! 😀

  • fas

    Still around a month away?

  • You

    At last, i was to sell my ipad 2 …

    • moe

      no jb for you on 433? i was lucky enough to get mine on 431. if you are still on a stock fw my prayers will be for you my friend.

  • techysavy

    That jailbreak looks like its on an iphone 4 that has siri ported to it. If you check the screenshot of siri and cydia, at the bottom it says iphone 4 and not 4S????

    • Hector

      iPhone 4S or not, i doubt it matters. If you looked at the video of the iPad 2, you can clearly see at the bottom of Cydia it says “iPad 2 WiFi iOS 5.0” Both devices have the same processor/bootloader.

    • Osva

      Correct me if I’m wrong Techysavy, but it says iPhone 4,1; which I believe means 4S.

  • iRockU

    AMAZING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dice

    Dev team…… Thank u, u guys freaking rule, no rush on it, take your time. And thanks agian for all the years of work you all have done.

  • Bod

    where is the jailbreak for iphone 4 ios 5 untethered ??


    waiting patiently for the jailbreak i realy miss sb settings.

  • steve1010

    Hi all
    Apple stated that I can NOT jailbreak my iPhone, so what should I do? Can I just substitute the word “jailbreak” with “root”? Apple did not say anything about rooting, but it mentions something about modification of the phone? Anyway, can’t wait for a Dev. team to release a “rooting/jailbreaking” tool for the 4S. Thanks guys!

  • Tom

    See dev team always trying to get credit!!!
    It is p0sixninja that done it and was done last week…

  • Arthur

    I have a question about the ipad 2 and hope somebody can help me…

    I have an jailbreaked iphone 4 and downloaded a lot of apps that i registered to my itunes. What i want to know is if its possible to use those apps in a ipad 2 with the firmware 4.3.5 without jailbreak.

    Thanks in advance.

    • No way: iOS 5 Sync would be missing , a repo for Cydia only!

      • Arthur

        Hummm, got it… its a shame, but thanks for the answer =)

  • Gatot kaca

    Oh yes…. Finally JB for ipad2 . Hope it’s not only works on ipad2 wifi, but both wifi n 3g… Because Im stuck in 4.3.5… Thx guys, keep working.

  • Kaz

    When ??? Please tell me when the JB would be released ?
    I need it much !

  • bow deck

    months after 4.3.3 i don’t see anymore untethered jailbreak.
    is this the end of jailbreaking world?
    there’s no point showing this video with no ETA for public release.

    • Joe

      I wish they would publish a ETA or if it will ever be released.

  • Jose

    Good news, good work, and keep going! I need my iPad 2 jailbreaked

  • Hector

    Hey I’m new at this but I will like to know about the new jailbreak that came out for the 4s thank you devteam or hu ever but anyways I will like to know if the company like Verizon AT&T or any other matters for the jailbreak for the 4s like I sad I’m new at this

  • soltan

    Good news, good work, and keep going! I need my iPad 2 jailbreaked
    When Please tell me when the JB for iPad 2 would be released ?
    I need it much !

  • dee

    Hi. Can I ask you a question?
    Will it jailbreak my iPad 2 iOS 5.0.1???

    • Damien

      ROFL 5.0.1?, maybe a few months after iOS 5.

  • Riley

    Does anybody know the release date for greenposi0n jailbreak 5.0/5.0.1 ??

  • Naif

    Any news of the jailbreak release?? Hope it’s goona be soon…

  • Vuong

    Good news. I love you guys, a lot of money waiting for you to save.

  • -=Nando=-

    I would love to help out if you need any alpha or beta testers. I have a 4s with 5.0.0. I don’t want to upgrade until I know it will be able to jailbreak

  • karl

    any one know any rough time the iphone 4S jailbreak will come out?

  • Robbie

    Wow, best news ever. Iphone4s and ipad2, that is so great. I am missing all the cool functionality that jailbreaking allows me. Just an iphone seems so crippled once you had a jailbreak before…

    Jailbreaking easily doubles the value of the iphone/ipad.

    Thank you so much for putting in this hard work to find a loop hole. I can only imagine how hard it must have become…

    Looking forward to the final release…

  • tech-Hack

    Guys , it won’t be coming out this year . maybe around Feb & March ,

    • fuc*! it’s very long time to wait.. where did you get this info?

      • i think you are kidding, base on my search they will untethered jailbreak 1st week or 2nd week of december…