Excerpts From Steve Jobs’ Biography: “I’m Going To Destroy Android, Because It’s A Stolen Product”

With the release of the Steve Jobs’ official biography by Walter Isaacson expected on Monday, October 24th, we have started seeing some quotes and excerpts from the biography appearing online.

One of the most explosive excerpts was shared by Associated Press, which reveals that Steve Jobs was livid in January 2010 when HTC introduced an Android phone that including many of the popular features of the iPhone. 

Steve Jobs told Isaacson that Google’s actions amounted to “grand theft.”

“I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong,” Jobs said. “I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”

In a meeting with Eric Schmidt, who was the CEO of Google and Apple board member at that time, Steve Jobs told Schmidt that he wasn’t interested in settling the lawsuit:

“I don’t want your money. If you offer me $5 billion, I won’t want it. I’ve got plenty of money. I want you to stop using our ideas in Android, that’s all I want.” 

As you probably know, the issue is still not resolved and Apple is fighting a patent war with manufacturers of Android based smartphones such as HTC, Samsung, Motorola etc and Google has bought Motorola for $12.5 billion to protect Android from the patent wars.

Steve Jobs Cover

You can pre-order the eBook from either iBooksBarnes and Noble, or Amazon depending upon your choice of eBook reader.

[via Associated Press]

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  • Google is scrambling, that’s for sure, but this whole thing is non-sense.. Google did pull a Microsoft on Apple, pirates of silicon valley style’

  • Thomas

    To much money in bank and he’s battery is gone, sometimes money can not buy all the things we want, plus life is the most precious gift he have! Don’t waste!! You can buy everything except life!!

    • alex

      No body is talking about life , read the article againd.

  • RelicS13

    “as you probably, the issue” i think you forgot the word “know”

  • Los1ner

    F@ck yeah Stevie!! The hell with android!!!F@ck’em up f@ck’em up good!!…Yeah baby! Yeah!
    Steve was a fighter….Much respect.

    • Zolk

      You respect vitriolic hypocrites?!

      • James

        There is an interesting trend in American technology, if you steal it, put your name on it, and run with it its yours! Microsoft stole Linux tech face it Bill Gates is just a smart thief. Apple stole Microsoft’s technology, face it Steve Jobs is just an even smarter thief. Android/google stole Apple’s technology; Eric Schmidt is the smartest thief off all!!!

    • Drew H.

      What exactly did Android “steal”? Slide to unlock? No, that existed years before the original iPhone. Multitouch? Multitouch is a technology of touch screens, thus Apple does not own it. That’s like owning the rights to the internal combustion engine. Siri? Android had voice commands from the very start. iMessage? Alongside multitouch. OTA updates? Android. iCloud?Also alongside multitouch.

  • fas

    And Apple has double the cash now!

  • Sidenine

    This is ridiculous, considering Steve Jobs was a master theft artist when he stole the GUI from Xerox PARC when he created the original Macintosh, arguably that system’s greatest feature in its day. In the word’s of Jobs “we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas”. This is why I cringe every time I see that Apple is suing somebody for stealing their ideas. Hypocrites. This man was a walking contradiction.

    • moe

      your mother is a walking contradiction

      • Sidenine

        Did I just return to 6th grade?

    • Zolk


      • Zolk

        Sorry, I +1 Sidenine’s statement – not Moe’s nonsensical reply.

    • bill

      You Absolutely don’t know what you are talking about. Apple never stole from Xerox. Xerox had no idea it was worth anything. Did not have the vision and Jobs did.

      • Rcas

        So I can steal from you if you don’t know that what I’m taking is worth anything?

        • danger

          +1 4 U….

  • iRSX

    WTF, everyone steals from everyone else. iOS 5 stole at least a couple of features from Android. What say you now? Oh wait…

    • Brando212

      not just android, quite a few features were taken from WP7 as well, most notably features relating to the camera

      • Pack mac

        Hang on a minute, WP7 was only released around the time of the iPhone 4 so I think if anybody has stolen anything it will be the other way round. Oh and what camera functions have Apple or Microsoft invented? I’m sure you will find most functionality available on even the most basic of digital cameras.

