How To Semi Untether Jailbreak iOS 5 Using SemiTether For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch [Updated]


As you know, Redsn0w and Sn0wbreeze allow iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to jailbreak their iOS device on iOS 5, but they support only a tethered jailbreak, which means that you need to connect their iOS device to the computer on every reboot, otherwise your iOS device is stuck at the Apple logo.

Though the wait for the untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 continues, iPhone hacker BigBoss has just released a new jailbreak package called SemiTether, which allows you to reboot your jailbroken iOS 5 device without the need to connect it to the computer. However, BigBoss’s solution has some limitations.

Here are some of the caveats of using SemiTether:

  • Phone will reboot to home screen
  • You can use all the pre-installed apps except for some of the important apps like Mail and Safari
  • You also can’t use Cydia or any other jailbreak app until boot tether
  • Phone can take longer time to boot

However, it seems like a reasonable compromise than the need to tether the jailbroken iOS 5 device to the computer.You can install SemiTether jailbreak app on your iOS device by following these simple steps:

You will notice that your jailbroken iOS 5 device will reboot without getting stuck at the Apple logo. It’s now in a semitethered mode with the restrictions mentioned above. To use your iOS device normally, you will need to boot tether your jailbroken iOS 5 device.

As always, tell us what you think of the Semitethered hack that allows you to reboot your jailbroken iOS device and let us know it goes if you install SemiTether.


BigBoss has updated SemiTether to fix some of the issues, but it is still in beta so please proceed with caution as number of readers have reported issues with it. It is expected to be more stable after Jay Freeman a.k.a saurik releases an updated version of Mobile Substrate, which should fix most of the issues. For more details check this post. Thanks everyone for the feedback.

[via BigBoss]

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  • Ray

    Nice touch but if apps you like to use are disabled than its not worth it. I can still wait and deal with tethered

    • OGT

      You rigth!!!.

    • Paradox

      only disabled until you connect it to the computer. Reread the article. You have all the functions of cydia and your phone, until it loses power or is shut off. Then it will reboot, and you will still be able to use it as a phone and use most apps. Just no Mail, Safari, or cydia apps; UNTIL you reboot it, like you do with a tethered jailbreak.

      So, IMHO its a great compromise, because half of us who won’t tether jailbreak for fear of losing call capabilities, now can now worry less.

  • Kevin

    Apple’s going to release 5.0.1 to fix the iPad 2 hack so we’ll be waiting longer.

    • kewlgai

      is there an ipad 2 ios 5 jb??? are u sure?

      • There isnt. He mean’s the exploit with the ipad 2 smart cover that lets you bypass a lock screen pass code. On top of that ios 5 has a few bugs that need to be fixed for iPhone as well so there may be an Apple update for IOS 5.0.1 quite soon i feel. Untethered JB will be held off till than i assume to avoid having Apple find and patch the JB exploit within days or even a day of it being released.

        • Zolk

          Stoned … you missed the apostrophe in “isn’t” and put an unnecessary one into “means”. Just FYI.

          • Jake

            Zolk, if you are using quotation marks at the end of a sentence then the period should go before the closing quotes. Just FYI.

  • Mr.Db

    I have another semi untethered method for ios5. (verified with iphone4, and ipod touch4gen)
    Right after your hit “re-spring”,just quickly plug the usb cable directly to iphone/ipod. It will respring back and theres no need to “boot tethered”.

    • Respring and reboot are two different things. A respring should not undo a jailbreak. A reboot will.

    • Predator

      Hey DUMB ASS, respring is NOT REBOOT

    • ctrev08

      Ohh snap lol.

  • Rusty Brains


    This completely trashed my iPhone4.

    Get’s an ERROR during tethered boot.

    • Zolk

      You don’t need that apostrophe.

      • Paradox


        Is the only thing you are posting on here grammatical corrections?


