Favorite Contacts Custom Widget Brings Your Favorites To iOS 5 Notification Center

We’ve already seen a number of useful custom widgets for iOS 5 Notification Center such as BBSettingsMusic CenterSpringPrefsUISettings etc even before iOS 5 was officially available for jailbreakers.

Ever since iOS 5 has been released, we’re seeing a flood of third party custom widgets for iOS 5 Notification Center. The first one we are going to cover is Favorite Contacts.

As the name suggests, the Favorite Contacts custom widget brings your favorite contacts from the Phone book to iOS 5 Notification Center, thus making it a lot easier to call your favorite contacts from any application rather than going through the hassle of exiting the current app and launching the Phone app.

You can choose to display the names and the contacts pictures of your favorite contacts. When you tap on the contact icons in iOS 5 Notification Center, you get an option to either call, message or email the contact.

You can configure the settings for the jailbreak custom widget via the Settings app.

Checkout some of the screenshots of the Favorite custom widget below:

Favorite Contacts for Notification Center is available on Cydia for $1.

What do you think about the Favorite Contacts?

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  • Lg1

    Looks good can i get Sandy’s #?

  • David Nicola

    Where iPhone 4 unlock?

    • up your a** around the corner.

  • Corey

    It looks good in the NC but couldn’t you activate Siri (or voice commands for non-4S users) from any app and say call Sandy.

  • Joe

    And when I say “call Sandy” what do I do the half of the time that it tries to call Cindy?

  • Micro

    My god its gonna be ages until they will jailbreak 4S i want it soooo baadly

  • fas

    So many innovative ideas coming from the jailbreak scene, awesome.

  • G.O.

    Can I tell Siri “call Sandy” even if I haven’t got her phone number? Lookin’ at her photo that would be great 😀