    • -X-

      How gay are you….putting an “i” in front of RSX. Get outta here u faggo. I bet your shit isn’t even a Type S.

      • Brando212

        you know -X- , if there was a report button I would report you for being a trollish asshole

        • -X-

          My apologies Brando, for My “trollish” butthole has forgotten to receive its dosage of Tiger Blood.

          It’s funny how now everyone uses the word “Troll” after Charlie Sheen made it so public.

          • Rob


  • Texas

    I’m sure there are android fans here…. Clearly! Android is a stolen idea… Shame!!!!!

    • Zolk

      It’s not clear that Android is a stolen idea, and you beginning a sentence with “Clearly!” does not actually make it any clearer.

      • dflow

        Actually, yes Android did copy Apple a lot and in my opinion, did steal from Apple. If you ever google Android Beta devices from mid 2000’s, youll find that google was copying RIM with their black berrys. It wasnt until 2007, when Apple released the first iphone that you see google totally changing the way their phones looked and operated. If you don’t believe me then go do the research. They did copy Apple first. RIM used to be the main thing they were trying to copy until Apple showed the whole world what a phone should look like. The Rest is history.

        • James

          Android is crap. Android phones are crap. Fandroids are even more annoying than ifans. Everyone who humps android phones should be sacked… hard.

          • danger

            u r absolutely meaningless….. get lost…

  • bala

    iphone is always having new ideas non other has it… get lost android …

    my big dis like in android is fragments of apps and widgets all over the home screen ,.,,and much to say …

    • moe

      android needs to stop existing all their doing is showing how much better apple stuff is by even advertising themselves.

      • Zolk

        So, what’s your problem fanboy? Want to live in a homogenous world?

    • Drew H.

      You don’t realize the irony in your comment. Apple has stolen A LOT from other companies, and lately, a few things from Android(OTA updates, Siri, etc.). How the Android UI looks depends on how you want it to look. If you make it look fragmented and bad, it’ll look fragmented and bad. If you make it look nice, it’ll look nice. Also, Apple’s authoritarian dictatorship-like view on the future of phones will just make everyone stupid in the future. What? We suddenly can’t open our phones to change the battery, because we’re too stupid?

      • danger


  • Texas

    @iRsx …. Get lost you spy! And stop stealing parts for your rsx. Remove that “I” on your name. You’re making Acura look bad.

    • -X-


  • devol

    GET EM STEVE! i hope that the folks running apple keep this up in the very least for the simple fact tjay steve was RIGHT! android is a stolen idea and its a second tier smart phone. its just NEVER going to be what iphone is. we all know, and i dont think i am exaggerating when i say that the iphone is sooo much more than a phone. its integrated into our daily lives more than anyone, even steve jobs had expected. at some point the tech being argued over in these patents will become a platform standard. apple will have to accept this but it should continue to fight andriod until they finally fail. wich wont be a whole lot longer. android was the poor mans iphone, there will be allot less concern after the next iphone comes out and its avail on MOST carriers. whats android gonna do then? there arent countless droid users, at this point as a matter of fact i think that iphone has taken a WHOLE lot of droid users with the launch of the verizon and sprint iphones.

    • Sidenine

      You do realize you’re talking to a dead man right? And, believe me, Samsung wouldn’t be the major target of Apple right now if Apple didn’t feel threatened by their Android devices. And, your stats are off…Android is well known as being a more used platform than iOS. As well, Android does all the same things iOS does and more.