        • ctrev08

          Zork…He may not need it but he can use it. Just like your mom does not need to work the corner. But how else is she going to pay your phone bill.

      • ‘s

        this’s is’s a’s great’s alternative’s until’s the’s untethered’s version’s is’s out’s! Thanks’s

      • Lo

        Says the kid who doesn’t know how to use quotation marks correctly.

    • Josh

      same here, how do i fix it now?

  • nomam

    when it comes to re-spring, there is no need to do anything for the reboot, because it is not reboot! just respring!

  • normam

    hey! the semi-tether didn’t work on my iphone4! i still have to reboot via usb!

  • Slick

    hahahah ahahahahahah
    “can use all the pre-installed apps except for some of the important apps like Mail and Safari”

    soo funny, still tho thanks a lot for the effort to
    all the hard working smart asses out there
    Thank you !
    I will keep waiting hahahahaha “semi” hahahah
    we’re close tho right ? haha

    • RB


      • ctrev08

        U laugh alot hahaha. And why no thanks i would be rather be able to use most of my phone then none of it haha

    • DR

      Show some respects, thanks

  • ricengga

    i think i semi bricked myi lol

    • Azlec

      Correct… Iphone randomly reboots and hangs after installing..

  • Tried it and froze shortly after Apple boot logo

    Not sure how much I would really want it anyway….unable to use cydia or mail and safari reduces the usefulness but thanks for all the efforts.

    I found that it doesn’t inconvenience me much to boot tethered but still looking forward to the extra freedom of untethered.

  • Semi-tethered…really? This description sounds miserable. Why would you want to jailbreak your phone and risk not being able to use some of the most important features of your phone? C’mon. Hey, I’ll be able to install the new intelliboard …but you MIGHT not be able to call anyone of receive emails haha. I think I’ll take a pass on that.
    This really wasn’t even worth writing about, because no one that actually is serious about jail breaking ios5 would use tethered or semi-tethered. It’s just a waste of effort and time and will only cause frustration to users who actually use their phone instead of just making it look pretty. So with that said, I say only report on an actual stable jailbreak.

    • RiffRath

      You would want to have it available to you knuklehead, just incase your battery dies or any other reason you would have to reboot your device. If you ran out of battery without it you would need to reboot with your CPU and your phone would be totally useless but with the semi downloaded you atleast have a basic use of your device untill you get to your CPU

    • RiffRath

      The jailbreak and the semi are two separate things. You JB like normal with redsn0w then in Cydia you add the semi to your device so everything works the same just no longer have an expensive paper weight in your pocket if for any reason you need to reboot

    • googolo

      You moron! Some use is better then no use. To be able to call someone is great stuff. If you don’t like it or it is not useful to you, you cant just laugh to something useful like that. You are an idiot. Man did a nice job, show some respect. At least it is quite opposite of some stupid things like “will it blend iphone 4s”

      • You mad?
        Well, certainly far from a moron, I assure you of this. But if you are that desperate to jailbreak your phone and risk the usability of the basic functions of your phone…be my guest. Most are smarter and will wait for a real jailbreak solution to rise up. I’m an idiot? Here is some advice from an idiot then, you look like the idiot resorting to calling names on an online forum like a child. Keep fighting the good fight genius.

        • John Sanders

          The functions are not at risk until you have to reboot. They return, of course, when you boot tethered. This isn’t a risky thing, outside of the usual possible installation issues.
          So you
          1) jailbreak
          2) boot your phone in a jailbroken state
          3) the battery dies
          4 you reboot without connecting to your computer (because you are ‘semi untethered’ and can still use critical function with a few exceptions
          5) you boot tethered again when you return to your computer thereby restoring use of the noncritical functions such as jailbreaking apps.
          hope this helps explain it

        • RiffRath

          You again look like the idiot, your jailbreak is your jailbreak the semi t is just an add on afterwards in Cydia that if you don’t like it you can simply delete it and go back to a tethered (fully) JB. So please read the full description before you comment, well you seem like you should read it two or three times than have someone verbally explain it to you since you don’t have any reading comprehension.

