IntelliScreenX – Jailbreak App Revamps Notification Center; Gives You a Reason To Jailbreak iOS 5

If you like the revamped notification system with Notification Center, which is one of the major features of iOS 5 then you should checkout IntelliScreenX by folks at Intelliborn, who have given a sneak peak of their upcoming jailbreak app.

If the older version – IntelliScreen was one of reasons that you had jailbroken your iOS device running iOS 4.x, then Inteliborn has just given you a reason to jailbreak iOS 5.

IntelliScreenX adds tons of features to iOS 5 Notification so that you can do a lot more with it. Here’s just a few of the features:

  • Ability to access Notification Center from the lock screen.
  • IntelliScreenX will also allow you to access the third party custom widgets directly from the lock screen.
  • It adds a top-shelf just above the notifications in the Notifications Center to give you easy access to the custom widgets
  • It will bring QuickSettings to the Notification Center, which will allow you to access AirPlane mode and Rotation lock, System information and adjust brightness from anywhere.
  • Ability to collapse sections, so that you can effectively use the available real estate on Notification Center.
  • IntelliScreenX also integrates Twitter, Facebook, Extended Mail, Calendar and RSS feed into iOS 5 Notification Center.
  • You will be able to access the full text of the email directly within Notification Center. You can also mark the email as read or unread or delete them.
  • You will also be able to see Calendar items for as many days as you want and won’t be restricted to just x items.
  • You will also be access Facebook news feed or Twitter timeline from anywhere and also like or tweet directly from the Notification Center.
  • In case of RSS feed, Intelliborn has integrated the Reader functionality so that you can read the latest news item directly from the Notification Center.

You can checkout the impressive demo of the jailbreak app below:

Intelliborn has mentioned that the beta version of the app will be released later this week and they are planning to release it early next week.

Let us know what you think about IntelliScreenX in the comments below.

[via @intellibornco]

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  • Kasper

    This is a must have app!

  • Elducker

    Looks like an upgrade to LockInfo, which I’ve been using for 2 years.
    Can’t wait for release!!

    • Jake

      ya , i too use lockinfo. But, this does look promising. I will wait for ios5 though

  • Issaelk

    Really interesting… I want it!

  • Cb

    Looks great, now where’s the 4s jailbreak?!;)

  • Brando212

    awesome, now we just need the untethered jailbreak 🙂

  • Great stuff! But I thought the lock screen was, somehow to stop people to access ur infos…!?!

    • Duke

      Great point. However, I would prefer to be given the choice as I find it convenient to check things from the lockscreen. Also, I like the quick settings bar for toggling various items like bluetooth, wifi, airplane, etc. I don’t really care about the other stuff.

    • Alex


  • Great stuff! But I thought the lock screen was, somehow to stop people from accessing ur infos…!?!

  • Alex

    Another reason to jailbreak you iPhone….. Awesome!!!!

  • Chupaso

    I agree with Ninobrown. The whole point of the lock screen is for unauthorized users not to have access to your information. This jailbreak app, although sounds fascinating seems to practically create a whole interface on the lock-screen, technically unlocking everything. So if you now have access to practically everything on the lock-screen, it really is eliminating the need for a lock-screen!

    • SIRIouslyinsane

      while it is true some information such as facebook, twitter, phone, messages, and calander are open and available, in many casses making changes or placing calls still requires a PW if on the lockscreen so users are still relatively safe. it just a choice they must make.

  • jailbreaker

    No untethered jailbreak = no jailbreak.. This community is dying …soon..

    • holonsnow

      tethered is harder (barely) than untethered….im glad it keeps away the weak…..

      • Ljs

        That was honestly the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day… It’s keeping me away cause I have a job that requires my phone and not a computer. What do I do if my phone dies while on a job? Com’mon man!!!

        • Jay

          Get an extra charger. It’s that simple I’ve been on a tethered jailbreak for 5 month now since I had my device replaced at an Apple Store. And only once did have an issue with not having my phone because it shut down. And I work like 70 hours a week.

  • That looks great, exactly why I’m waiting for an iOS5 JB so I don’t need to lose my LockInfo style calendar events on the lockscreen.

    As for the lock screen keeping info private, that’s fine if you use a passcode but that’s a pain in the balls if you unlock your phone a lot…

  • Christian

    The lock screens main use is to stop you from ass dialing some one. If you can get all these features with out trading off the point of the lock screen so you don’t accidentally call some one or open a app then it’s a great idea.

  • Rayanthony10

    I would like to know if his will be an update if you had purchased the original intelliscreen.

    • Kimk69

      Good question, pretty sure with these guys you would have to pay again.
      Can’t wait to get it on my phone though
      Looks sweet….

  • fas

    Absolute must have app for all IOS 5 users.

  • Raf

    All I can say is WOW! I’ve never jailbroken but this would certainly make me do it.

  • JoHnNy bRaVo

    what ever happened to the 5 exploits they said they found for iOS5? Anyone know if they still releasing the untethered JB soon? iPhone 4S / iPad 2?

  • Skywalker

    I love Intelliscreen. This is the main reason I jailbrake my iOS devices. After notifications were included in iOS5 I thought that I didn’t need Intelliscreen anymore, but boy was I wrong! I can’t wait for the iPhone 4S jailbrake so I can use this!

  • tmoney

    Wow, really impressive. I thought LockInfo’s features as far as twitter/rss integration was nice, but this really blows it away now. The quick access toggles and your email/rss feed integration is amazing. Apple seriously needs to hire you guys — it blows away the built-in notification center.

  • 65535

    Hey, the app costs $9.99, does nobody see it?

    • 65535

      Never mind, there’s a crack.

      • Kevin

        Way to screw them out of all there hard work. If your going to use it, pay for it you fucking cheap bastard! These guys bust their asses to release this stuff, and you expect it for free. Please remove yourself from the Jailbreak community. It’s people like you that make us legit JBers sick. If you want it for free, feel free to write to code to develop the program yourself. Oh wait! You can’t, can you?

        • 65535

          Hey, I only wanted to try it before I buy it. Fortunately there is a 3 days trial licence, so the crack is not needed if you only want to try it like I do. By the way, I think the crack might be dangerous, so I wouldn’t install it rather. Who know what else it does.

        • Jailbreak=freeshit

          I jailbreak to get free apps…

  • kuribox

    this looks more like ANDROID! welcome! to my WORLD!!!

  • Spencer

    Has anybody seen this show up in cydia yet? I’m not seeing it anywhere.

  • DavidB

    Blue Flash Alerting screen while incoming email? Can update IntelliScreenX from my old IntelliScreen on my IPhone 4??

    • DavidB

      I found other website. It said that nnyone who bought IntelliScreen and wants to upgrade to IntelliScreenX can pay an upgrade fee of $7.99. If you bought IntelliScreen in the past 30 days, it will be a free upgrade.

  • pal

    hey the guy on the right looks like @planetbeing from iphone dev team. been wondering what he was up to…

  • Brett

    Dowbloading and running this tweak has helped me overcome any regrets I felt about upgrading to ios5. Yay. This is awesome!!!