      • ItsyourBoy

        Actually android is not a more used platform alot of phones support it and that’s the only reason it’s even a blimp on the radar remember iPhone is just ONE phone and still out sells all android phones put to gether but I must Admit that android has a couple of things over apple being a open platform but then again that’s what jailbreaking is for and big buisness can’t trust androids because it has to many security risk plus 1 for apple

        • Sidenine

          Umm, no. Look at the most recent Comscore figures from 2 weeks ago.

          Share of smartphone subscribers:
          May-11 Aug-11 % Change
          Google 38.1% 43.7% 5.6
          Apple 26.6% 27.3% 0.7

          Not only is Google’s Android used by more people, it’s also growing faster than Apple’s iOS.

          • Kimk69

            No shit, it’s on how many different phones? It’s even on some cheap shit phones from virgin and boost.

          • Rcas

            Doesn’t matter how many different kinds of phones a platform is on when it comes to market share… He’s not talking about how many people use an iPhone vs an Evo 4G hes talking iOS vs Android OS. Android is taking a larger portion of the marketshare BECAUSE it is on so many different phones.

    • Stu

      Android being a poor mans iphone… Thats funny. I currently own a droid bionic. more than a iphone 4s.I also have an alienware laptop, asus, and macbook pro. I think i could buy a iphone if I wanted one. I don’t have a credit card either so all this is paid for in full. So don’t android is a poormans phone.

      • ItsyourBoy

        I never said android is a poor man phone but now that u bring that up in some cases that’s true I know alot of people who bought that bullshit android phone for boost because they wanted a touch screen but could not get an iPhone

      • RelicS13

        “so don’t android is a poormans phone”? i think your missing something there, and droid bionics are horrible, i have some here at my shop, they suck

      • Nosferatu

        yea I agree don’t mock the Android guys thinking it’s a poor man’s phone. I doubt my Galaxy S2 falls into that category. I’m a former 3GS guy and while iOS has it’s strong points for the average user, I find by being a more tech savvy individual Android has much more to offer. I don’t miss it one bit. iPhone 4S looks like a nice phone but I certainly am not disappointed that I switched sides.

        As for stealing ideas, everyone does it. Deal with it. Make a better product rather than fight someone who stole your ideas.

        • Sidenine

          Agreed, especially with that now very small 3.5″ screen. 3.5″ was great even a year ago. Now, I can’t imagine life without the 4.3″ screen on my Galaxy S2. I moved from the 3GS back in June and haven’t looked back. My wife, who is not tech savvy at all, loves her new 4S though.

          • ItsyourBoy

            Once iPhone 6 comes out with a bigger screen and 4g lte network plus NFC chip with probably another 100 features and imporved Siri I think after that it will turn more heads over after that in my opinion it’s gonna crush androids plus jailbroken it’s a beast the possibilities of all the tweaks is endless another reason why I choose iPhone is because it has more developers for apps and and bigger hacking community that fills the phone up with all types of goodies

          • Zolk

            Good luck on your iphone6 wishlist! Haha!

      • John

        Then in this case it’s an idiot’s phone?

  • Brando212

    you know, I’m all about coming up with your own ideas, but companies use other companies ideas/features all the time, WHY? because they work and are effective

    it’s been happening since before Apple, Google, and Microsoft were even born, and ALL THREE of those companies are guilty for stealing ideas as well

    I have said this many times before and I will say it again “I like apples products but I despise them as a company”

  • Sidenine

    ItsyourBoy, you are obviously talking from a place of no experience whatsoever, which is why I assume you are happy with your inferior 3.5″ Apple iPOS (piece of $@%!). Seriously, the iPhone 6? Nevermind that the iPhone 5 hasn’t made it out yet, but I’m not talking about 1-2 years from now, I’m talking about right now. Right now, there are several Android phones that blow the iPhone 4S away, one of which is the Galaxy S2. Plus, no waiting for a jailbreak, you can root the phone immediately out of the box and tinker with it any way you want. Still no jailbreak for the 4S as of today, so again, the iPhone loses. And, you have no idea what the screen size of the new iPhone will be, so please don’t make up facts out of thin air.

