Exhaustive List Of iOS 5 Compatible Jailbreak Apps And Tweaks

Jailbreak iPod Touch On iOS 4.2.1 Redsn0w

iPhone Dev team has released Redsn0w and iH8sn0w has released Sn0wbreeze to jailbreak iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users.

However, users should be very careful while installing jailbreak apps and tweaks as some packages available in Cydia are not yet compatible with iOS 5 and could potentially end up causing problems.

Thankfully you can find out which jailbreak apps and tweaks available on Cydia are compatible with iOS 5 thanks to a lot of hard work from Ben from Israel, who has created a spreadsheet to keep track of it and has been regularly updating iOS 5 compatibility status.

As you can see in the screenshot below, it tells you which apps or tweaks work on iOS 5 without any problem (highlighted in green), works partially with some problems (yellow) and those which don’t work at all (red).

The spreadsheet is currently tracking an exhaustive list of 348 jailbreak apps and tweaks for iOS 5 compatibility at the time of writing this post.

So checkout the spreadsheet at this link to find out if your favorite app or jailbreak tweak is compatible with iOS 5 before installing it.

[via @The_Ben]

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  • Dan

    Great work! Thanks

  • can anyone tell saurik to update winterboard for ios 5 please…….
    Thank you

    • Chris

      It was posted on Modmyi.com a couple of days ago that it is working on iOS 5 and has been released.

  • David Nicola

    Where is iPhone 4 unlock 4.1 baseband

  • axe

    Finally infinidock works. Been cracking my head pass few days.

  • Jason

    Speaking of jailbreaking, whats up with the 4s’s jailbreak progress?

  • the jailbreak for iphone4S its out but not for public and neither for developers……
    how do i know????
    cuz devteam said that siri can not be ported to iphone 4 without piracy.. how do they know that?? cuz they jailbreak the 4S already… so. they will not release it for developers or public until they find an easy way to jailbreak… so wait for another month or maybe 2 to get the jailbreak for iphone 4S

    • bala

      oh another month?? i am waiting for it …for along time dude..

    • Z

      Don’t mean to criticize, but it’s possible they just ripped open the 4S restore files.

    • iPhone fanboy

      Can you tell that when the proper and complete untethered jailbreak is released for iOS 5, then will we be able to use all the tweaks and apps that we are currently using on iOS 4 jailbreak??? Please anyone reply…..

  • bala

    when will iphone 4s jailbreak? done?? waiting for it

  • Dice

    Ive been jail breaking sence the first iphone, and ive never had any issues, so if im not donateing to the devteam, the very least i could do is be patient……..(and i have donated. =)…..)

  • I had Hidden SMS Lite 4.0 v1.507-4 installed on my 3GS iPhone. Since installing IOS 5, the app crashes whenever the app is activated. I have not gotten any kind of response from the developers and this app is not even listed on the iOS 5 Compatible Jailbreak Apps And Tweaks. Does anyone have any idea if this app will still be available and if so, will it be updated to work on IOS 5?

    • Dean G

      ditto. no love from hidden sms lite 4.0 on 3GS iOS5 🙁
      also no reply from developer.

      any similar app available???

  • jon

    hi ,, whats the best step to take to jailbreak my iphone 4 running IOS 4.3.4 ,, should I first upgrade, or is there a suitable JB available for 4.3.4 ???

  • fas

    That is quite alot in the short span!

  • jason

    hello everyone, im new to the iphone and i got a iphone 4 from sprint and i was wondering should i try and jailbreak my phone with the tetherd way or should i wait for the untetherd. i want to be able to change the look of it and be able to open the hot spot. any help would be apretiated

  • Terry L.

    Don’t waste your time!!! Again this Redsn0w does not work for iPhone 4!!!!! Now I can’t get Safari to work!!!

    • Kp

      Maybe u don’t know how to jailbreak. Cuz it worked for me

    • justin

      its a tethered jailbreak… did you boot tethered yet?

  • spnay

    when become the Untethered Jailbreak for windows?

  • Cookie monster

    Yeah my safari isn’t workin either