iPhone 4S Now Available For Pre-Order [Updated]

iPhone 4S Pre-order - Apple Store

Apple’s new iPhone 4S is now available for pre-order.

After some intermittent issues, Apple’s online store has returned with details on how to pre-order Apple’s new iPhone 4S  for delivery on October 14th. It was first available for pre-order at Verizon and Sprint’s website. AT&T’s website continues to say iPhone 4S will be available for pre-order on October 7th.

Apple unveiled iPhone 4S at the Let’s talk iPhone event on Tuesday, which comes with a number of new features and improvements, including Apple’s faster dual-core A5 chip, 8-megapixel camera, Siri – Apple’s new revolutionary personal assistant feature, improved battery life, faster download speeds, support for both GSM and CDMA networks and more.


The 16GB iPhone 4S is available for $199, 32GB for $299 and 64GB for $399. iPhone 4S is available in black and white colors.


For the first time in the US, users will have the option to choose from three carriers – AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. If you’re confused which carrier to opt for, checkout our post on the best carrier for iPhone 4S.

Apple iPhone 4S Pre-order

Sprint’s website

iPhone 4S Pre-order - Verizon

Verizon’s website

iPhone 4S Preorder AT&T

AT&T’s website

Are you planning to pre-order Apple’s new iPhone 4S?

Update 1:

It looks like Sprint’s is seeing unprecedented traffic as you get “This webpage cannot be displayed” when you click on the pre-order button.

Update 2: 

Apple’s online store has returned with details on how to pre-order Apple’s new iPhone 4S  for delivery on October 14th.

Update 3:

We’re hearing that even AT&T is having issues, though we still seem to see the option to pre-order on AT&T’s website. Thanks Duke.

Update 4:

Existing and new Sprint new users reporting issue placing a order on Apple’s website, while Sprint’s website seems to be down. Sprint finally has a good problem to solve. Thanks Shan and Micah.

Update 5:

For all those who wanted to know about unlocked iPhone 4S, it will be available only in November.

Update 6:

iPhone 4S is finally available for pre-order on AT&T’s website.

Update 7:

We continue to see users reporting an issue on Apple and AT&T’s website. However, iVince seems to have managed to successfully managed to pre-order his iPhone 4S, while Josh and ryne have managed to pre-order theirs on AT&T’s website.

Update 8:

Quite a few readers seem to have issues ordering on Apple’s website, but they were able to successfully order their iPhone 4S on At&t’s website. So if you’re having a problem on Apple’s site, try the carrier’s website.

Update 9:

Sprint website seems to be finally be up. It looks like they added some more servers.

Update 10:

You get the following error message when you try to pre-order on Apple’s website – We are temporarily unable to take iPhone orders. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please try again later. It looks like they are looking into the issues that readers are reporting. The best bet to pre-order iPhone 4S seems to be carrier websites at the moment. Thanks WriteForProfit for the tip.

Update 11:

Apple seems to have started taking pre-orders again.

Update 12:

Apologies, as Dannomanno points out “Apple seems to be having problem with checking eligibility with the carriers.  So they are now taking reservations, then checking eligibility, then sending an email with a link to continue after eligibility has been verified.”

Update 13:

You can always use the Apple Store app (iTunes link).

Update 14:

iPhone 4S is also available for pre-order on Apple’s Canadian, UK, German, French and Australian online stores. We can’t figure out if it is available the Apple’s Japanese website.

Let us know if you’ve managed to successfully place a pre-order for your shiny new iPhone 4S.

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  • Duke

    AT&T and Apple are getting crushed right now although apple seems to be working a little better. Nothing but errors on AT&T

  • Micah

    I get this error when trying to order on Apple for Sprint.

    “Account type not supported.

    We’re sorry. Your account type is not supported. Please contact your Sprint account manager or call *2 from your Sprint phone in order to verify your eligibility and complete your iPhone purchase.”

    This is for a line upgrade too.

  • Shan

    Sprint website is totally down and Apple won’t let new Sprint customers order from the Apple website.

  • ricengga

    yep i get threw on apple but it don’t let me at to cart ;(

  • ryne

    got through on at&t.com !!!!!!!!

  • Shan

    Now the Sprint website opens but as soon as you click anything (preorder, my account, upgrade line) it shows We’re sorry this part of the site is unavailable

  • iVince

    I got through on Apple website about 5 minutes ago no problems. Processed order on first try. Will be waiting by my door on the 14th

  • Josh

    Got it through att.com! — Apple.com would let me through the entire process and then crash on me. Happened a few times. Unbelievably, att.com was incredibly FAST and worked right away! Hard to believe but true. My white 64gb is on its way!