    I agree developer support for iPhone is generally superior to Android, but that’s already changing as Android has become more popular than iOS. Please stop being a fanboi and just focus on the facts.

    • Jrmedic19

      Well said. It’s annoying arguing when people don’t look at things logically. In my opinion – emphasis on opinion – the iPhone is a superior product. The Galaxy SII is a phenomenonal product and by no means a poor decision. I however will continue to buy an iPhone every two years until I feel there is something that works better.

  • ItsyourBoy

    1st of all the iPhone 4s is the 5th iPhone so the 6th iPhone is next year it might be called iPhone 6 or iPhone 4G whatever at the end of the day it’s the 6th generation and no android phones are not better than the iPhone u might wanna sit down and talk about specs Or whatever but it still doeset make androids better and apple deffenately slaked this year with the 4s but it’s still a great phone and all that means is that next year thier gonna go hard with the 6 with everything i mention last post and after that thier will be no competition

  • ItsyourBoy

    And instead of talking bout this and that wait till they compare the two phones when it comes to performance and not specs just kuz android might have a quad this and 1000ghz that does not mean that those chips are as good as apples chips which are built for thier iOS which goes hand to hand

    • chumpchang3

      Your argument has several flaws to it.
      Your first point about the naming of the generations of the iPhone is wrong. Did you remember the iPhone 3GS? That came out a year after the 3G. I’m not a fanboy and even I believe that’s common knowledge
      And how do you know the Android market is going to just sit back and not develop? Google sure as hell isn’t lazy and there are several manufacturers like Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, and HTC all developing for Android.
      Your last point about Apple’s A5 chip? Manufactured by Samsung…..

      • ItsyourBoy

        1st iPhone, iPhone 3G ,iPhone 3GS,iPhone 4,iPhone 4s count bow Many phones that is i know what I’m talking about kuz I have had all of them now one more time 2007,2008,2009,2010,2011 how many phones is that 5 let’s do like count Dracula von! two! Tree! Fur! Five! So learn how to count before talking

        • ItsyourBoy

          Sorry miss read what u said never mind that ^^^I wasent trying to name the phones I was just making my point that their are 5 generations of iPhones no matter what u wanna call em I know thier as a 3GS or3g etc for that matter

  • Annon

    No you’re not Mr. Jobs… Cancer destroyed you first :\ Galaxy nexus butt rapes iPhone 4s <3

  • ItsyourBoy

    I never said that other companyies are just gonna fall back what I’m saying is after the next iPhone which is the 6 gen there will be no compitition after the 4g lte bigger screen and NFC chip plus what ever else apple comes up with because theier such great innovators after that androids will have nothing over apple it’s like this Bentley vs acura and these features is a foreshore next year for the fact that do to the demand apple will have to give people what they want next year plus Siri alone is a killer feature that is only in beta and still is so usefull now in the future when they intergrated it even more it’s gonna be even crazier now with those upgrades please tell me what’s so great about android after that ? Please I want to hear this kuz what ever the iPhone can’t do jailbreak can remember that , and all I gotta say you will see. People lined up for iPhones do they for android ? No! O fanboy this fanboy that if u go out your way to defend your product then your a fanboy too!! So I guess so am I whatever

  • meh

    He was just pissed off that Android gave users the freedom they wanted without hacking their phones.

    • ItsyourBoy

      Which is a security flaw and that’s why corporates don’t adopt the android do to sensitive data that can be leaked at the end of the day jailbreaking is possible and still frees my phone either way

  • w3rd

    Apple rocks. Why just last year they even thought up the idea of adding a flash for the camera on their phone. Or did they steal that idea?

  • Okkooo

    Too bad now he destroy rock in Hell!

  • Gobo

    Didn’t Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer say the same thing in 2005?
    “…I’m going to fucking kill Google.”

    So Steve Job’s stole his lines too ? 😉

    If one wealthy billionaire CEO can be wrong so can another.