        • ctrev08

          Wow dan you are not a moron just a fing idiot.

        • ctrev08

          Wow dan you’r not a moron. Your a fing idiot!!

        • antdawg702

          MAN I HAVENT JAILBROKEN AN IPHONE IN YEARS and even I understand how valuable this is…

          • Jack Burns

            That is the most useful thing to hit the market sense the tethered jailbreak. Everyone is RIGHT DANNY BOY IS A DISRESPECTFUL PUNK! THATS PROBABLY BECAUSE HE LIKES GETTING SMACKED IN THE FACE WITH SOME TROUSER SNAKES.


          dude hop off ur such a nerd my god

  • Hey guys anyone know who (if anyone) is working on 4S JB and if there is ANY progress that anyone know of ? I do understand that it took some time before first JB came out for each new device yet It’ll really suck if it’ll be same way as for iPad 2 we got one lucky 4.3.3 hole and that’s it …… keep up good works and thanks !

  • KillerPubes

    You retards, this semi tether means if for some reason the phone crashes and you are out and about, you can still boot up and have some usage of your phone, make calls etc. it’s a great compromise for now. You stupid fucks, hope you brick your phones.

    • Jack Burns


  • Ashish

    I think semitether is good

    Atleast one can do the mOst important and basic task a phone is meant for ie calling and SMS

    For 3GS specially this is good as it has a very poor battery backup an tether booting everytime is not possible

    What about other apps like opera, would it work ?

  • DarkmanTu

    Think I’ll pass..
    I’ll wait for the final untethered version.

    • Jack Burns

      See now thats the nice way to say thank you Ill wait. Unlike pube eater and dannyboy

  • smoothbaby10

    hey how to jailbreak my iphone 4 ios5 ??? im really stuck help pleaseee

    • Jeahman

      You can use redsn0w for PC. All you’ll need is the 5.0 ISPW.

    • jinnylim

      Haha I think we should just wait til the final untethered iOS5 jb comes out..let’s not risk it

  • Thanks

    Installed it and now I can’t fucking boot. Had to restore, update, do a tethered JB and start from scratch. I hate you.

    • Ibrahim

      How many times did you have to attempt to restore in order to this?

  • Azlec

    This did not work on my IPhone 3GS… In fact it wouldn’t boot at all after installing (not tethered or semi tethered). The few times I managed to boot tethered, it would reboot after a few seconds/ minutes.

    Solution: Try to be fast enough when it boots and remove semitether from cydia. It will however delete all your notification centre settings.

    On the other hand… it could be just me

  • Jeahman

    So, it doesn’t work for me either. It took a little more than 2 mins with the apple logo. And now its pretty stuck with the loading circle thingy. So i guess its still buggy? Waiting for an update. Also, thanks bigboss! This will come in handy when it works.

    • Jeahman

      Oh btw, i just booted tethered and removed the tweak from cydia. Waiting for a update πŸ™‚

      • Tom

        How could you boot tethered?
        I can’t even boot tethered now. Stuck with the Apple Logo then Loading Circle. Everytime I try a hard reset it just switches the iphone off.
        the apple logo then reappears but doesn’t match with the countdown of redsnow app :-/ the logo reappears very fast fast the hard reset

        • Jeahman

          It was pretty simple for me, i had to just go to DFU mode and boot from redsn0w. Keep on trying? Good luck dude.

          To be honest, big boss shouldnt have released this to the public so fast. He should have undergone more beta testing.

          • T

            Just apply the instructions when ur at the apple logo… U dnt have to press the power button for 3 sec.. Just skipt the 1st step and it will work!!

          • Josh

            thank you, didn’t know how to get to DFU mode from frozen apple thanks a million

  • yasir

    i think one who can release semi tethered can defenitly release untethered

  • yasir

    i think one who can release semi tethered can defenitly release untethered

  • fas

    I dont want semitetther, will wait.