  • orderingsucks

    this process sucks. samsung here i come

    • devol

      whiney lil bitch….

  • I’m having no luck at all. Continues to time out on apple.com and getting P1234 errors on att.com.

  • Gobbyparts

    Finally got through on….wait for it….AT&T’s site! Tried and tried and tried some more on Apple and keep giving me errors at the end. So props to AT&T for getting it right(even if they were the last ones to begin taking pre-orders)

  • ybt

    yeah mine wont go passed the first processing.

  • Took me 2 hours but finally got my white 4s 64gb. Some problem with Firefox browser on a Mac did not allow you to actually select model options. Had to use Safari…. That session kept bombing so I finally went in under Chrome and got it to work. I got all the way to checkout and it bombed out when I tried to sign in to my Apple account at checkout. Then the order did not show up in my cart when I came back… Then Kept trying to reorder and it just would not go through. Then I added a MacBook Air to my cart and both items showed up. Deleted the MacBook Air and was finally able to order my iPhone.

  • GE

    got it on at&t.com 32GB black.

  • devol

    ordered my new iphone4 s on at&t apple isnt working if you select at&t.

  • Eli

    made an order for 2 Iphones and everything went smooth through AT&T web site.

  • Apple now says, “We are temporarily unable to take iPhone orders. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please try again later.”

  • ybt

    Yeah do it at ATT it works. I just preorded mine there with out a delay or anything.

    • ATT’s site isn’t working for me either. Error P1234 every time right after clicking upgrade this line.

      • inkmaster

        The P1234 error seemed to be related to ATT Premier accounts.

        I was getting the same message for the first hour or so. About 5 minutes ago I was able to complete the order to upgrade current iPhone 4 to 64GB iPhone 4S.

        Thank you for your purchase from the AT&T Premier Online Store. We’re pleased with your choice of AT&T as your wireless service provider.

        Your iPhone has been reserved and is expected to be delivered on Oct 14, 2011.

        • I finally got my two orders through. Once that P1234 error was gone, the rest went pretty smooth.

  • gig


  • Sam

    Got through on AT&T website bout 30 minutes ago, got order number but no order confirmation email still!!! Go to bank account and see they took $1.00 out of my account for each iPhone i got. Ordered 2. Does this mean I can go to sleep knowing I have an iPhone or might there be issues?

  • Dannomanno

    I guess it’s because Apple had the servers necessary, but the problem was with checking eligibility with the carriers. So they are now taking reservations, then checking eligibility, then sending an email with a link to continue after eligibility has been verified.
    Incompetent ATT… you’d think they’d have this under control after this happening every year… makes me question signing up for another 2 years…

  • gig

    AT&T is up and working finally, got 2 orders in and emails to confirm the orders. Apple’s site is just reserving the phone and you’ll check out at a later time.

  • Dannomanno

    I’d love to go to the ATT website to place the order, but it has to be shipped to the billing address of the account right? That is two states away for me.

    Does anyone know if you can ship it to whatever address through the Apple website?

  • Mark Eaton

    After 2 hours I finally got confirmation on 2 new white 32gb, for daughter and myself! Did it in Apple site under IE, Firefox buttons to pick color and memory would not activate.

    • Dtrain

      What carrier

  • Janki

    placed an order on AT&T site like hr ago new AT&T contract .. got confirmation email .. Credit card will be charged at time of shipment ..

  • Jason

    At shipment? my money is gone now … apple waisted no time pulling the $706 mine came out to, plus still no confo email of the transaction. Good thing i save the confo number.

    • Janki

      That’s what AT&T says lol .. Which is good .. so I can add more money in my credit carc first in morning ..

  • Peng12

    Apples Uk site is working fine :o)
    By the way no waiting till November for unlocked versions as they r unlocked from apple from day 1 :o)

  • Aleksey

    Pre-ordered my 16GB iPhone 4S for AT&T and I believe it’s pretty gay how they no longer take pre-orders for stores, only to get it shipped to your house. I love camping out and waiting for the launch on the release date, now I got to sit home like a fag and wait for the delivery guy.

  • Brian5

    Ordered 32GB iPhone 4S on AT&T with no problems (that was upgrading a iPhone 3G).
    Looked at upgrading from iPhone 4 — that would have cost $550!!
    AT&T site is working with no issues at all.

  • bryce


  • Gaz max

    Pre-ordered my 16GB white iPhone 4S in the uk
    on apples site no probs

  • James king james

    Pre ordered black 64gb… Delivery for oct 14th

    Did AT&T honor everyone’s unlimited data?