  • Jay

    do not install. Mine cannot boot on its on OR via Redsnow after installing. Very buggy, now need to do a full restore. :o(

  • KillerPubes

    It’s not a semi tethered jailbreak FFS, it’s a cydia app called semitether. The phone is still on a tethered JB but this app enables you to reboot your phone and regain some usage should you be out and about or not near a pc that you can use to do your tethered boot.

    My god there are some simple people around.

  • EJR9090

    omg lol all ihave is the 4s and the ipad 2 lol i wish i didnt upgrade lmao

  • Boss

    Hey, i m on ios 5 with iphone 4 with gevey ultra with 2.10.x baseband ., used snowbreeze to jailbreak.. Eveytime i reboot ,my phone restarts fine without connecting to computer and able to make calls adter doing 112 process. But cydia, safari does not work.

    I dont see jnternet tethering option under cellular network option

  • HI5

    will it work for 4.3.5 4g

    • Mr AnGeL



    i installed it i cant even call i open the phone app and when i click on someones name the app crashes n closes only way i can call is if i remember the number and dial it
    most of my app actually alllll my apps except 2 or 3 jus crash like i cant even take pictures it jus crashes and sometimes it will let me take a picture after a certain amount of times of it crashing ! REALLLYYY FUSTRATING &&&& CAUSE I WAS using it in the while driving had to make an important call i couldnt call soo i was dialing the number and -____- hit a brand new 2011 Honda Accord Euro edition -____-

  • Aashish chaudhary

    Hello girl’s

    • grammarking

      Oi, you don’t need that apostrophe there! It’s GIRLS not GIRL’S

      Thank you for your input, have a lovely day.


      • Eric

        Dude you OK???????!!!!!!

  • iPhone 3gs

    My iPhone 3GS is successfully jailbroken with untethered, but I have the problem with syncing. For few days everything was okey, but now iTunes deletes newly downloaded apps. I didn’t change any settings, and the same was with iOS 4.3.3, everything was ok for few months, and later it started to delete apps, but I was waiting for iOS 5 so I didn’t do anything to fix that. What it could be? Thank you.

  • untether coming out on the 29th tweeted chr0m3bi0n1c.

  • Gio

    hey everyone, i have iphone 3gs version 4.1 with 06.15.00 firmware and i want to upgrade to IOS 5 and than unlock it. can anyone tell me what to do?? thanksο»Ώ

  • joe

    The only apps for me that didnt work with it are cydia, mail, and safari + my music icon is gone but app still works!

    • joe

      and yes I Did reboot it

  • beccadc

    I thought I successfully semitether jailbreaked my iTouch but after it rebooted, I COULD’T OPEN CYDIA ANYMORE!!!! HELP!!!!!!!

  • anthonio


    my iphone 4 cannot recognized number if they are not in form like +381
    can you help me?

  • Bent

    I dunno how will I say this, but it seems that I jailbroken my 3gs IOS 5 succesfully untethered? ) using snowbreeze v2.8b8 here’s the current situation :

    1. I can reboot/respring/ shutdown my device without connecting it to the pc.
    2. Mail and safari are both working
    3. Cydia was working a few hours ago but after a few respring/reboot , I can’t open it anymore it just crashes back to springboard.
    4. I noticed a very fast battery drain it’s like 1% for using like 10 minute :O

    I will try make some tweaks or reinstall perhaps and will report here if i find something useful.

    • Biator

      Your iphone 3GS has the old bootrom

  • Denny

    can someone please help!? everytime i try an jailbreak my iphone it gets stuck waiting for it to reboot!! i can force it out of dfu mode and it still wont be jailbroken so i try again and it pretty much gets stuck at the same spot!! plz help

  • i cant do thes

  • Steves

    Why you are so complicated? just treat your iphone as a brick

  • hi5

    does it work for 4.3.5