    • GreenTag

      ATT tried to make me drop my unlimited plan… Gave no option to keep it on the ATT website… Went to apple.com and was able to select unlimited no problem… W64

  • Angel Urena

    I leave in the east coast (Miami FL) I have been trying to order my iPhone seens 3am this morning i keep going to apple and att website and nothing, finally i went back to sleep and woke up at 6am and was able to order it on the apple store.

    • Matthew

      Same here Tried from 3am till 4:45. Gave up. At 6:30 was done in minutes.

      I blame AT&T

  • craig02

    This phone is a total let down. So far behind from everyone else!

  • Paul

    The pre-order worked flawlessly at 7:28 AM Central Daylight Time. So it seems like they are still taking pre-orders.

  • fas

    They should only have 32 and 64 GB versions.

  • Andrew

    For everyone who is getting a P1234 error (mainly Premiere accounts affected) @ AT&T site. This will help you out. When you log into your account DO NOT click on the check for upgrade, instead just go to your account as you would if you wanted to pay your bill. Next at the top click on the shop part then search for the iPhone 4S and then you can do the upgrade from there. This was the only thing that worked for me at 2:30 AM (PST) Hope this helps!

  • Andrew

    When I ordered mine (64g white) from AT&T site it gave me the choice to select Unlimited iPhone 4S data plan with no problem. Of course I am a Grandfathered Unlimited data customer.

  • James king james

    Is there a way to unlock gsm iPhone 4 on iOS 5 gold master?

  • G rod

    Ordered like 6:00am eastern thru apple store app. Worked fine. Got order confirmation email. Father ordered one too at like 5:30am no issues. 64gb black i got on AT&T

  • chaos03

    Was able to place 3 separate orders this morning. At 3:45am EST I got thru on Apples site but after going thru the whole process of selecting carrier and data plan and checking eligibility, for some reason my order confirm showed an iPod Touch 64 GB 4th gen. Not happy about that. Went to AT&T and got immediately at about 5:15am EST and placed order with no issues at all. At 7:30am EST got back into Apple to order for wife and got thru with no issues. Even got thru on the phone to cancel iPod order at about 8:15am EST.

  • well apparently if you have pre-ordered the iphone 4 when it was released you are not eligible for the $199 upgrade to iphone 4s until sometime in November. RIDICULOUS! has anyone else experienced this issue?

    • matthew

      I purchase the iphone 4 on preorder. I successfully preordered the iphone 4s this morning. I have AT&T

      • Yes, but was it $199? You have to pay an early upgrade fee and the phone ends up costing $450 . I was told by three different ATT stores that they are no longer offering early upgrades, if you purchased an iphone 4 at the time it was released you are not eligible for upgrade until November. I was told 18 months by two different stores. Therefore I have to wait until November 16th to get mine, and I’ve had iphone since day one which is a disappointment for me.

  • JRmedic19

    I tried from midnight to 0130 [PST] on apple com. No luck. It seemed to hang when verifying with AT&T server. Went to sleep and ordered it w/o problems around 0430. I was never given the option to keep my unlimited plan. Although AT&T forced me onto the tethering data set starting this month so that may be the cause. No more free wifi. 🙁 oh well I should pay for it anyway. BTW iPhone store app was a complete failure the whole morning.

  • JRmedic19

    Can’t wait to get a shiny new Element Case. I’ll have to wait till payday tho. Lol all this has tapped me dry.

  • I pre-order my iPhone 4 S, can’t wait to get it. But I also realise that I don’t need to get a new case because the iPhone 4 one will be able to fit it.

  • fingers21

    No problems in the uk through apple app. 64gb in white. Roll on 14th!

  • Lui

    Is it true that all carriers, and apple will not be selling the 4s in stores? All orders will be shipped out? Thats what the guy told me at At&t this morning.

  • Jay

    i tried at 3:30 am esti think server was downi finally got it at 5:30 am 2 hours after pre orders started.. converting to white have black iphone 4.. so excited giving my iphone 4 to wife n keep this one…

  • Chris

    Ordered mine from Apple.com at 8am this morning, no confirmation email but my card has been authorized. Called Apple, and they have no record of my order. Hopefully they are just backed up.

  • dave

    i ordered min no trouble from apple wep site just a bit slow from Australia

  • Chris

    Got my order acknowledgement a couple of hours ago, checked order status and it is processing with 10/14 being the delivery date.

  • bob0917

    I got through on the first try and ordered my iPhone 4s and unlimited data for $30 so I am confused whrn I see it posted as n/a on these sites.

  • bob0917

    I can’t type when

  • Frank

    I ordered mine at 3:05 am on verizon’s site and it was fast and easy.

  • IphoneEdge

    I order mine from att @ 3am with no problems, but I got an email from att saying that pre order items will be shipped within 14 – 21 days of order being place. Anybody else got that?